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I'm Xcom woman who wants fanfiction

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. She ought to be furious that their rescuers were attempting to murder them, or worried how her injured friend would fare in the firefight, or wondering how to contact the Avenger when their only communication line was these angry rebels. Those concerns took a backseat for the moment, as a familiar cold fury took the helm.

Name: Kevina

My age: I'm 35 years old
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Glad to see that it had not died. You know what's worst about the Viper craze? Thanks, will give it a shot. Found the internet!

The tastiest poptard — like a rookie connecting a 25% shot, i don’t know

Were i not an absolute wreckage from depression, i'd write such. I like it. By that standard, most Disney movies are smut. I love this one.

‘xcom’ stories

You ok? Reply Share. I can get porn any day at any given moment I want! Based on what I've seen posted here, you must have an exceptionally low bar for what you consider smut.

I meant fanfics, writing. I want to read a story about a mid-life Viper who is starting to shed more frequently and her weird, wine-o Wednesdays with the girls.

I wanna see an archon or andromedon deal with adjusting. Stuff here isn't smut, it's at best "provocative" or "suggestive". Just give me my cute "Viper freed from mind control tries to adjust" fanfic, not just porn!

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You know what's worst about the viper craze?

Most I rant into was basically just smut. There is this story about a viper captured by Xcom who build a relationship with a soldier. You should give it a try.

I want to see something about an alien having nightmares and PTSD episodes over terrible guilt from killing human civilians, and have difficulty going outside and meeting people because so much reminds them of the terrified, agony-twisted faces of their victims lying on the ground purging some Haven.

Pretty well written too, outstanding for a fan-fiction.

EDIT: my bad, i forgot. Continue this thread.

Created May 20, Top posts april 20th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top. Now that I got back to reading it, man, I think I found this long long time ago, like, years ago. It's adorable. A story of alien vets grappling with PTSD from the war, difficulty adapting to the peace they were never created to handle, and recovering from the sustained brainwashing they underwent would be great.

Back then I thought it was dead, with no updates for almost a month and only I think 6 chapters. Literally the next day, the smut had finally come Archons are just robots, though And Andromedons are just modified mutons. A lot of it only goes as far as implying people are sexually attracted to Vipers without showing or describing anything sexual.

The tastiest poptard — like a rookie connecting a 25% shot, i don’t know

Welcome to Xcom. Sort by: best. It's been four years since XCOM 2 and we still don't have non-smut viper fanfic.

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On one side with her back to a mirror was a nameless researcher for the xcom project.

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I guess I have an actual story on my hands now.

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She was fully prepared for the fact that she was going to be interrogated, and it was no surprise that, despite having just forged an alliance between her Vipers, and the Human Resistance just minutes ago, he was still very suspicious of her motives.

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Out past the passenger side window of the car he sat in, Archer could see snapshots of day-to-day life in City 31, the familiar outlines of Human men, women and children of every Old World nationality he could think of blurred together along with the more alien hybrids, their pallid skin and knobby, ridged forehe distinguishing them as having at least some Alien DNA, and not to exclude the wholesale aliens, there were the tall and lithe Sectoids, the agile serpentine bodies of the Vipers, and even a few Mutons towering over the crowd.