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So, my FWB has intimated that she'd like to be tied up and used What I'm unsure of, however, is what position I should put her in. Spread eagled is probably easiest, but seems kind of

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My ex had a pair of handcuffs tied to a string which was in turn tied to the bed's underside, worked like a charm :. It'll hold. You have two hand restraints instantly. Cuffs can be detached from the restraint system and used as regular cuffs. More posts from the sex community. Here's a website with videos on how to do proper tying techniques. My mattress has little handles on the sides, like ropes.

I've got this set as well, and it works wonderfully. Use them.

Wooden closet poles, '. With a bit of rope about 10 foot or so for a bed like a king or queen fold the rope in half. Wardrobes or doors can provide things to be tied to - if you shut a knot on a scarf or ribbon inside a drawer, there's a good chance it won't be going anywhere.

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Posted by 10 years ago. Under the bed straps. I own these and they work as well as their little video shows. I have moved a chair next to the foot of the bed and tied her to the chair. Pull the eye-bolts out when not in use, and it's pretty innocuous stuff. I don't know how I got along in life trying to tie up or be tied up without these things.

Japanese-style Cotton bondage rope You can cut this stuff to lengths you need, and tie it around the feet of the bed frame, works great for me and my boo. Then all you have to store is closet poles.

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It's also very easy to tuck out of the way. I used two silk ties, and hooked them to a belt and slipped the belt under the bed with the ties sticking out on either end. I've found that wrists to ankles makes my girlfriend fairly immobile, while not being too uncomfortable for her. Came here to say this.

My black belt is the only thing I have that's long enough as well as not leaving marks. She was handcuffed, but still free to move around. I've just decided to leave it set up all the time and just hide the straps. How do you tie your SO to a bed with no bedposts? Works great!

I have this as well. Use a slip knot so that you can tighten or loosen the bonds. I used some fuzzy handcuffs, and my belt once. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

Probably want something better for heavy use, but if you're just starting it's a good way to go. I like to color coordinate. Another happy customer with these.

No exceptions. Does the bed have legs at least? Very comfortable, incredibly restrictive! It's not as sturdy as a bed post, but it works in a pinch. If you want a square, flush unit, you can duct-tape anything long enough to stretch the sub and strong enough so it can't be broken at the top and bottom, left side and right.

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Reply Share. You could tie her up without actually tieing her TO something.

11 bondage sex positions for when you want to get a little kinky

Get on the floor and tie her to the legs of the bed. They're the white strappy things which are impossible to get out of. You can google instructions for tieing a rope harness and rope cuffs easily enough.

I used these as anchor points for her arms and legs. Scarves, that's what I use. You either use the bed frame or loop the rope under the bed so shes tied to herself with the bed as a brace. Repeat four times. With my black belt: I tie her down by running it under the bed and tying her arms down either side. From there, it's pretty easy to restrain her. I used two ropes that went under the boxspring and over the mattress.

Sometimes I also color code so the guy know what kind of mood I'm in, I even have one for my "I don't feel like being tied up" mood. Continue this thread. I have these and they work amazingly well.

11 bondage sex positions for when you want to get a little kinky

Put the loop end around the leg of the bedframe and pass the other two end of the rope though the loop. Does anyone have any clever ideas? Found the internet! These look You can always tie her to the bed frame. Tie with these two ends, or, if you have ankle and wrist restraints, add a quick clip to the end of the rope.

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If you're gonna do restraints, do it right. I have this stuff! Sort by: best.

Get Segufix. So then I took my belt off and wrapped it around the middle of the cuffs, and the frame of the bed under the mattress. Why not instead tie her so she can't move, rather than to the bed? Things went pretty good after that, and I still wear the belt on a daily basis.

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Chairs may work too, I haven't tried them. Since you can't tie someone to something non-existent, I would highly recommend the use of bondage tape. I've just decided to leave it set up all the time and just hide the straps for a hot surprise once she's on the bed.

Strap her to it like a gurney. It's also pretty easy to run a couple ropes under the bed to acheive your original goal. Perhaps a bungee cord wrapped around the mattress and her?

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Question: Do you have a bedframe?

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Dear Carole, Why does my girlfriend enjoy being tied up?

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While the request may have thrown you for a loop, the reality is, playing with domination and submission can be a huge turn-on in the bedroom or, you know, wherever you're getting it on.