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Jabberslythes are truly repugnant to look upon, having such grotesque and twisted features that even the clearest pools of water will not offer up their reflection. A sickening fusion of toad, sludge-drake, and many-limbed insect, the Jabberslythe encompasses all that is unwholesome and vile about nature and magnifies it a hundredfold.

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They also have the ability to produce lesser breeds of vampires for different purposes. Additionally, their lifespans extend far beyond those of generic thralls, often extending into Centuries. They add on mass rapidly, as well as fully developing powers much more quickly than other means of transformation. The specifics vary from vampire to vampire, but as a rule, the higher in vampire society or evolution, the more powerful a vampire becomes.

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While the rules are rarely broken it should be noticed that occasionally they are, with often being horrific even by the most grotesque of standards. Thralls are also psychically slaved to their creators. Should it ascend then it will find life much longer and easier in general than general thralls do. Lycanthropy - Vampires really have two types of lycanthropy in Lumley's world. These include Siphoneers, flyers, warriors, werewolves, gas beasts, and multiple other types of creature.

This may be due to distant ancestry from an infected animal, or simply due to the leech adapting features its host considers beneficial or desirable.

Agromaly - Uncontrolled growth, either in beast such as with Fess Ferenc, or in specific body parts, such as with Vasagi the Suck before he tore out his jaw and formed his proboscis, is a common "defect" amongst the Wamphyri. Specifics of diet vary from faction to faction and individual to individual based on tastes, faction, and circumstances.

They awaken a thrall, and are psychically bound to their creators. Gas Beasts. Wamphyri are a form of vampire described by Brian Lumley in his Necroscope series. Dwarfism - broodmother rare amongst the Wamphyri it is not unheard of for some lords, especially those descended from trog Wamphyri, to be far shorter than average.

Infected foxes and wolves can shapeshift, assuming a somewhat human appearance to lure human prey, however, despite vampire leeches and eggs, they are not true Wamphyrii. Their powers are generally limited, unless bred specifically for a task such as being a telepathic watchman in which case they might have ificant abilities in the areas related to that task. Additionally, in some cases such as that of Janos Ferenczy, it is shown that powerful sires can control, at least to an extent, how much vampirism infects them.

There are two known cases of vampires fathering mostly human offspring in the Lumley novels, one was Faether Ferenczy fathering Janos, who at least in his early years was human but with strong esp and a vampires lusts and amorality, and Jasef an old seer in the tribe of the Szagany Lidesci, whose father had been recently vampirized but hadn't yet shown symptoms.

Thralls possess enhanced speed, strength, and agility, but require more feeding than full-grown vampires.

Typically though weak for vampires, thralls are ificantly stronger and with greater stamina than when they were human. Here are the most obvious s of an infected person:. This is usually based on the predilection of their master, and the strength of the host.


Lumley has reinterpreted the traditional vampire beast. Occasionally it occurs that a vampire either during early infection, or through deliberate and intense self-control during intercourse, fathers mostly human children, however these children typically do have either esp, vampiric mindsets, or both. Rivalling beast tanks in size, built with armored hides for war, and the ability to fly through the use of gas bladders and vampires these creatures are armed with pincers, claws, mandibles, and every possible biological tool to inflict carnage at their lords command.

Wamphyrii are vampire known for creating, either deliberately or by accident, lesser vampiric creatures. Examples of this include Radu Lycan, Canker Canison, and their thralls and lieutenants. They are often weaker than egg children. Thralls are the lowest form of humanoid vampire. In his broodmother, a vampire is a leech -like parasite from an alien world broodmother forms a symbiotic relationship with a host creature, usually a human or sometimes a canine such as a wolf or fox werewolf.

However, the mutation caused by vampirism is not entirely controllable even by the greatest Wamphyri. In some cases a Lieutenant can even develop into full Wamphyri without any further infusion such as an egg if allowed long enough usually centuries. This becomes the first stage of vampirism. Infected vampires can, in some cases, take centuries to die from it, growing ever weaker and more ostracized as they do.

Bubonic Plague - As seen in the Jake Cutter trilogy, and in Necroscope the Lost Years, bubonic plague is also known to be lethal to vampires, though slower than how it progresses in humans. While they would still be average height for a man, they would, among Wamphyri, have to be considered dwarf. For dining and the entertaining of another Lord or Lady, roasted quail, wolf, or smoked hearts, and the occasional small child roasted over an open spit are considered a delicacy and looked upon highly.

While Flyers are typically lightly armored at most there have been exceptions which were more heavily armored and even armed. Flyers, as a rule, are mostly fed vegetable matter. See vampire society's section below for further discussion.

Uncontrolled metamorphosis - While rare some vampires over time lose control of their metamorphosis, this condition is not fatal directly but can reduce a vampire so afflicted to a blob like creature with little or no skeletal structure, and unable to pass for human or beast. It is not uncommon for lords and ladies to specifically breed certain thralls, or shape their transformation, for specific powers such as telepathy.

