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The title of the book is an allusion to William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar. In the play, Mark Antony says, with regards to Caesar : "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is often interred with their bones". Smith was originally going to take over writing Amazing Spider-Man after the completion of the mini-series, which would serve as a lead-in. After the third issue, the series went on an unplanned hiatus untilwhen Smith revealed he had finally finished writing the scripts.

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As someone with an alter ego herself, she knows the importance of keeping a lid on it. Lots of people think so. You could argue she's the best partner Spider-Man has in a fight. When she comes back, she finds out that Peter has married Mary Jane.

For a minute, Black Cat was in Paris, trying to live a new life. Despite her criminal tendencies, Black Cat is not really a terrible person well, sometimes. Her lack of respect and affection for who Peter really is has poisoned that well. She's often underestimated because of her beauty. Related Topics Lists marvel mary jane watson black cat SpiderMan. She doesn't take this news too well and begins a pretty brazen campaign of harassment against Peter and Mary Jane that includes some physical violence against Mary Jane, which let's be real, disqualifies Felicia Hardy in this contest right there.

Her fixation on Spidey existed long before she discovered his secret identity, and she's, let's say, not as enamored of Peter Parker. Mary Jane is the most human part of his life. Mary Jane is Mary Jane.

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Especially Spider-Man. Do you have proven online publishing experience?

Mary Jane Watson is a living testament to endurance. She's motivated primarily out of a sense of revenge for the wrongs done to her, and a desire to be the best at everything she does. The age-old debate. She's also beautiful, and authentically so.

Without Mary Jane around, it's likely Peter would swing off with Black Cat and be less of the man he is. Though she has known Peter's secret for years, she guards it as fiercely as she does something she's just stolen. She is who she is.

While Black Cat loves Spider-Man, that's pretty much where it ends. She's the most positive force in his life, and she's not just a damsel in distress.

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His short fiction appears in Strange Horizons, Interzone, Shimmer, and other venues. All the other suitors in Spidey's life are also present. You can't really go wrong except for when her power makes you go wrong. She loves everything about him: his powers, his quips, his endless devotion to doing the right thing. While it's gotten more complicated in recent years Gwen isn't exactly dead anymore, Mary Jane and Spidey weren't exactly married anymore the question of who is better for Spider-Man is actually way more complicated than that.

All of a sudden guns jam, robotic tentacles don't work, or stilts don't Mary Jane is good luck for Peter Parker we all know that. Was Hawkeye Deaf?

Annoying boyfriend by yestherdey on deviantart

Though she put a happy face on it, she suffered a lot of abuse growing up. There have been plenty of times through the years when Mary Jane has come to the rescue herself, despite a lack of superpowers. This comes in super handy in a fight with bad guys as she can change the odds in a hurry. Whether it's Spider Island, the Thieves Guild or it's just Tuesday, Black Cat is always down to help Spidey no matter the circumstances or the consequences.

A lack of appreciation for the Wall-Crawler makes doing all that good for free pretty hard. Despite her preference for Spider-Man and less than perfect relationship with Mary Jane, Black Cat is nonetheless accepting of her reality.

Marvel fem x male reader. (lemon, harem, one shot)

As a result, Black Cat has the psionic power to affect manipulate probability fields, which in English means she inflicts bad luck on people. Black Cat has little interest in reality, preferring the mask and the exaggerated life of a thief. Though he pushes Mary Jane away, she holds the line and stays by his side. She's bad, she's good, he loves her, he doesn't.

In fact, she'd prefer to do without him altogether. Mary Jane knew and loved Peter before she knew about Spidey, but she respects both aspects of him. Peter is understandably distraught, and inconsolable. Maybe the most important consideration on that front is that she doesn't have a psionic ability to alter probability fields and create bad luck for people.

As the girlfriend, wife and girlfriend again of Spider-Man, she's been a target of his many enemies. It's part of the reason the two of them work so well together, and why he continually draws her away from a life of crime, and on to the path of good. Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane Watson is a kind, supportive and positive force in Peter Parker's life.

Annoying boyfriend by yestherdey on deviantart

Spider-Man is not the most popular guy. Since we're keeping it real, let's just put it out there: Felicia Hardy is gorgeous, talented and a world-class flirt. But she's more interested in games and appearances at the end of the day, and if its a contest about looks, then she'll never win this fight.

Whenever he's in trouble, which is a lot, she's there to lend a hand. Despite her lack of interest in Peter Parker, Felica Hardy has all the respect in the world for the secrecy of his real identity. She later gained some through the manipulations of the Kingpin. She gives him something real to come home to after a day fighting bank robbers or aliens intent on the wholesale destruction of planet earth.

Marvel fem x male reader. (lemon, harem, one shot)

Though a lot of fans and many artists tend to emphasize Mary Jane's supermodel qualities, the best thing about her relationship with Peter isn't that he landed the babe. Write for us! Black Cat's power is great, but it's indiscriminate, and Peter has been a victim of it as much as he has been a beneficiary. There is perhaps no greater wild card in Peter Parker's life than this criminal mastermind and cat burglar extraordinaire. Let's take a look at some reasons why Black Cat is better for Spidey, and why it's still always Mary Jane. This didn't exactly come naturally.

By Darby Harn Published Mar 30, Share Share Tweet 0. Black Cat is sometimes a good person to have around. An early key example of this is after Gwen Stacy dies. She puts her head down and gets through it, which is the key to any great relationship. This doesn't always work perfectly - there were some bumps when Black Cat realized Peter and Mary were a thing - but they have each other's back when it comes to their real identities.

After she learns the truth about him, Black Cat wonders why Peter would ever be an average teenager or young adult and not just be Spider-Man all the time. Despite his heroic deeds, his selfless sacrifice, and his endless service, he has to deal with people like J. Jonah Jameson who paint him as Public Enemy 1.

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At one point Felicia became a Spider-Man fan, and when he was wanted by the police, she stayed with him.

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