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Straight girl together for men for friends

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Discussion in ' Family, Friends, and Relationships ' started by codysmithDec 13, Empty Closets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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The last thing I want is to lose him as a friend because I no longer want to have a sexual relationship however. Not cool man. I think you need to be honest with your friend. And who knows, maybe this will encourage him to nut up and come to terms with his sexuality.

P.s. i love you

You can be like, friend, you know I have feelings for you. It sounds like you were happier with someone else anyway. It took me a while and one really blunt woman who knew what she wanted to realize that I could be doing damage to women without intending to at all. Do you care about him romantically, potentially, or is he solely a friend to you that you have sex with occasionally? I was absolutely terrified but he was really cool about it and super supportive.

Just asking that in case you do tell him "let's cool it with the benefits part of our friendship; I want you as a friend at this point in our lives" and he says HE wants more. So it's not impossible for OP to continue the friendship. For what it's worth I'd like nothing more than to have a romantic relationship with him, but he's not really for that.

Frankly, what he's doing to you is disgusting. Have you tried saying the words, "hey I'd like to stop having sex now"?

I wonder how often a "straight" guy who realizes he's getting into a relationship with another man just pre-emptively outs himself to avoid burdening the other guy? He said he considered himself straight although to this day has never had a serious relationship with either sex and viewed our relationship as a way to express how close we were. It's one thing to like sex, only sex, and it's another to love sex and the friend you're having sex with. One instance, when we were both 16, he suggested going 'all the way' I feel so cringey for sleep using that phrase right now Shortly after I had a very long discussion with him about what the concept of "us" actually meant.

For what it's worth, this is together likely to be a dealbreaker in the gay community. I'd recommend following the normal course and straight things off with him for at least a little while. We both attended different high schools and lived about 30 miles away, but would always meet-up once a week and stay over and one another's house.

How do I keep this friendship and break this cycle of "friends with benefits" which has lasted for 6 years? I feel like that as long as we're in this kind of relationship, I won't ever be able to be with anyone else.

So this kind of thing is more often shrugged off. How can I keep my best friend but get rid of my "friend with benefits"? Please, for your own sake. Hi, this might be a bit of a long post, mainly because this is the first time I've really spoken about this issue so bear with me.

How he tries to go from friend-zone to bone-zone

He knows how you feel about him, but he's still using you for his own pleasure, knowing it's hurting you. I feel like this could especially be true if he's living his life in England as straight. Have you talked to him about it? Not too long after that incident, we began what he would brush off as "experimenting" everytime we would stayover at one another's house.

I think you need to be really up front with him and just lay it on the line about how this is affecting your relationships and is hurting you etc. I think he's either scared to make this anything more than it already is or is just genuinely not romantically interested in men. One night I got quite upset by one of his comments whilst we were at his house and I called him out on it, leading to an argument where he basically confessed to being quite sexually confused. If you're a gay man, all of your gay male friends are potential partners, so there's rarely a predominantly-gay social circle without any history between anyone especially because the dating pool is small to begin with, unless you're in a huge metropolis.

P.s. i love you

So I can kind of relate to your friend. I think it's worth thinking about how you would react in the event that's what occurs. In addition, it's keeping me from having a healthy relationship with someone else, and it's a huge horrible blow to my self esteem. You can't have a legitimate relationship while being in love with someone else especially one who isn't reciprocating. Just talked to him about how you're at a point in your life where you want to date and find a stable relationship and aren't interested in casual sex.

I can't keep sleeping with you without those feelings being reciporocated. It's not wrong of you to want that but it's something I don't particularly want to deal with and it's definitely a dealbreaker for me. Since January, I've seen him twice and fallen into the same cycle of having sex with him and feeling like I'm being used. I wasn't really satisfied with his answer, but let it lie because I didn't want to press him on the subject.

For : straight sleepover

I would also add that he is using you and causing you a great deal of stress over this 'relationship'. In this time, I had a relationship with a guy I had known from high school which lasted until January of this year and I was much happier than when I had been in a sexual relationship with my best friend because I felt like my feelings were reciprocated and that it wasn't just sex.

Yeah it has to be weird knowing that your girlfriends best friend has fucked her more than you have. You need to lay down the law, and tell him you're done with this arrangement.

Read what prudie had to say in part 1 of this week’s live chat.

I've never had a serious relationship with a woman, don't care to. It explains how one-sided things and unfair things are without insisting that the friend is a horrible person. Just to add to the other side, I wouldn't necessarily be concerned about this with a partner of mine. If he's really your friend, he'll understand and you can decide whether you need space or not.

He is trying to run away.

How he tries to go from friend-zone to bone-zone

Either way, you shouldn't be putting your life on hold over it. I'm sorry OP. You gotta put your foot straight. I hope OP sees this. You won't be able to get that while you're still boning him. Sexually, hell yes I'm attracted to women. It's not something terribly unusual for people of that age of course, however this continued well into our teen years and I became more and more together invested as a sleep.

Well you know what you need to do, for both your sake and his. You're wired to develop romantic feelings for men, maybe he isn't. The issue started when I was around 14 and came out to him. Do you think that would be a good strategy for the "straight" guy? It seems pretty clear that this isn't a friendship a much as a messed up, one-sided relationship. He feels safe with being who he is and gets the sexual satisfaction without having to come to terms with what it all really means. We still kept in touch sparingly, but I didn't see him at all.

I'd like to hear some gay men chime in on this. However, I definitely felt like our relationship had changed; I noticed he became very uncomfortable to get changed around me which is probably understandable for someone of that age and would sometimes throw in some snipey homophobic comments and play it off as a joke.

That you feel like you two need to reestablish your friendship as being friends without the sex.

But I'd say it's probably unlikely. Romantically, not so much. It's time to end this. Then you can go pursue other guys who will love you and be in a relationship with you while sleeping with you.

He's coming to stay for Christmas and I don't want to push him away in case he feels like I want something other than friendship, however, I think that if I do sleep with him again I'll fall further into a rut. It kind of sounds like your friend is using you as a way to avoid dealing with his sexual identity.

We had a similar discussion a few years later after we had both left school which resulted in pretty much the same outcome. If you do have a real friendship, it'll survive a period of no contact. The curveball in this whole story, and the reason I'm making this my first post on Reddit, is that last year he moved down to England I live in Scotland and I didn't see him all year.

I've gotten the impression in the past that it is less common to swear off exes, avoid past hookups, and other things that we straight people can do without substantially limiting our dating pool. This doesn't have to be sad or angsty or angry, just forthright and honest, if he doesn't like that then maybe it's time to move on from him being in your life. You are kind of being used -- your friend and you, technically get the "benefits" but there are major drawbacks for you.

He is not confused.

Seems like your friend is not confused about his orientation but refusing to admit that he is homosexual or bisexual at the very least. Maybe he is and he's scared to admit it. It's not fair to you.

The conversation

Cut contact with him for a while until he is ready to talk about this relationship again. My best friend and I have known each other since we were very young and attended the same nursery and primary school. Anyhow, it's been 6 years.

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