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Its cunt picking not for Try

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I don't force my interests and things I enjoy on you, don't force yours on me, cunt. So long as they don't accept an invitation and sit around trying to ruin it for others.

You miserable sod, stop being a cunt" Funny how not liking Christmas automatically makes someone a miserable sod isn't it? That's just too weird. Log in. Try not to be a cunt. In one of his diaries Alan Bennett tells of a Christmas party,hosted by the late Russell Harty, where he saw amongst the display of posh cards a lovely picture of Baby Jesus looking beatific on the front and inside the card read Jesus loves everyone except you,you cunt Still can't help giggling in my very bad, guilty Catholic schoolgirl way.

And yet while most of us feel festive, Grinches out there just get restive And spoil it all for everyone. I need very little encouragement xmascrazee. I don't want anyone around me who doesn't want to be there. Here's the shopping site for you if you have an intransigent grinchy cunt in your midst: cuntgifts.

I'd you encounter someone that doesn't like Christmas, accept it, move on, enjoy what you e joy and don't try to force your merry bullshit on to some one that has no interest.

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I'd say the biggest cunts are the ones demanding everyone to enjoy the same things they enjoy. Why should the entire populace be forced to endure something that they may not like? To think that if this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will? Start new thread in this topic Watch this thread Flip this thread Refresh the display.

Are we the only non-cunts here then?

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First Next Last Go to. I work for very little in a precarious field, my family are on the other side of the world right now, I have chronic illness, but I will enjoy my Christmas no matter what. Talk ». in for more options Add a message. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet.

I'm taking their motto to heart and not going to allow anyone around me to be a cunt for Christmas. Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes it brings good cheer: A season of goodwill and fun. No question as to how come? Thanks OP! Feckity feckity feckity feckity feck feck feck.

I'd call anyone a cunt for insulting someone that doesn't like what they like. Wise words indeed! You'll be swearing like a mutha' now MrsSpenserGregson.

Funny how Christmas gets some kind of special status, "You don't like Christmas? This time in two months it'll all be over. Mumsnet Already have a Mumsnet ?

Going to check that out - they're a scream. C—U—N—T cuntidy cuntidy cunt.

Why don't people realise that before labelling someone a 'Cunt'? What a Grinch" How about the people that do enjoy something go off and enjoy it without forcing it down everyone's throat? We could be looking forward to it though, like we look forward to holidays and other good stuff. Noone asking why?

the discussion To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet. I definitely avoid cunts IRL at Christmas. Add message Report.

Christmas message chords by fascinating aida

Add message Report See all. Merry Fucking Christmas youtu. I love Fascinating Aida - have you seen their Cheap Flights song? Already have a Mumsnet ?

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Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes it brings good cheer: A season of goodwill and fun.

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Most Christmas songs come with some sort of message.