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Ass-to-mouth is a slang term which describes the sexual practice of anal sex, followed directly by oral sex performed on the dominant partner. The taboo nature of this sexual practice also makes it exciting to couples that enjoy it. Ass-to-mouth and variations on it generally carry the risk of gastrointestinal tract problems.

Name: Nananne

My age: 31
Ethnic: I was born in Germany
Available to: Gentleman
Iris color: Brilliant gray-blue
I know: Spanish
Music: Hip hop
What is my hobbies: Collecting
Piercing: None

In short, porn is NOT a model of what you should be doing at home.

There are many questions about ATM sex. In this podcast episode, we answer all your questions and get real about ATM sex and other extreme sex acts you see in porn. Again, the spread of bacteria from one to the other is not safe. ATM sex is a high risk sexual activity.

Porn is constantly pushing the edges of extreme to compete in crowded marketplace. Use new condoms every time you switch orifices.

If you really want to do this sex act, use a condom for anal, take it off and use a fresh condom for oral sex. Here is the question we received:. There is also no education about what is safe to do at home and what should be left to the fantasy world of porn. What is ATM Sex? Is ATM Sex safe?

Sexy vocab lesson

You can easily spread parasites and bacteria with ATM sex. ATM sex is just one way porn is pushing the edge of what is depicted as common.

We recently received an about ATM sex as depicted in porn. Podcast: Play in new window Download Embed.

Now, it is common. If you do want to try it out, make sure to do so safely!

Switching from anal to vaginal sex is also dangerous. Here is the question we received: i am curious how in porn you see a girl having anal and then he pulls it out and she gives him head.

Ass-to-mouth (atm)

The problem is, porn is fantasy. But unlike Hollywood, porn has no stunt actors or special effects, so they are using real bodies to do dangerous things.

For most people ATM sex is going to remain a fantasy. Anal in porn was once specialty niche.

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