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Star am seeking torture who wars fanfiction

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The Dark Lord tilted his head. The Falleen obviously had a hand still to play. Xizor's enjoyment was obvious.

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When he emerged, he had ordered a work detail to search the lower levels of the Cloud City reactor shaft for an unspecified object belonging to the Rebel, Luke Skywalker. Knowing death was near, and desperate to end his physical and mental torment, he managed to turn the weapon onto himself. He held out a wasted hand, beckoning. And those acts barely began to scratch the surface of Vader's black deeds.

Palpatine saw a flash of crimson behind Luke, then the point of a force pike bloomed from Luke's chest. Therefore it was with relief that he saw Palpatine calmly beckon to him and begin walking. Emperor Palpatine, Master of the dark side of the Force, made no effort to hide his satisfaction as he strode across the throne room floor towards the two combatants. Behind him, struggling to keep up, was a surgeon droid clutching a foot long cylindrical tank. The Emperor smiled at Luke, but it was the smile of a crafty predator.

There was nothing but a wizened serenity in Pestage's expression. Vader stepped through a cloud of steam, suddenly appearing in front of Lieutenant Pralt and his work detail.

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But whatever barriers there were did not stop Palpatine from trying, and Pestage had begun to wonder if his Emperor would actually destroy himself. The glorious one had foreseen his own death, and despite his reliable means of overcoming that particular affliction, he had been afraid. The Constable of Homunculi, Rollo Mon, stepped out of the shadows, his enormous head ornament casting bizarre shadows in the sharp green light illuminating the entryway. He was holding his humming lightsaber blade at the throat of his vanquished enemy, Lord Darth Vader.

Only once had Palpatine given him any explanation, and Pestage had not fully understood. The Emperor moved to the nearest one and wiped away the moisture beading on its glass surface. The prize had also made possible the contents of the room that they now entered.

Only stormtroopers marked their passage by saluting, their rifles held casually due to the lack of any threat. Finally, the Sith Lord reached the bottom of Cloud City and entered a small control room. Without warning, Luke moved. He looked at his prosthetic right hand, gloved in black, and remembered that Vader had cut his real hand off when they last met.

But over the past few days, a strange story had circulated through the ranks. He stared at the face behind the glass with a searching intensity, but its eyes remained closed, its hair floating in the gentle currents of the nutrient bath. Luke panted, barely containing his rage as he warily watched the approaching Emperor.

Luke had given in to his anger at last, and he was astonished at how easily he had beaten the Dark Lord.

Now, come and kneel to me, and pledge your loyalty. Pestage had seen his Master spend a great deal of time in his meditation chamber, trying, he suspected, to see the future.

Most things kenobi — sidious and skywalker -- chapter 7

The Emperor was a surprisingly small man, hunched with age and clasping his wrinkled hands together. Sate Pestage suppressed a shiver. Palpatine stared thoughtfully at Luke's body for a long time. The graceful sculptures and rich decor gave way to the gritty, exposed machinery of the Tibanna gas mining facility. There were times when Pestage worried a great deal about his Master.

Luke saw Palpatine through a haze of anger. Even as the thrust began, the saber was deactivated by a proximity sensor hidden on the Emperor's person. Vader and the droid moved quickly into the lower levels of the city. This ability awed Pestage, but for once, it did not seem to be working. If he put an end to this evil being, he would only be giving the galaxy the justice it cried out for. The Emperor had received his servant with a curious coldness, but once he discovered what the Sith Lord had brought, Palpatine had seemed rejuvenated.

Chapter 4. the program

Instead, he had gone to meditate in his private chamber for three days. A great nexus was coming, the glorious one had told him, and the strands of probability were too much in flux to follow. Any citizens not able to evacuate in the exodus initiated by Baron-Administrator turned Rebel Lando Calrissian were rounded up and forcibly deported.

It was the face of Luke Skywalker. He exerted more and more power, and his apparently futile efforts took a fearsome toll on his body. One of them was Luke Skywalker, a young man clad in austere black. Luke turned his back on the smoking corpse and faced the Emperor.

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Luke was lifted from the floor, impaled on the long weapon of a hulking Imperial guard. Together, they went out into the halls of the Imperial citadel. They met no other person as they strode along in silence, for this part of the citadel was the Emperor's private sanctuary. Equally worrisome was the Emperor's accelerated physical decay as the ravages of the dark side became ever more harsh. The blade in his hand drifted perilously close to Vader's gasping mask. Then, noticing the guard, he dismissed him distractedly. Those with questionable pasts had gone to Imperial prisons, as had some of the innocent, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Seeing fear in his Master had shaken Pestage. He regarded his Emperor silently.

For them, one human master was much the same as any other, provided they were paid and not mistreated. Now the valuable gas, useful for antigrav devices and blasters, would go to the Empire, that was all. The Emperor turned to him, his hand still resting on the tank. The red robed guard let the room's second corpse slide from his force pike and slump to the floor.

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Pralt knew of Vader's reputation for anger, and he feared to give the Dark Lord even partial bad news. Palpatine always emerged in a rage, flailing his fists and cursing his 'blindness'. Palpatine was the foundation on which he built his life. He reversed his grip on the lightsaber he had made with his own hands and swept it through the torso of the Dark Lord, crying "For Ben Kenobi!

Then he made the decision that felt right and just. Like the day, four months ago, when Palpatine had collapsed into a vision trance in front of most of the fleet Admirals. Now, fulfill your destiny and take Lord Vader's place at my side! Rumor had it that the Rebel had faced Vader high above and survived. Luke suddenly recalled another man who had once been helpless before a lightsaber blade, and what Vader had done to him. Here and there, the squat, grotesque Ugnaughts scurried about, continuing the task of running the enormous machines. They hurried past vacated apartments and hollow, silent casinos.

Luke had known he would not leave the throne room alive, but to have failed in his one chance to kill the Emperor Drowning in his pain, Luke was dimly aware that his lightsaber had returned to life.

It's what goes on in here that's hard (star wars au fanfiction)

The bright green blade did not find its mark, however. Not only that, Vader had also tortured his friends and delivered one of them to the ruthless crime lord, Jabba the Hutt, perhaps never to be seen again.

The pommel of Luke's weapon thudded ineffectually against the Emperor's chest, and the galactic ruler lurched backwards. Then, one day, Vader had returned with a prize. For the once thriving luxury resort was now in the hands of the Empire.

Pralt backed away before he could catch himself as the huge armored figure loomed up before him like a sculpted gargoyle. It was a large chamber, filled with row upon row of man-size tanks.

For his part, Pestage knew his Master was experiencing a period of great stress, and he meant his presence to be soothing. The prize had set in motion a series of frenzied preparations, as the Emperor immediately saw in it another means of gaining the information he sought--the probable outcome of his meeting with Luke Skywalker.

The once mighty Sith Lord was reduced to abject terror, trying in vain to crawl away from Luke. He could not imagine what he would do if that foundation were taken away. Palpatine was nearly beside himself with glee. For Palpatine was demanding more of the Force than ever before.

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What follows is shameless Luke and Vader father-son bonding, with plenty of action, angst, and fluff, as Vader finally has his son at his side and plots to destroy the Emperor.

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With that said, though, at the end of the day, fic is fic.

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