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I see this everywhere, yet nothing has ever been confirmed.

Not in the way of 'they had smexy time and it was niiiice! Based on what I have read, he tried to persue her, and she turned him down. When he did decide to act on them, she was only interested in her studies. Her first Boyfriend is insane and serving a bunch of demons that won't to consume everything. Gathering Production Secondary.

I heard from a reliable source guy on youtube aka weaponsxj on Arthas that Jaina and Arthas 'rocked the kashbah' in Hearthglen the night before the Scourge attack. Not to mention that it'd be kind of a sucky thing to do; fandom runs primarily on wild mass guessing. I'm pretty sure it did dude. Gorvar talk28 July UTC. WoWWiki Explore. In case you've forgotten, Warcraft lore contains far more than PvP. Also, note mr. Edit this. Register Don't have an ?

That doesn't sound like an actual relationship to me.

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Besides Jaina and Thrall are very close friends and despite their people hating each other, they wont want a war between them. Zarnks15 July UTC. Well, she probably has many many many men swooning over her right now. Her second is incredibly insane,and fused with a undead demigod. Or, the wedding could go off without a hitch, and some reasonable explaination for continued PvP could be given.

Movie info. My questions are: Is it true and should we put that 'event' in their bio's since it's sort of a factor which ledArthas go to the 'dark side'. So should we put it in or not? I mean, she is smart, pretty, powerful not to mention as ruler of Theramore, probably pretty darn rich. Gorvar talk3 July UTC. So you are certain they didn't rekindle their relationship briefly in Hearthglen?

The night elves and dreanei would be to hard-pressed on Ashenvale to be of much help and allthough Alliance naval forces are better then Horde ships, it'll still be to difficult to properly send theramore help. Gorvar talk1 July UTC. However, it seems like if that were truemore people would be talking about it. I'm pretty sure Jaina wouldn't take the Alliance side if war breaks out.

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Yes, but there are contradictions in the article. Jaina and Thrall are in love and their gonna have a half orc half human baby - kidding - but seriously do you guys think that's a concept blizzard might play with - it would be cool since the baby would have a warchief shamanistic powers and an archmage's light powers, just like medivh who got the tirisfall legacy from his mom and powerful magic lineage from his dad. Think of it, the Allaince only have One port and a dwarven base in the Barrens, that's it.

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Instances Raids Scenarios Sanctuaries Worlds. Commentary on her relationships with Arthas or Kael'thas can also be started. Just my opinion. Useful macros What are addons? WoW info.

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Now i know i started this topic aswell in the Rise of the Lich King discussion [1] i'll remove it if it breaks the rules but i think it fits here better. This discusses the steadily more popular idea of Jaina's relationship with Thrall. Explore Wikis Community Central. There they promised after the war they would marrybut due to Stratholme and the 'betrayal' by her and Uther, Arthas went completely nuts and his descent to evil began. So what's the word?

Allied races. Both Jaina and Kael'thas' articles gave me the impression that he had feelings he wasn't sure he should act on. More WoW info.

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