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In terms of setup, she just took on the mantle of Captain Marvel and there has been no Civil War II or anything of the sort. They are the property of Stan Lee, Marvel, and Disney. This fic contains graphic sexual content. As always, I urge everyone to review this story and provide suggestions for other spin-offs.

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Where do peter and aunt may live after the blip?

Fortunately, Pepper punched him for that and gave a very kind-hearted greeting to their host. He has taught you everything he knows but this is how you thank him? I'm known as Spider-Boy.

Register Don't have an ? Jessica thought about it and shed tears, now realizing that Peter probably did save her. Mayday scowled in jealousy.

No wonder he considers you a disappointment. I'm surprised at you for dating a villain spawn. You perverted everything he's taught you and used it for your own selfish needs. Anansi and the good people clapped at this, even the villains cheered.

As for who I am. He actually saw how Benji liked it and promised not to tell Mary Jane and Mayday about it. Mayday scowled at this and didn't approve of it. Benji sat with the good siblings but he hugs Erika, who hugs back. They smiled at this and claim that they love him too. Also, his aunt May has died but they managed to reconcile and he revealed his identity to her, which she accepted and believed that Superior Spider-Man wasn't him. Jessica looked down in shame at foolishly believing that lie.

Slipping through the cracks

Rachel is a mutant supremacist who hates her human siblings and keeps stalking her half-brother Franklin, "He's my beloved. He's one of the top 5 in his class, he's helped his friends, he's stood up to his neglectful older sister, and he's using the Spider-Man name for responsibility. They share a family hug. He also declares Benji as his successor because he is everything that Peter is.

Magneto smiled and hugged his grandsons, much to everyone's shock. Benji glared at her for that comment. She is one of those fake heroes who hates the children of villains. Miles is a copycat who is too arrogant and he sided with the fake heroes over his own mentor, "Oh please, I'm a better Spider-Man than that loser.

Avengers react to get help fanfiction

Mary Jane looked saddened by this. Explore Wikis Community Central. Even worst, the villains were angered by what happened to Spider-Man and claimed that he wouldn't do the bad things that happened. All of his friends, family, and fellow heroes have betrayed him because of the Superior Spider-Man incident. So sit down, shut up, and listen for once in a while. Who are you? He also knows that Teresa is his sister and he wants to apologize for not being there for her. He also caught you with Tony Stark and is on dad's side of the break up.

Reading Superior Spider-Man: Aftermath. He misses the old Madame Web because the new one is very neglectful and lazy. Spider-Man is sitting on a rooftop but he is upset. Susan blushed at that but also smiled at having kids with Peter because Reed is never there for her.

Mary Jane was shocked by this but denies ever wanting to do that with an arrogant playboy. Wanda shrugged, she didn't mind her children at all. The true heroes and even villains glared at the traitors. How you mistook him for the Superior Spider-Man, I have no idea. He is a year-old kid with a short sleeved Spider-Man hoodie on and some goggles.

Then they suddenly disappear.

Spiderman fanfics

It's his own fault that he got betrayed because he had those flawed codes. The Parker Family cried at Aunt May's death.

That's what he gets for getting in my way. I'm your younger brother and you were supposed to save me but you didn't care at all.

The night spider's rise (spider man fan fic)

Fan Fiction Explore. She looks like a popular girl type and wears her Spider-Girl costume.

He also approved of Emily being his girlfriend and saw what she did to the kid during babysitting through a teddy cam that Miles installed to spy on her. She still loves their mother and wants Benji to love her too, which is proving difficult.

I'm known as Star. Not under my roof. However, Benji punched Miles across the face. In the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker a. By talking trash about him and trying to replace him. History Talk 0.

Spider-man one-shots

He's also proud of Benji's progress at Avengers Academy. However, the fake heroes are too arrogant and selfish to believe that but the true heroes knew that wasn't him and want to find evidence. The true hero list was shown. Mayday was saddened that her brother hates her that much and wonders how much she messed up. Rachel is a mutant supremacist who hates her human siblings and keeps stalking her half-brother Franklin. He wasn't surprised by Mayday, Rachel, Miles, and Anya because they are disappointments for students.

Slipping through the cracks

Man, he's been through everything, especially the symbiote suit and two mutants with phoenix powers. In a mysterious room, they all find someone, who was glaring at him. Mayday is always putting her little brother in danger and always takes her mother's side, "Name one time.

Yeah, pretty much a threat in my book. You stopped being my mother when you abandoned me and dad for War Machine. Everyone stopped at this. They saluted him. However, he glares at them, "I brought you all here because you have betrayed my reincarnation. Anansi decides to read to them. She then glares at Miles, "And you were spying on me, you little pervert? Benji was shocked by this but his girlfriend and half-siblings cheered him on. What's worst is that they didn't realized that Doc Ock swapped minds with him.

The true heroes laugh at this.

You're a disgrace to every Spider-Man out there. Everyone was disgusted by her selfishness. I hate you. You molested my little brother! View source. He was mind swapped with one of his villains.

They follow directions, think of civilians first, use their powers for responsibilities, and knew that Superior Spider-Man wasn't him. New York's crime rate is increasing and it's all because Spider-Man has disappeared due to how everyone being ungrateful towards him and how they all betrayed him because of the Superior Spider-Man incident.

He trusts her to take care of his. Carol was upset by this. Recent blog posts.

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Tony and Bruce take Peter and Ned on a road trip to visit a college upstate, but Peter gets car sick.

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Ancestors: Sir Parker ancestor, deceased .

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Jackson recruits him to help a new hero, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio Jake Gyllenhaalsave the world from Elemental monsters.