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Erotica Women seek sex to cruising

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Vatican officials might be surprised to learn in which room of the Vatican Museum a recent visitor found "paradise. By offering listings of "tearooms" camp slang for bathroomstruck stops, adult bookstores, parks, streets, and other public spaces where men make themselves available to one another - along with personaltips on cruising etiquette, and a guide to free pictorial sites called "Dick on the Web" - Cruising for Sex is drawinghits a day. The site's creator, "cruisemaster" Keith Griffith, says his ambition is to "show society at large that this kind of sex goes on everywhere, all the time. Cruising is older than civilization, Griffith insists.

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One can do this by calling the app "On the Prowl" which from the same link as prowler has a general definition of "actively looking for something" or keeping it only as a subtitle, like " App Name : an app for those on the prowl. Active Oldest Votes.

It only takes a minute to up. If you say "cruising" generally it means looking for a gay sexual encounter in the US at least. Cruising now has the notation of riding around in your car. This is just wrong. ErikKowal - Are you saying that women aren't looking for sex as much as men? Ask Question. This works just as well for both sexes and I p LBGT style encounters and has the added benefit of being a more flexible word I was only in the club for 5 minutes and I'd pulled already and also That fat bird tried to pull me just then.

Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Maybe I'm too old, but "cruising for girls" was what we did back in the day. Well I am sure some would say looking for a one-night stand.

Having casual sex

Cruising has been used in heterosexual context for at least the last 50 years according to this Google Ngram. Haha they are just far more discreet. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. For example: straight cruising. Perhaps getting some "strange" but that often means cheating on your partner.

The same goes for "dogging", it just sounds a bit gross. I already used that. You posted 5 words 9 mins later My friends would usually just say, "I am looking to hook it up tonight. Probably a more masculine action. up to this community.

A hookup culture is one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure without necessarily including emotional bonding. What is a term with the same basic meaning but without the homosexual connotation? Thank you though. Learn more. I'm looking for more of a term than a phrase though.

That is OK. Others might say that you are looking for a booty call. But I think the perfect phrase for men is hunting beaver. I need something that can be used for both men and women going out and looking for no strings attached sex. You might be looking for girls It mainly means riding around and wouldn't have much of if any sexual connotation unless it was an inside joke.

Helmar 5, 7 7 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 65 65 bronze badges. This is more descriptive of being on an adventure, usually alcohol fueled but can include the intention to end up having casual sex.

Improve this question. Active 5 years ago. Sniff I'm going out on the sniff.

Cruisingthe act of going out and about looking for a sexual partner, is generally only used in a gay context in the US. In Britain, one manifestation is kerb crawlingmeaning the practice of driving at a very slow speed through a neighbourhood in one's vehicle and attempting to entice women into a sexual encounter, initially by addressing them through the vehicle's window. Razzle I'm out on the razzle or I'm on the razz. Create a free Team What is Teams? Booty call is for someone you already know and have been with. I don't think that there is a synonym for cruising since it is a way of approaching typical of homosexuals.

Podger isn't the same as 'looking for a friend ' it's more like 'doing your new found friend '. But one is scoping out for sex. Show 8 more comments.

RonJohn RonJohn 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. One of the least flattering phrases I've heard used for this is being on the prowl. The term is not always used consistently: it may refer to extramarital sex, sex in a casual relationship, one-time encounters, promiscuous sex, or sex in the absence of emotional attachment or love, which can include prostitution and swinging.

You can describe with more than one word.

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Presumably from the action of pulling someone toward you and saying in a romantic fashion D'ya fancy a shag? To be frank, I'm actually trying to come up with a name for a heterosexual service that would be somewhat similar to cruising. I am thinking about using some variation of "crawler" since that sounds good to me but all the good domain name variations are already taken. I'm talking about just going out to look for no strings attached sex.

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The basics

Improve this answer. This is good but not for girls. Add a comment. I suspect there's very little chance of you finding a short six letter domain name that means anything even with the most corrupt spelling with. All the terms related to this context are not limited to only one sexual orientation. Of course, that reflects the fact that it's not an activity that many women actively pursue.

From TFD :. But podger.

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Erik Kowal Erik Kowal I actually ran across that and I liked it but it sounds like it would be off-putting to women. Note: Will add trolling here but that word has a lot of definitions. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. I think that to chat up or coming up to are expression used when you want to approach a girl.

I meant that they rarely kerb-crawl when they are on the pull -- in fact, I've never heard of such a case involving a female. From the way mammals tend to sniff each others genitals to check if they are ready for sex. The dynamics between boys and girls are different. Casual sex or hooking up are certain types of human sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship. Pull I'm out on the pull. If gender neutrality is needed I would go with hooking up. That must be a relatively recent change in the meaning of cruising.

Viewed 10k times. I am looking for a term that could be used as a brand name for a service similar to the grindr app but for heterosexuals. This is all suitable for both sexes.

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A few years ago, in the interests of securing easier access to some leg-over action, a bunch of women tried to get a lesbian cruising scene started up on Hampstead Heath.

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In Berlin, I watched us queer women watching each other.

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You're here, enjoying CFS.

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Ever since a teenage summer spent devouring John Rechy novels City of Nightsetc I have completely romanticized the world of gay cruising.

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Sometimes lesbians want to find a wife with whom to run a small sheep farm in Wales; sometimes what we want is a hard wet fuck from a beautiful woman we barely know in the bathroom of a gay bar.

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