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When the original What If.? What if Jean Grey didn't die? Yeah, we know she didn't truly die, but back then, we thought she was toast. These alt-scenarios had been debated and discussed to exhaustion by countless fans at comic shops, the still-novel at the time comic conventions, and anywhere else fans gathered to read and talk comic books. The genius of the series Roy Thomas dreamed up was that it gave fans a chance to see what would happen on the flip side of the coin of history.

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But shockingly, there is a happy ending for Spidey as he winds up finding love with a most unlikely person: Silver Sable! Even comic book villains like the Sub-Mariner have real-life counterparts. Back 4 Blood Kyle Campbell Nintendo Switch Adam Bankhurst 1.


In this reality, she almost died. Often, What If…? But the big twist is what a miserable person Peter Parker turned out to be.

Wolverine dies a hero. When the real Steve Rogers is discovered, it is that passionate speech he gives that convinces people that the real Captain America has returned.

Use skill and tactics, mix and match teams to find winning strategies, customize your Hunters, and engage in thrilling third-person cross-play battles. As the two battle in the Canadian wilderness, something inside Wolverine snaps. The Batman Kat Bailey Back 4 Blood Review 3h ago - Pop those pills and load that shotgun. He turns his back on Uncle Ben and Aunt May, who wanted him to use his intelligence to pursue a career in science. In this world, though, there is no second chance for Peter Parker and Mary Jane as they go their separate ways.

The most shocking moment in the story comes when Jean incinerates poor Kitty Pryde in front of the rest of her shocked teammates. The homemade super-soldier serum Burnside created gave them powers to pretend to be Cap and Bucky, but it also made both men insanely dangerous. So yes, she winds up marrying Odin!

Xbox Mini Fridge Taylor Lyles Halloween Kills Director Promises a Time Jump in Next Movie 10h ago - The helmer of the current trilogy breaks down what the end of the new film really means. But if ever there was a time for Uatu to make an exception, it probably would have been here. Launched in as a double-sized cent comic, What If…? What if the Watcher were a standup comedian?! In This Article. But just as in Marvel world we know, Logan develops feelings for Jean Grey.

Iron Man had made the ultimate sacrifice. After several years, the Phoenix force is reignited during a battle with Galactus and Terrax. No one ever drew Conan as well as legendary artist John Buscema did, and this issue features some of his best work. Release Date. Jean stops them both, but just as it happened before, she would soon be overtaken by Dark Phoenix. This one takes a detour at the moment in Avengers history Avengers 4 to be precise where the team was due to discover Steve Rogers frozen in ice.

Alternative versions of spider-man

The original What If…? Many of the storied ended in tragedy that varied in size from personal sacrifice to cosmic genocide; others were a bit silly. Welcome to The Arena, where the stakes are high, and the excitement is even higher. Have you watched Marvel's What If?? What if, for instance, Thor and the Hulk fought it out to see which of them was the most powerful? Presented by Ubisoft.

The flat-out weirdest of the early What If…? It was as meta as any comic Marvel had put out. Eventually, he becomes a promoter for other heroes like the FF, the X-Men and Daredevil, but years of self-serving actions and sheer greed come back to haunt Pete in the end. As MCU fans know, it would be the first time, but not the last, he would do that. By Mike Avila Updated: 29 Sep pm.

Jane was no longer Thordis, but she is a goddess, because something else Odin admits at the end is that he has feelings for her. The story was a fairly by-the-s production, but it had great ificance. Yes, somehow Marvel actually published that one.

Conan the Barbarian in New York?! His neck is a different matter. She winds up killing them all as well, before eventually consuming the Earth and, finally, the universe. It dropped him in the middle of Manhattan, where he encounters punk rock musicians, gets confused for Schwarzenegger and Stallone, and strikes up a, ahem, friendship with a female cabbie named Danette.

This was one of several OG What If…? The story ends with Mjolnir back in the hands of Don Blake, who transforms into Thor and Odin admitting he badly misjudged Jane Foster.

The 10 best deaths of spider-man in the “what if…?” comics

And it drives her mad. You know, I get that the code of the Watchers is just to observe. You can take it anywhere.

Here, the timeline diverged when a frayed rope snapped and Conan fell through the Well at the Center of Time that was controlled by the wizard Shamash Shum-Ukin. Instead of fighting crime with his powers, he turns to acting and becomes obsessed with fame and fortune.

YES NO. Was this article informative? All that said, here are nine wild, weird and wonderful What If…? Co-written by Jim Shooter and Gil Kane who also penciled the story that was inked by a young Klaus Jansonit showed how a simple question by Giant-Man could lead to the Avengers splitting up right after the Hulk bailed.

After convincing young sidekick Rick Jones and the now-retired Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne to put on custom suits of armor he built, Iron Man le the team into battle.

Black cat (marvel comics)

The fight ends with both men killing each other. The FBI put them in suspended animation to take them off the board. And for more on the show, check out when What If? What If. Wolverine kills the Hulk! But it was a solid example of what was the unofficial What If…?

This issue is in the running for the most bleak installment of the series. Halloween Rafael Motamayor Left on his own, Tony Stark is forced to come up with a desperate plan to stop the Hulk and the Sub-Mariner, who have reluctantly teamed up to exercise their bad intentions on humanity.

These are some of the most memorable, most out-there stories from the comic that the new Disney Plus show is based on. Thomas, the longtime scripter of the Conan comics, even linked his arrival to the infamous NYC blackout. What if the Fantastic Four went broke? In other words, it follows the same template as the comic book which inspired the series. IGN Logo Recommends. The Black Cat and Spidey soon reconnect and actually get married in a shotgun wedding, but because Peter is worried about his secret identity, no one knows they are husband and wife.

For its powerful themes and its enduring relevance, this story is a strong contender for the best What If…? This is the only issue on this list not from the first What If…? The What If…? This tale was especially bittersweet.

Essentially, the series shows how events we all saw occur in the movies played out in other realities, in other corners of the multiverse. Instead of trying to just beat the Hulk, he goes for the jugular in a very literal sense. It would also be the last time he worked on the First Family of Marvel. In the original timeline, Peter was able to prevent MJ from being hurt. In What If…? With Cap on their side, free speech and activism are soon wiped out in the U. America First.

Want to watch more of Matt's own videos? The first dozen issues of the first iteration of the series had leaned heavily on Spider-Man, the FF and the Hulk for inspiration. Up to that point, it had been eight years since Kirby had drawn an FF story. Which team will emerge victorious?

Years later, Thomas used that as the jump-off point for a comic that would offer up new spins to some of the most important stories in the Marvel canon. The highlight of this story is how unhinged a jealous Felicia becomes.

But by issue 13, Thomas trotted out his favorite Cimmerian for a tale he had long wanted to do. Watch as Hunters go head-to-head in an all-out, adrenaline-fueled battle. Peter Parker turns heel! In the story, the Fantastic Four comics exist, but on that world, the people that created the comics are actual superheroes.

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Spider-Mancomic-book character who was the original everyman superhero.

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Spider-Man is an icon.

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Black Widow made her comic book debut way back in

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She is a superhero and a member of The Avengersbut she is also a superspy and an assassin and never shied away from killing someone when needed.

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What If?