It either ascends into a Lieutenant, or stops developing and remains as a thrall. Early symptoms include an aversion to light, red tinting of the eyes, a propensity for rare or uncooked meat, as well as developing allergies to silver and garlic. They have exaggerated effects from sunlight, garlic and silver, but are more capable of recovery unless the leech itself is damaged.

Lesser vampiric creatures. The first type, an infected wolf or fox, is discussed under lesser vampiric creatures. The mainstay of the Wamphyri diet is blood, however, all vampires are omnivores to some extent or another. There are three different "factions" of Wamphyri, each adhering to different general dietary standards though. While faster, stronger, and harder to kill than humans they pale in comparison to later types. Used to transport water from the wells in the Aeries of starside lords and run it through pipes throughout the aerie.

They are stronger, larger, heal better, and live much longer. Flyers are aerofoil, manta like flying beasts that the Olden and Turgosheim Wamphyrii breed as a means of transportation for themselves and their troops.

They are prone to rapid development though the precise speed is variable, ranging from days to a few months or years for full transformation and final form to settle in. This is largely due to having to mature as opposed to being "born" with an already mature host.

Leprosy - the hundred years death. Lords and Ladies. Leeches can leave doomed hosts only in extremely dire situations and seek new hosts, including animals, but animals can only be vampirized so long before they die. Gas beasts are used to create heat and light for the aeries, being fed grains and bred to generate massive amounts of methane, they are the fuel that lights and warms the Aerie's of starside. Thralls and vampires can pass for humans if their appearance is unaltered. Limits on intelligence, size, etc. Leprosy is particularly feared by vampires as it is typically a slow, but unavoidable death by depletion.

Olden Wamphyri diet consists of blood and human flesh in copious amounts. At this point, the vampire takes one of two paths. Warriors typically eat raw meat and have very limited intellect. When deliberately bred these creatures are in general bred within certain "rules" of Vampire society. Age also brings greater skill in broodmother of the powers they possess as a rule. Some beasts possess other abilities, usually ones characterized in their masters. Given their healing ability though such diseases would need to be particularly virulent and resistant to immune response, potentially including syphilis, AIDS, and the common cold, though in the latter case the vampire could easily compensate by simply causing the release of additional hormones.

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Created by the Wamphyrii as their primary battle creatures warriors can best be summed up as living flying biological tanks. If fed, the leech can survive without a host, but lacks high-level intelligence.

They have fully adult Leeches. The vampiric leech begins its original life cycle as a fungus similar to a mushroom, formed from the decomposed flesh and fats of a deceased vampire. These are truly monstrous creatures.

These creatures are sometimes accidents where a vampire attempts to feed on an animal and it escapes, or an animal becomes infected by spores, a leech, or an egg, and at other times they are deliberate acts of breeding a creature for a specific purpose. The vampires in the story have great control over people who are weak-minded, and could easily dominate the Earth if allowed to achieve their full potential. The next phase are vampire Lieutenants, who are basically vampire thralls with increased attributes and abilities. Even these armed flyers are no match for even small warriors though.

This fact leaves a certain element of chance to what the end result may be.

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Lieutenants often put on mass similarly to, though not as extensively as, lords do. Additionally, the Wamphyri diet includes normal human fare, such as fruits, honey, and wine. Psychics can identify infected persons of any stage by a thing known as "mindsmog. The leech itself is a snake-like creature, resembling a shovel-headed worm with fangs and no eyes. Other possible infections - It is possible, though unconfirmed, that other diseases could infect a vampire.

These are the cannon fodder of Wamphyrii wars, often newly created.

The transformation is slow, as the spores must first adapt the body to suit the growth of a leech. Bestial traits - Some Wamphyri, without being lycanthropes, show extreme s of bestial traits such as bat like ears or muzzles like wolves. This stage is skipped by Egg children, blood Children, and spore transformed, though in the case of egg children they often lose consciousness for a few hours due to the pain of the egg merging with their internal physiology.

Vampires in Lumley's work enjoy a of superhuman abilities.

Unless the leech is fully destroyed, the vampire remains immortal, and can regenerate itself multiple times, although the regeneration process from grievous injuries leaves the creature more vampire than humanoid. The process is slow, and the actual time between infection and full-blown vampirism varies greatly from host to host.

This makes the afflicted vampire uniquely vulnerable, and complicated feeding for it. While the symbiosis puts great demands on the host such as requiring to feed on blood to survivethe benefits include increased strength, speed, and resilience, a seemingly infinite lifespan that stretches into millennia, magnified senses, base emotional stimulation, access to latent psychic power such as ESP or telepathymetamorphic flesh allowing flight or disguise, and certain narcotic effects.

However, becoming a "mother" is also a highly feared phenomenon, because the leeches of "mothers" according to the legend of the one vampire "Mother" produce eggs until the vampire was drained to a lifeless husk.

They have cunning but not sapient intelligence, and as such are a lesser form of vampiric creature.

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