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As a babe, as she never crawled. Falling over, and over, and over. His hands would rest beneath her arms and moving step by wobbling step.

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He wanted everyone in Tamriel to know that they were his.

His hand came back up to rest against their throat as the other glided down their body, across their chest, down the expanse of their stomach, resting just above where they needed his touch the most. As they came back upstairs into the dining room, they could only imagine what he was capable of. I am weak in this body. Perhaps they could blame it on their human physicality, but all they felt the urge to do was to simply obey.

He was quite used to seeing the Dragonborn arrive with numerous different friends. Young mages from the college, one man in a jester costume, and once even a vampire. Perhaps simply being in the form of a human gave him the knowledge needed. As he took his time, the Dragonborn took the opportunity to move to sit in his lap, perching where they could shift forward and rub against the hardness in his pants.

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Their eyes widened for a second. They could only hope he would end up doing the latter. They hated the power his voice had over them. Once they managed to finally kick them off and onto the floor, the situation finally sank in. He leaned down, nipping at their neck as he continued thrusting into them, a brilliant mix of red and purple littering the side of their neck.

Chapter 3: hrothgar

Firstborn of Akatosh. He watched as their face screwed up in pleasure, the little noises coming from them only spurring on his desires. His Dovahkiin, who had bested him in Sovngarde, spared his life, and was now trusting him wholly with their body. About Privacy Policy. He bit back a moan as their hand gently squeezed around him. That was the last straw.

He wanted his claim on them to be recognized… No. He wanted his claim to be mutual. His companion, the Dragonborn, helps him see some of the upsides to being mortal.

Once he was satisfied with the color, he let out a deep growl and bit down, sharp teeth piercing their skin. He gave no warning before plunging two fingers deep inside them, the Dovahkiin letting out a whine.

Their scream of pain mixed with the ones of pleasure sent his mind into overdrive, his thrusts gaining even more roughness as he ran his tongue over the bite mark. They moved over to the table, pulling out a chair. Of course, he was slightly larger.

He was seeing the Dovahkiin in a light he never thought he could, and worst of all, he was enjoying it. He took one last look into their eyes, before quickly thrusting his hips forward, a low groan coming from deep in his chest as he felt the warmth of their body around his cock. But this companion of theirs seemed… different. It was good enough of a disguise for no one else to notice, though, so that worked for them.

His mind was a simple chant of one word. And there he was, gazing down at them hungrily, as if they were prey he was preparing to launch at. They reached into his pants, pulling his hardened cock out of its confines. The slight breathlessness in his voice gave away that that was not currently the case. Visit Blog. Perhaps he was… no.

They arrived at the manor in no time. They kicked their boots off before lifting their hips up off the bed, squirming out of their bottoms. They raised an eyebrow.

Fanfiction critique through comedic commentary

Their begging became more jumbled, more rapid as they approached their release. His hand moved back down to their waist, gripping them tightly and lifting them from his lap. The Dragonborn hopped out quickly and thanked the driver, Alduin simply stepping out and going straight to the door. Skyrim pulled back only slightly, his lips still brushing against their lips as he spoke. His hand shot up almost instinctively fanfiction grab their waist, the other hand clenching into a fist by his side, a last ditch effort to rein in his self control.

Their hands shot up to wrap around his neck as they cried out from his rough entry. His other hand started lemon to pull off their top, their kiss having to break for a moment as he pulled it over their head. They glanced back up. The flush of their face, the rise and fall of their chest, the way they looked up at him so adoringly… all of it was doing something to him he was unfamiliar with. He glared at them for several moments, before following suit. Though the dovah looked irritated, he nodded slightly, more curious than anything as to what the Dovahkiin was planning.

More likely than not, being in this form made him more reactive to human gestures, things that would disgust a normal dovah. I am meant to dominate. A whimper from them broke him from his thoughts, their hips squirming alduin they tried to entice him to go further. Or, I can let you find out what it feels like to dominate in this form, as well. They supposed, in a way, they were. His hands shot to their hips, his grip tighter than before. He only knew that every ounce of his body wanted to mark the Dovahkiin in every possible way.

Come to grab all my ebony again? They glanced down between them, the evident tent in his pants only adding further evidence to their theory. He locked eyes with the Dovahkiin, his Dovahkiin, once more. As he watched their release, he could only think one thing. He began pumping in and out at an excruciating pace. They leaned back in, this time connecting their lips with his neck, just below his jaw. Insulting him would only end up bringing this game of theirs to an end, and they were curious as to how long they could go before he finally either left, or snapped.

They got no time to recover before he was positioning himself above them, reaching down to line himself up with their entrance. His hands immediately moved to their front, scraping his nails down their chest and stomach, marking them with harsh red lines.

Fanfiction critique through comedic commentary

Alduin x Reader. He could feel his end coming soon as well, and bent down to press another rough kiss to their lips. Before they could say anything in protest, he lifted them up, his extra strength making it an easy feat to hoist them over his shoulder as he made his way upstairs to their bedroom. They should be fighting back for control. He had a mind to stop them, but something in him made him pause.

His hand shot to the back of their head, pulling them into a rough kiss. Their statement was cut off as a hand shot to their throat, squeezing just enough to start making them lightheaded, but not cutting off their air supply.

Nord men already tended to be well-endowed, but the extra size he had from not being properly human helped him in more ways than just muscle and height. Once he was sitting beside them, they leaned over to whisper in his ear. As their mind wandered, an idea formed in their mind, a wicked smile spreading across their face.

Their hands moved down to rest on his shoulders, their nails digging into his flesh as they whimpered and cried for him. Black, shaggy hair with a beard to match, broad shoulders, and standing well over six feet tall, he was certainly built like any other nord man. Prompt: Alduin struggles to understand any upsides to being in a human form.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Though every ounce of his soul wanted to rip away, yelling in disgust about the insulting nature of the action, he found himself unable to pull away, instead letting the Dovahkiin continue. I may need help in the basement.

After a few moments, he spoke, his voice a deep rumble, an echo of his true voice in his dovah form. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Even in his human form, he was still a sight to behold. He was Alduin. Once he reached the bed, he unceremoniously dropped them onto it, gaining a yelp from the Dovahkiin, before crawling his way on top of them. Perhaps it was just instinct.

Chapter 3: hrothgar

A hand grabbing onto his arm stopped him, though. They pulled back once again, looking into his eyes as they took a moment to breathe. He wanted to hear that again. Before his thoughts could go too deep, he was met with warm lips pressed against his own.

I cannot do that in this useless flesh.

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