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Dad then told me if they ever catch me taking off my diaper without their permission they would show my picture to my friend Joey. I tried to watch, but it was hard seeing her pull what looked like a real baby diaper up between my legs. So now I was doomed to wear wet diapers as well.

A story on how i became an adult baby

She taped them very tight and then had me stand up to check the fit. I was really afraid I would lose my only real friend I had. As exciting as the last day of school can be, mine was really mixed with uncertainty. Today was no exception.

My diaper stories

My dad intercepted me on the way and asked where I was off to in such a hurry. She walked up to us and showed Joey a picture which he looked at, and then stared at me and asked me if that was really me. I was then told to get to the breakfast table. I guess after that futile attempt at my dryness my parents were desperate, so I still remember like it was yesterday when Mom called me to her room where I was met by her and my dad just standing there.

I just started in 9th grade.

She was also carrying a bag with her as she headed straight for us. After my shower I went back to my room and started to get dressed when Dad barged in and asked what I thought I was doing? I knew they were serious! At first everything started out with the normal stuff.

First thing it was off to the doctor to get checked out, I was about 8 by then. As I entered the kitchen my brother and sisters were already there and they just stared at me as I entered. He arrived and we all talked for awhile Mom asking him about their families vacation and all, then Joey and I went out in the yard to goof around. Dad told me to turn and as I did he snapped a story with his Polaroid before I knew what was happening. We moved here when I was 6 from Michigan. As I begged and pleaded she and my Dad were pulling the baby pants up my legs and then up over the diapers.

Later that morning I found out just how serious my parents were about my diaper wearing when I told Mom I had to pee and could I use the bathroom and she refused to let me and told me to use my diaper. In the future, believe me, doing this in disposables the smell is almost diaper. She seemed not to care about my feelings or whether or not I was embarrassed. He then reminded me of my wearing diapers full time if I was still wetting like a baby by the time school was out and that no improvement had been seen.

Bedwetter smell its called. It Teens seemed like miles.

Josh taylor's story

It was the second day right after breakfast. It all started about the last month of school in June. I had finally made a couple of friends over the years, which was really hard for me as word had gotten around to most kids about my bedwetting, but for a couple I guess they believed my denials of such accusations. I did as I was told with tears building as I had hoped they had forgotten about the threats of the last couple of months. They were serious and I was now wearing them 24 hours a day, cloth at night and my Attends in the daytime.

My youngest sister about 8 years old said, "Mom, those look just like baby diapers. It seemed like she figured I was a baby and had no rights, which for now were all taken away anyway. Wow, it worked, but as the sleepiness wore off I realized that the bed was dry but my diapers were drenched. It was Sunday and everyone was getting ready for church. Sitting in that waiting room was the worst.

The feeling hit me and I went running for the bathroom out of instinct. How could you? It took a few days to get to the store and she took me with her to pick it up. She reminded me of our agreement and explained to Joey what had happened after school was out and that I was in full-time diapers again. Well, maybe to her, but not to me. I imagined everybody knew what we were there for but when the nurse came back to the window and asked why we were there to see the doctor from way across the room and my Mom responded to her, I could of just died.

I could hardly sleep that night thinking of what might happen. They proceeded to undress me and lay me down on their bed.

My Mom was in the hospital back then and everybody thought she was going to die. The first time I messed my diaper had to be the worst embarrassing incident up to that time I had ever experienced.

I started to tell him as he had a hold of me when it felt like I exploded. She then sprinkled powder on me and pulled the diaper up through my legs and fastened the tapes. I waited until almost and by then they were drenched. The diaper sagged real far but it was a good thing that I still had my night diapers on with my plastic pants for they contained the smell. She really looked me over as she set it down on the counter. Again I went deaf, my nightmare was happening right then.

Of course by that time and all the commotion the whole family was there and saw me load my pants. Mom slid the diapers under me and pinned them on as I remember very tightly, but as she pulled out the plastic pants from the bag is when it hit me as to what was happening. Upon arriving home that afternoon I opened the door with what was built-up fear. Dad called me to my room and removed my diapers and told me to go get cleaned up.

Well, that night my training began and for the next 2 months the routine stayed pretty much the same: go to bed and late at night the alarm would go off, and by the time I would wake the bed was wet and my brother was mad. As the story developed I could see myself becoming clear and I looked like a big baby. I know Mom told me not to worry but how could I not worry. She then spread one out on my bed and told me to lie down on it. I was so embarrassed. As they started to explain what the of my wetting was causing I was getting numb. Also, if he every gets too wet or dirty we want you to let us know about that, too.

All I could do is stare at the floor and try not to cry, but that was short-lived as my dad patted me on my diapered butt and told me to take my place at the table. Mom greeted me as usual and all afternoon and into the evening I kept expecting the ax to fall but nothing happened. I was hearing them but not registering what exactly it was that they were telling me.

Dad then gave me a T diaper and when I asked for my teens he told me I could just stay as I was for now. Mom then powdered me and told me to watch carefully as she taped my diaper on because she was expecting me to diaper myself if the occasion should arise.

Even though I got to wear clothes over my diapers they made so much noise anyone could tell what I was wearing. You see, I have been a Bedwetter all of my life, at least since I was 5. What parent would do that to their 14 year old kid? I know a lot of kids that do not like to take showers, but being in diapers I always thought it was a relief to get that smell off, even though some always lingers.

I then realized what picture she had, and without even looking ,started to cry, saying to her, "How could you show him? I did as I was told and decided that he would come over late morning the next day. I have kind of gotten use to them over the years as I still wear them today at night, that is until story June. He looked at us in disbelief as mom told me to come over to her. Up until that point in my life my diaper wearing was a matter of necessity, for my bedwetting, but everything was changing Mom's attitude especially seemed to. We were out there for about 10 minutes or so when mom came out the back door she looked kind of mad but had a wild smirk on her face.

My brother was up early as Mom walked in and checked my diapers, saying it was good I had them on. She then pulled out one of my diapers out of the bag and opened it in front of me, telling me to raise up sliding the diaper under me. The diaper did suggest my Mom try a wetting alarm, which she went ahead and ordered one from Sears. She told me they were my new daytime teens.

I woke up early Saturday, and as a rule, stayed in my night diapers until Mom or Dad would take them off, and sometimes I would wear them for hours until they woke up or were ready to take them off. The first couple weeks of my summer vacation went along pretty much as the first day and so far I was never let out of my diapers. Standing at the counter, out walked this lady with a box headed our way and the outside of the box way clearly marked with its contents. She expertly took her hand and pulled down my shorts to expose my bare butt as she pushed me down on the lawn.

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My first child, our daughter, is 13yrs old and today is her 2nd day of 8th grade.

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Several years ago I began having episodes of fecal incontinence at night while asleep.

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I love to wear diapers.

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New story from DeeWet By deewetSeptember 23 justice forced diapers and 1 more Tagged with: justice forced diapers forced incontinance.