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Name: Janeen

What is my age: 22
I love: Hetero
What I prefer to drink: Vodka
What I prefer to listen: I like to listen rap
Body tattoos: I have tatoos on arms
Smoker: No

Listed in Folders Stories. And then I let you have a taste of fresh air!

She laid her hands on his belly, which caused his legs to twitch because of the out of nowhere touch and that also made her laugh a little because of his reaction. She was an f cup, her breasts are like two big balloons under those clothes and her butt is like two times bigger! It was just a normal day when my friend had asked me to come over to his house, you know, just to have some fun and play some games, when it happened. I may have But what if she can tell that I'm not speaking the truth?!

Facesitting brother

ThatOneEmoWaffle link. I then grabbed the pillow I had been resting my head on and covered my face with it. And ones I had rubbed my eyes a bit because of the sudden light so was I met with the familiar face of J and her annoyingly amused expression.

I need to breathe now! Download Submission.

General Rating. Or maybe two and a half times bigger now that I think about it. As I've said so is she tall, 6 feet tall if you remember, and compared to me so is that a lot! Prev Main Gallery Download Next.

Slowly becoming my sister's ass slave: part 1

That's because I'm only somewhere around 5 feet and besides that so am I also pretty thin, not unhealthily thin, but still thin! A-and then throw some tiny f-firecrackers in it and watch.

Learn More. DrakeHillside Digital Artist link parent.

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So was I trying my best to hold my breath and just After all so was her scent being pushed up my nose, aka her body odor, and A beautiful and sexy girl has decided to sit on my face and I'm supposed to hate it? I was unable to see anything, or for that matter, hear anything either.

The looking away part of course! I began to trash with my legs struggle with my whole upper body.

I mean It was then I realized that I was in in need of air, in the need to breathe! I think I'm fine, but thanks for the offer! C-crimson a-and I had this f-funny thought about w-what would happen i-if you took something like a handbag!

And do you want to know why? She doesn't say anything and I don't know if I should take this moment and runaway through the door while she seems distracted. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

Should I just shake my head and say no to minimize the risk of her catching anything in my voice that doesn't sound like the What's that? Comment hidden by the owner.

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It was his sister, one of my friend Crimson's big sisters to be exactly. Do you think you have learned your lesson for today? She was a six feet tall skunk wearing her usual white shirt under a black leather jacket and together with her black jeans that a silver chain was hanging on the right side from so was she pretty much looking a bit like someone who likes punk or rock music. And there was no idea in trying to speak too when it obviously would just come out as an indistinguishable muttering.

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But there was something I could at least feel, besides her ass on my face and my arms pinned down under her legs, and that was mostly the lower part of my body that she was kind enough to be in the fresh air of her brothers room. I lifted my hand and waved at her with a friendly smile. J wiggles her ass and giggles of amusement as she watches her little friends futile attempt to lift his arms and push her off. Get off my face!

Cheerleader sister by scionescio

But she wasn't moving. She could feel his struggling go from an almost none existents movement to a feeling of arms trying to move and legs beginning to push and pull the cover. I swallowed heavily and laid my head back down on the bed. Yeah, I can still not forget when I had been waiting for him for a few minutes or so, while I was laying on his bed with my little cat head on his pillow and with my tail comfortably under me when his bedrooms door opened and someone had walked in.

Oh wow, that was something. Raw19 Writer link. That was pretty expensive From her grinning face, to hear big f cup breasts and onward towards her legs that had been place on each side of me together with her heavy and round ass that felt like and equally sized rock on my belly, but softer and more bearable.

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My Sister's Slave.

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Introduction : When Thomas's step-sister invents a machine to imprint facts directly into the brain, he decides to play a joke on her.