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At the same time, what does wanting to sleep with him mean? Am I actually over him, or am I fooling myself? To a point, this issue has forced me to separate sex and love. He shows up constantly in my sex dreams. Not going to lie, it happens.

Name: Leta

Years: 38
What is my gender: My sex is lady
Music: Jazz
In my spare time I love: In my spare time I love sailing

He was cute. Hearing him call me a good girl was even better than reading it. Most of the scenarios in it are pivotal moments in my sexual development. Going back to that evening also reminds me of the way teenage lust felt so intense I could spend a whole night doing nothing but kissing and grinding against someone. I told him the scenarios I think back to. So, we settled into a kind of truce.

I also think of the things he said to me over the phone. There was, of course, my very first time — the afternoon I lost my virginity. He was the first multiorgasmic person I encountered. He had a couple of short-lived ones, too, and some casual one-night hookups thrown in there.

2: understand that your ex is not special.

Leave a comment. I think about the moment and how it felt. Pillow Talk Podcast. Thanks for checking out my blog! It got me off, but it also made me feel really attractive and wanted.

I sometimes fantasize about my ex while masturbating—does this mean i’m not over them?

I never actually had sex with him, but the first time we went on a date, I spent the evening making out with and dry humping him. I had a threesome with him and Mr. They took turns going down on me, and I still remember the way Luke did it. He would come quite quickly but then replace the condom and keep fucking a few more times. We have years of great sex for me to draw on. Being able to share our fantasies, including the ones involving our exes, has made us feel closer to each other.

Austin or the sex I have with him. I straddled him and rode him instead of having him fuck me. And he has some special talents. Did it mean I missed those exes? He was the first guy I had a threesome with. Realizing I could make myself come that way was a profound moment — I had no idea something like that could get me off so well.

I still fantasize about my exes

How could I be? I set that shit aside and just think about the time we did something crazy. For years, I was worried that it would damage our relationship if he found out what was going on in my head. He had a couple of long-term relationships. Sometimes, it barely matters who I did it with. I rubbed myself against him so long I came.

1: find out what limiting beliefs are causing you to fantasize – and challenge them.

Was something lacking in my sex life? I only had sex for a couple of years before meeting my husband, but my spank bank is still pretty damn full.

I had a huge rush of feelings as his shaft rubbed against all the nerves inside me. Did it mean I was missing something from my partner? These days, I fantasize about my exes a bit less often, but I do it more deliberately. I also wondered if it meant anything deeper. I think of the way we were both breathing and moaning.

I never told him I did it because it made me feel low-key guilty to be getting off while thinking of someone other than him. It made me feel so powerful to be able to seduce this guy and have my way with him. I was so sure it would be horrible — I was told over and over that the first time I had sex would be painful. They were just three words on a screen, but I still think of them when I masturbate. I think of his encouraging words. He was the first to go down on me properly.

A lot of them were firsts, and firsts are hard to forget. I went so hot I could feel it in my face. I was horny as fuck and so wet that his cock slid right in. I write sometimes confessional, always sex-positive posts about sex, relationships, and porn. My breath got heavier.

2. you find yourself comparing everything to your ex

Personal Favorites. If anything, my husband occupies the most real estate in my spank bank, by far. Dec Emma Austin. I think of the way he sounds when he comes.

I think of him because I was the one who moved forward. So, I considered it for a moment and decided to fess up. Luke comes up, too. Thankfully, there were no hurt feelings. He grabbed my sides so enthusiastically while his tongue worked on me. He was the first one to really give me an orgasm. I think about Todd a lot, too. I told him I did. It made me feel insecure to think that he might be jerking off while thinking of someone else.

I’m percent over him.

I relive the rush of hormones and the giddy, excited feeling of doing something or someone new. Support My Work.

It felt amazing. And we could both pretend that we only had eyes and horny memories for each other. That used to happen more when Mr. Austin worked late and I usually had to go to bed alone.

When we started having cybersex, I told him my fingers were on my clit and that I wished they were his tongue. But mostly, I remember the way he fucked hard.

I tried not to think of it because it bothered me. He was so timid, I had to take the lead.

I worried that I had said too much. Fantasizing about exes, at least for me, has never been about rejecting my current partner. Plus, I just like variety. I told him some of the exes I fantasized about. That changed recently. He was fit. It was the first time I experienced anything resembling dirty talk and it was such a turn-on. I remember how shocking it felt. RelationshipsSex. Drawing on My Spank Bank I only had sex for a couple of years before meeting my husband, but my spank bank is still pretty damn full.

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No, not every day, and not during sex, but when I come across an ex on social media or pass by a place we visited together, my mind wanders.

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Believe it or not, fantasies about an ex are actually up there with some of the most common sexual fantasies for people of all genders.

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I love my girlfriend and we have great sex.

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You might say no, but science says yes.