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Killing two birds with one stone is nice because it gives you more time to do all the other things you love. P ETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has launched a campaign to end "anti-animal" sayings like "kill two birds with one stone" and "bring home the bacon.

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Master Miscellaneous Story Veteran. The Untamed adhere to the old ways of Onderon. Scan ificant landmarks to help record the history of Onderon.

X —— Cybertech Leveling Pre X —— Synthweaving Leveling Pre X — Discipline Builder 4. Imperial Republic. Sith Intelligence aims to sway the Onderon government, and they need more comprehensive intelligence about the ruling class in Iziz. X — Discipline Builder 6.

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Master Veteran. Alliance Specialists. The Untamed on Onderon must be reminded who their true enemy is: the Republic.

Player Story Missions World Bosses. The Empire requires your assistance in their war against the Republic. Rusk T Broonmark Jaesa Willsaam Lt. Pierce Malavai Quinn Pierce Vette. Gather items that will convince the Untamed that the Republic is responsible for desecrating their shrines. X —— Armstech Leveling 4.

Empire side missions – unfinished

Companions Agent Dr. Blizz Gault Mako Skadge Torian. Exploration General Player Vs. Chapters Master Story Veteran. Player Revanites and their Allies Story Missions. Track them down using stolen comm protocols and break up their rendezvous. Master Story Story Missions. An intelligence unit loyal to King Petryph is monitoring possible Republic activity in the Hunting Lodge.

Search the Site Search. Much of their power resides in their ability to harness the might of fierce beasts from the dense jungles. Alliance Alliance. Alliance Alliance Recruit Chapters. Other Sites: Jedipedia. The Untamed represent a threat to the citizens of Onderon. General Story.

The war between the Empire and the Republic has reignited. General Heroic Paladins Story. Armor, weapons, and tech will suffice. Tasks: 1 Gather Evidence to Plant Armor.

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Activities Activities. The team needs help from a trusted source in tracking down the origin of security breaches. Champion Level Dark vs. Set the two against each other to focus their attention away from Imperial interests. Beasts Exploration General Player Vs. Player The Empire The Republic.

Galactic Command. Desecrate the first Untamed shrine and leave evidence of Republic involvement. Prove your superior skills to the nobles by luring and killing some of Onderon's fiercest beasts. Companions, Contacts, and Followers. Exploration General Missions Player Vs. Player World Bosses. One-upmanship is a staple of Onderon nobility. Destroy the third Untamed shrine and plant evidence implicating the Republic.

Swtor onderon daily missions guide

He believes the beasts of Onderon hold the key to creating stable super-soldier Geonosians. Dailies General Story. Player Story Missions. Log in Register. General Imperial Republic. Damage and Deaths Miscellaneous Objectives Requisition. X —— Armormech Leveling 4. Remember me.

[daily] two birds with one stone

Mission Rewards Credits: Level 1. Battle Damage and Deaths Miscellaneous Objectives. General Master Veteran. Plant a piece of Republic equipment at the second Untamed shrine and destroy it.

Empire side missions – unfinished

Eternity Vault Karagga's Palace. Player Regions of Makeb Story Missions. X —— Artifice Leveling Pre X —— Biochem Leveling Pre 4. Help them by completing daily missions on the planet Onderon. Reward Level Range:. Master Story Missions Veteran.

Help the Empire gain an important advantage by completing missions on Onderon. Reports indicate that Republic agents on Onderon are arranging meetings with the Untamed in the nearby cave systems. Search All Databases. Beasts General Pets Player Vs. General Player Vs. Master Story Veteran. X — Discipline Builder 5. Imperial Miscellaneous Republic. Spies and inside sources have proven to be valuable resources, but additional surveillance is required. Onderon has a rich and complex cultural history.

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Click to load comments. Daily Bosses General Missions. Dark Light.

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This guide will show you how to unlock, pick up and complete all Daily and Weekly Missions on Onderon for both Republic and Empire players.

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Is there anyone who could direct me to an image or perhaps post one themselves of where to pick up the weapon in the first half of the quest?

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