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The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster.

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Glenmore's adult spanking stories & art

Kneeling on the bed, holding the bed covers up to her chin, Susie watched in horror as Mateo gave Nicola a ferocious spanking. Her arms ached with holding her hands on her head and her bottom was burning like a furnace. Her hips bucked and her feet kicked as Tim landed a dozen more searing whacks on each cheek before he stopped. He smacked and whacked until his arm ached.

The Princess and the Wooden Soldier. Susan tried to push her way to her feet but Jim held her firm. It rang out across the field like a pistol shot and burned savagely. Eventually Dave paused, and for a brief moment Cindy thought it was over, then he grabbed the hem of her dress and dragged it up exposing her bottom and continued the ferocious spanking on her pantie covered cheeks.

Her face burned with humiliation. As he approached the cabin Sarah was out front. The first smack was explosive. Seconds later the desert night air was filled with the whack of wood on flesh and the howls and tear filled apologies of Dr. Sarah Cross as she swore never to desecrate another tomb. Susan cried and yelped and begged him to stop.

The Spankton Chase. Each subsequent whack added to the ever-growing fire until her stinging bottom glowed like a Mediterranean sunset. Jason ranted at the camcorder emphasising every other word with another searing whack. Her bottom blazed under the relentless onslaught as her cheeks turned a fiery red.

Spanking cartoons.

A second later another whack doubled the fire. Episode 2. She begged and cried but Dave still thought she was playing along and her yells just encouraged him to smack even harder. One end of the room was illuminated where Arthur Jones the shop floor foreman was busy making final adjustments to the Titan 5. Mistress and Slave Girl.

After the longest two minutes she had ever known the spanking came to an end. She started to blubber. Spanking Soap. Jim seemed to be smacking harder than ever, trying to make sure that every slap could be heard over the singing and dancing. Smack by smack the counter wound its way down and with each whack Alison screamed and cried. Victoria howled and dragged at her chains in a futile rage. Speed Date. Her bottom burned and throbbed but still smack after stinging smack rained down.

Caught and Spanked. The hairbrush made a lethal spanking paddle. As the robot took aim for its second blow, Alison saw the of repetitions change from to Panicking now and with her bottom stinging she cried out again for someone to rescue her. The sting of the ebony hairbrush was far worse than she could have imagined. Having deposited the panties, the steel hand disappeared from view, selected its new tool and then returned a moment later gripping a riding crop.

Fiona's eye's shot open and tears down her cheeks, soaking the tape over her mouth. With a tight grip on her waist he set about spanking her as hard as he could.

Her naked bottom was perfectly positioned to receive its final thrashing. Bad Girls in Benidorm. She howled as the sting in her right cheek quadrupled. He was furious and each stinging smack was delivered with a force that echoed across the pool and added a blistering red handprint to her quivering bottom.

Unable to free herself she kicked her legs and beat her hands against the unfeeling steel of the Titan 5, but she was trapped.

Spanking fantasies

Titan 5. Don concentrated first on one cheek, raising the pain to an unbearable pitch before delivering an equally savage blistering to the other. Jane laughed and set about delivering a merciless spanking to the bound dominatrix that soon had her tearfully cursing. Curse of the Mummy's Tomb. Alison howled with every smack but this time it was her bare bottom that turned apple red. Secrets Lies and Consequences.

Bare bottom spanking cartoons

The ones he had pressed her to buy, knowing how sexy she would look. The punishment was relentless. Gathering as much dignity as she could, and with a flick of her hair, she marched away, tenderly rubbing her stinging bottom. She Needs a Damn Good Spanking.

Glenmore's adult spanking stories & art

She was acutely aware of her own near nakedness under the bed covers and her eyes filled with tears knowing she would be next over his knee. A second smack landed with equal force a second later amplifying the sting and Alicia had no time to dwell on the mounting soreness before more whacks followed. Ahmose came closer, Sarah struggled against her bonds in a wild panic but it was no use. She was dressed in a check shirt, tied under her breasts leaving her slim waist naked.

Tim picked up the bath brush and whacked Sarah hard on her already burning bottom. Her eyes were red with crying and her long hair was sticking to her face where a flood of tears had cascaded down her cheeks.

Spanking cartoons.

How dare she wear them for her lover! Too furious to speak, Tim raised his hand high and launched into a blistering spanking. Brad started smacking slow and steady causing Julia to cry out and wriggle with each slap but he quickly picked up the pace and soon he was smacking hard and fast. Alicia howled and twisted her bottom from side to side but there was nothing she could do to escape the ferocious spanking.

Spanking tales and toons

Sarah yelled and kicked. Smack after smack resounded around the pine bedroom and Sarah bawled. She had put on her really short daisy dukes. She beat her fists and toes franticly against the ground and tears rolled from her eyes as blow after blow landed in quick succession. You Can Bet Your Ass. Alison McDermott stood on the metal gantry and looked down into the darkened hall of the shop floor. McGregor's Revenge. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth.

Don just kept on smacking.

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