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Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. In general most vampires know the person, or at least know of the person they plan to feed upon. They study them and learn of their habits, their likes and dislikes, as well as their daily routine. You see a male vampire has the ability to be very persuasive and after centuries of practice, can awaken the passion within almost any human woman.

Many people fear the bite of a Vampire. 4, other followers. Experienced vampires will drink just enough blood from their victims that they will become lightheaded, and on the verge of passing out. The lack of blood to the brain causes a short term loss of memory. The female, now having given herself over to the vampire, is now helpless to the desires of the vampire.

You see a vampire cannot drink the blood from a dead person. A young vampire motivated by their hunger might simply hide in the shadows and attack the first person that comes along. It evokes the deep rooted primal urge and appetite of the vampire, at the same time it excites his female partner.

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This kissing to the neck in preparation for the bite increases the anticipation not only to the vampire, but to their victim as well. They are bonding just like in a human relationship. At times the act of feeding for a vampire can almost be as exciting as sex is to a human. Their feeding habits are also much different.

Once the heart stops, the uncirculated blood becomes toxic and therefore the vampire can become poisoned by the very thing they sought after to sustain their life. Now it is true that on occasion a vampire has killed their victim, but these vampires were probably young and have either not yet learned to control their urges, or the attack was one with the full intent to kill. In fact they are very special creatures with unique abilities. Once the male sinks his teeth into his partner, they are now both lost in their emotions and are no longer vampire and victim.

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Home About the Book Home. They basically prey on the primal urges of their victims by using the art of seduction. If the male is emotionally attracted to the female they might have sex. The female vampire sees the world mainly as a feeding ground which gives them the freedom to seduce their victims without getting emotionally involved.

So the next time you encounter a vampire, think twice before you look upon them as creatures that only kill to feed. Female vampires can also form relationships with humans if they choose to. If not, then after feeding he will discard her somewhere and be done with her. They prefer short quick bites. For they have had many centuries of practice.

Once a person gets over their superstitious fears about vampires, the experience of a vampire bite can be very pleasurable to those the vampire has bonded with. Stay updated via RSS. Find a copy at Amazon.

To them everything is a blur, much like a bad hangover. This is useful in places like a nightclub or at a party.

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When their victim has had too much to drink, a simple embrace gives the female vampire plenty of time to partake in a quick drink without their victim even knowing anything has happened. Even a relationship can be formed. Vampires are nothing like what people perceive them to be. A male vampire will take their time and enjoy the courtship of getting to know their victim before feeding upon them.

The only difference is that a vampire is not looking for love, but rather the quenching of their unending thirst for blood. Address:. Now male and female vampires feed in very different ways. First of all it takes much more than a single bite to turn someone into a vampire. So when the victim awakens or regain their senses, they do not remember the attack.

‘vampire’s kiss’: a metaphor with bite

To them, feeding is a discipline, as well as a game of seduction and foreplay, very much like the Kama Sutra is to humans. Faith of a Vampire A story about a girl who is turned into a vampire then searches for a way to become human again. In fact, it is not unusual for an elder female to have many relationships at one time. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

On the other hand, a male vampire feeds completely different than the female. This is simply not true. You see vampires have feelings just like any human. The intension here is to excite the female to such a heighten state of passion that she willingly will give herself to the vampire.

When their victim is a female, they will court them in the same manner as any human but with much more grace and style. Because they think that a single bite will either turn them into a vampire or the vampire will kill them by draining them completely of their blood.

Often an actual relationship or bonding will develop between the vampire and its victim. Each of these abilities a vampire uses when feeding. Then the male might give a slight kiss on the cheek followed by other soft kisses to the neck.

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They feed on human blood at night — and spread a nasty infection when they do so.

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When a vampire is hungry and isn't quite so decent or hard up as to lower himself to only buying blood at the butcher's or trapping and draining small animals instead, their dietary supplement of preference is human blood.