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My sister vickie – by mrtony

I became incredibly horny at the proposal. Her nipples were shaped like the erasers on pencils. Mom and Sis were flattered. She said it would help use excess energy, keep us fit, and make our bodies attractive. I whispered that I loved her cute breasts and her beautiful erect nipples.

I whispered, "Your pussy is so smooth! She said that if we had sex I could get her or Sis pregnant. I placed my hands on my underwear and waited a few seconds. When we were finally ready, Mom told us she was going to touch herself privately, so as to give Sis and I time and privacy to share our masturbation. Mom also said she wouldn't engage in illegal sex nor have us do the same, and I was too young and too much younger than her to have sex with her legally. And don't forget your lubes!

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I then turned around and pulled off my underwear. Mom looked slightly younger than she was. She whispered, "I love how slim and fit you look. We brushed our teeth, scrubbed our faces, etc. After what may have been a two or three minutes of fondling, I whispered, "I can't take it anymore. She stood staring and smiling with her mouth open.

‘sister masturbation’ stories

She said, "That exercise has given you a good ass. Sis had a proposal. I then began to use both hands to rub and stroke my raging-hard penis while she watched the action and I watched her rub and stroke her pussy lips. I whispered, "I'm going to show you what I do with my body when I'm alone.

Mom said that Sis should learn how men want to be touched and how they lust for women, and that I should learn how women want to be touched and how they lust for men. We placed our lubricants beside the chairs. She was made horny by the knowledge that a developing young man was masturbating in her home. Sis whispered, "I'm so excited! Whenever I was shirtless, I caught Sis ogling me.

‘sister masturbation’ stories

Mom had to tell Sis to tell me what she wanted to do. Regardless of that we weren't biologically related. We sat so close that our knees touched. If I do this for you, I'd like you to consider it a birthday gift. I hesitated until Mom told me to answer.

I admitted that they sexually aroused me. I confessed that the knowledge that two women I was attracted to were masturbating in my home aroused me. Mom said Sis and I could learn that by watching each other touch ourselves.

I want to watch you play with yourself while you watch me play with myself. I then quickly pulled off my underwear, revealing to her my penis.

That talk made us so incredibly horny that when Mom excused us, we immediately went to separately, privately masturbate. She covered her mouth with both hands and gasps. I watched as she proceeded to stroke, pinch and flick her nipples while she watched me feel and rub mine. We were not to have sex with one another. I replied, "Yes, I'll masturbate with you.

I knew the proposal or compromise must have been something sexual, because the topic was my attraction to Sis and hers to me. Then a few seconds later revealed her whole belly, which was flat and sexy.

She waited for a few seconds while all I could see of her crotch was a little pubic hair above her panties. Then a few seconds later, she took her shirt off completely, revealing her developing breasts. She hesitated to tell me what it was. The wait would give us time for that idea to sink in.

Constantly seeing two sister women dressed like that kept me frequently and intensely horny. Masterbation she showed me her narrow innie bellybutton, which I told her was cute. I've fantasized about masturbating with you every time I've masturbated since then.

I sat down one of the chairs, and Sis quickly followed. I waited with anticipation and sexual arousal of what this proposal may be. She then quickly threw her panties to the side, revealing her swollen, glistening-wet pussy. The last thing Mom said to us before leaving was, "Have fun! I confessed that I sometimes thought about their bodies, and sometimes fantasized about having sex with them, when I masturbated.

She said, "There's something I want to do with you, but only if you want to do it. When she uncovered her mouth she quivered and whispered, "I want your penis! We were so aroused we could hardly tolerate our horniness. A few days before I was 15, Mom sat Sis and I story to talk about this.

She began to feel her breasts while I watched and she stared at my naked body. She and sis often wore tight clothes.

I'm going to masturbate. Sis and I were virgins and Mom explained that she thought a virgin's first sexual intercourse shouldn't be with a close relative.

I then took off my pants as she took off her skirt. Each time I masturbated until our scheduled playtime together, I imagined Sis watching me touch myself and encouraging me to do what I was doing, or imagined that I was watching Sis touch herself while I egged her on. Your nipples are pretty. Sis asked, "Will you masturbate with me? I would have to satisfy my lust for one another thru private, individual masturbation. She asked me, "Are you ready? She was nervous. Then we stood in front of each other with anticipation.

When I was a teenager, my adoptive mother and my sister helped make me so horny so often without intending to. They kept catching me ogling them. She then spread her legs wider and placed her fingers inside her pussy, rubbing and stroking the inside of it. A day before my 15th birthday, Mom and Sis sat me down to talk about this again.

Sis would have to do the same to satisfy her lust for me. We told each other that this was the first time we'd seen anybody nude except in a magazine or in a medical document. I whispered to her, "Your booty is so very fine! Sis confessed that she too sometimes thought the same of me when she masturbated.

Mom said to me she had talked to Sis about this idea.

Masturbating with my sister

Then I watched her feel her belly and use a finger to rub the inside and outside of her bellybutton, while she watched me feel my chest and belly. Then after dinner the night of my birthday, Sis and I began to prepare for our moment as if we were preparing for a day. Mom made sis and I exercise with her every day.

Sis hesitantly reminded me of what we had talked about a few days earlier.

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I've been anticipating this ever since last night. And it would allow me to have a very special birthday I would never forget! Mom still wouldn't allow incest, but she and Sis had decided on a compromise. It certainly kept our bodies slim. But Mom made a rule for us. When the weather was warm, they wore miniskirts or short shorts, and crop tops, leaving their bellies exposed. She wasn't wearing a bra.

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I stuck my head over the edge of my bed to see my twin brother Ritchie lying on the floor of my bedroom.

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I should have known it was too good to be true.

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True sex story: My Sister Vickie.

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Recently I have noticed pungent smell coming off my bed sheet, I noticed the smell few days ago when I went to bed at night and waking up in the morning.

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This is the story of how I taught my sister to masturbate.