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I'd like fanfiction lemon who like Vilkas

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Name: Tamarra

Years: 19
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VA and Brigitte propose a threesome to their crush. The tentacle buried deep inside your throat removed itself and swirled around your nipple hardening it. Ruby chocolates, ripe strawberries coated in sugar crystals, small cakes decorated with buttercream frosting, and lastly some fresh cheeses garnished with herbs.

Angela carefully backs you up to the soft surface of the matress making sure not to disturb the perfect palette of food. Their eyes stare intensely into yours, analyzing your state of complete contentment and curiously wondering what to do next.

Part 3 Part 2 Part 1. Part 1 Part 2. Their lanky tentacles slither across your lower stomach, just hovering above your pleasure bits before they suddenly begin to slowly slip inside, but never fully. He wants to focus only on you. Her shoulders get so heavy at times, but her knees never bend from the pressure.

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They never showed the aftercare in, ahemtheir research material. Their hips firmly slammed into you with a piston-like speed, their claws dig into your hips so they can be as deep as possible into your warmth and wetness, and they would occasionally wrap their large hand around your delicate neck. Egyptian musk, dry earth, and cool metal. You have slowly taught her that yes, using your physical strength can help, but about the strength inside?

I got you this though. There is a silver tray on top of the bed which is filled with an assortment of delectable treats. Part 1 - Part 2.

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Lydia moans into their mouth and her tongue dances wildly against theirs as they increase friction into her warm walls. She relentlessly continues even after they already had an orgasm, or two. Family and trust are so important to her during this age. He loves your reactions whenever he cracks a ridiculous yet oddly romantic line or drowns you in flowers or plushies.

You shudder at the thought of how the wiggling sensation would feel inside of you. Oh, bring blankets and snacks too because you are absolutely going to get railed in the woods and coldness and hunger are big factors of death in the wilds.

Just bring her a cup of tea or some snacks to let her know to take care of herself. The mind is difficult and overbearing, and yet here you are doing the best you can. Blood and gold. Zarya is your golden champion during this time. She must be a beacon of unrelenting strength and willpower at all times because people depend on her to protect them. Ana is a wise teacher that always pushes you to be your best no matter what during this time. Also, she may or may not ask you to sit on her back while she does pushups….

A complete mixture of pain and pleasure. It was safe to say that you were both ready. You give her a courteous smile as you take it. It was a sharp pain that slowly dulled into a more pleasurable one once they let you adjust to it. Oliva scoffs and breaks contact with you and opens her laptop again to typing. Olivia looks at with a questioning expression. It was already dark when you returned to your shared house with Olivia. She was perched on the couch with her laptop placed on her thighs and her fingers clicking away.

She will sit on your bed and carefully sip the hot liquid and watch you talk or rant.

Jealous!vilkas x reader smut

They soon finish after her and press their hot body into hers. She never really paid much attention to the appearance of her body before, but completely bare in front of someone she loves, makes her feel tiny. VA and Brigitte like on their pizza? Bonus points if explosives are somehow tangled in. Especially, since she bottles everything up and then explodes at the last minute. The Dragonborn senses the discomfort and drapes a wool blanket over her shoulders.

Lydia was just the housecarl and bodyguard to the Thane, but she feels so much more than that now. She also adds that she misses you dearly, which has your heart jumping in loops.

Jenassa moans into them knowing that the vibration will cause extra sensations, and with this added pleasure, the Dragonborn bucks their hip into her face causing Jenassa to chuckle. You also notice that the paper is perfumed with her scent. You browse her items for a moment before selecting a bottle of tequila and nothing else. Once you lay down with her on top of you, she whispers close into your ear, her voice deepening.

Mako is your gentle giant during this time. Snobby couples exchanging messy kisses?

You felt another one gently push your mouth open for you to softly suck on. Even though the only light was a thumbprint of ivory pierced into the sky, you can see their eyes burn into your skin. With you though, she shows you them because she trusts you. Baptiste - Hanzo. Your voice and thoughts matter just as much as your fists.

Roughly, yes. He is a difficult man to connect with during the beginning of the relationship with his lack of communication, but he has his own ways of expressing his affection towards you, like listening to you closely and making small gifts.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A constant string of pleasure. That was an accurate description to describe the way they treated you.

Undressing the layers of clothing and pieces of iron fanfiction makes her feel nervous, but the Dragonborn certainly has a way of words and comforts her during every moment. You greet her tired appearance and pepper her face with kisses. Life used to be so simple for her when she was a mercenary. The lemon raises an eyebrow and plucks a single violet that was resting in a teal vase and holds it out to you.

He wants them, and it boosts his confidence knowing that they want him too. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. VA confessing her love to crush. I mean humans are such weirdly complex creatures with all sorts of flaws, ideas, and mythologies about the Vilkas and so on. Slowly than fast, and back again. They range from diamond rings, deer clothes, and fancy dates at high-end restaurants. Moria needs space, people! You guide her to the bedroom which is illuminated with an aura of yellow candlelight and scarlet rose petals that litter the floor.

Jealous!vilkas x reader smut

Most of the flowers are actually dandelions that he plucked out of the ground but hey, still pretty. Brightly colored cards, chocolates, and flowers? You hug the piece of paper close to your chest. Zarya is someone that never lets anyone see her cry. He truly is a kind soul but hides that softness behind a mask of cruelty and obscurity.

Their sharp claws dug into your chest, just enough to add a sweet sting but not enough to draw anything, but if you would like to bleed, then they would be more than happy to do that and then use their tongue to lap it up. You walk in front of her and dangle the lemon in front of her face. The scent of flour, brown sugar, and pork skin sizzling in hot oil waft throughout the quaint little marketplace that was buzzing with people buying last-minute treats for their loved one.

If you ask for a hug or a kiss, she lightly embraces you while Vilkas long nails graze up and down your back, and her kisses are always chaste but firm. You swear a light went on in her eyes when she finally saw the bottle. He plops himself on top of their sweaty body and he can feel their fingers comb through his fanfiction locks. Vilkas was laying on top of the mattress with the Dragonborn straddling his naked body.

You were at a stall that was decorated with violets and black sugar skulls with an elderly woman at the front.

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Farkas awoke when dawn approached, not even realizing he had fallen asleep in this position with his hand still around his cock.

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