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Name: Libbie

How old am I: I'm 22 years old
Meeting with: Guy
What is my favourite drink: Ale

It's just one of those days.

After a few minutes of this, they got bored, so one of them had a "great" idea, and pulled down my shorts. They stuffed their hands down my shorts and yanked my underwear as high as they could. I yelped a bit, then started squirming to get away from them, but they dragged me over to one of the trees and pinned my neck down.

Once the others were there, they all began laughing and took turns pulling my underwear up. I guess when I skidded across the grass, my shorts slid a bit down and I think my underwear was showing, becuase two of the girls on my team just stood for a second.

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I was with my two friends, Jim and Rocko, and three girls from my school whom I didn't "hate" but didn't "like" either. They all ran home.

My mom was out with the latest load, but unfortunately, all my boxers were in it. I don't know how they pulled it off, but then they tied my underwear to the inside of a tree branch and tore off my shirt. The other half fell right off when I stood up.

Intially, I thought it was someone on the other team and I jumped a bit, but it was those girls. I didn't listen, but they ended up calling my folks anyway.

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Unfortunately, I was breathing so heavy I didn't hear the three girls sneak up on me. So, we get sorted into two teams of six.

After seriously hurting my ass, I realized half my underwear was still on the tree. When I got home, I got razzed by my parents, and when I told them my story, they just blew it off. So, I was stuck with one of my old pairs of tighty-whities.

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So we set up a lot of after-school games and stuff like that. So I got busted for two weeks-one for running around naked, the other for lying. Our washing machine had broken. Plus, they called the parents of the kids I told them about and the story obviously didn't check out.

Next Story » The Ultimate Kiss. One day, we decide to have a neighborhood game of "manhunt" a glorified version of hide-and-seek tag We set it forand luckily I have almost no homework, so I get it done quick and go to get changed because I had spilled soda on myself by accident when I had gotten home.

I got adjusted to them fairly easy, though. Our team hid, but after someone found me I ran like heck.

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So we did wash only a few times a week at the laundromat. I quick got up and ran for a new spot, though, and took a rest in the middle of the woods.

Everyone laughed so freakin' hard and laughed stuff like "Heya, pimple-ass" I had serious butt-acne back then and "Mike IS a girl, he's wearing a thong! Sadly, there aren't too many back routes to my house, and some of the neighbors still saw me. Unfortunately, I tripped running across a wet grassy area. Freaked out, I ran home, trying to sneak back to my house without being caught.

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After a while, my underwear tore more and more and I finally fell off. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood, and all of them go to the same school district middle school, high school, etc.

One of them held it down, another continued giving me an atomic wedgie, and the third one ran off to get the others. Of course, they weren't too happy to see a pubescent teenage boy running stark naked through their yard and they began yelling at me.

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Tyler sat on the bed of the room in his house near his college, enjoying a bit of peace.

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It was funny.