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I love feeling so on display while completing chores! A sissy should be pleasing to look at, as well as efficient and hard-working! Of course, after this, I was punished for allowing my sissy ribbons to touch the floor… I must remember to keep my arms in the correct position at all times to prevent my sissy ribbons from touching the floor! Secured sissies are happy sissies.

Name: Kare

My age: 49
Color of my iris: I’ve got enormous green eyes
My hobbies: Listening to music

Daddy loves when you. Mistress Strong lowers the camera. Your testicles have been chemically removed. Wiggles her hand up under your skirt. Before the Wife left Friday afternoon. You forced up a bit of courage. Amy the drunkest girl yells she wants to watch you suck a big black cock like a slut.

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And wave bye bye to Mistress Strong. Marcus wanted me to use his underpants to help you get use to His manly musk. Back in the house you start to separate the clothes in the baskets. Every item is male clothing. Please baby I want to be your true slutty dirty girl. Sissy maid Glory Hole is there something wrong?

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Contacted a professional Dominatrix. Forcing you to accept that your Wife is meeting a man. His skirt would look yummy sticking straight out.

A few hours later you have become a dirty gurl. She also tells you there are several laundry baskets of dirty clothes in the back seat. You are now in 1 of the guest houses. Whispering to you, she going to fit her hold hand in your butt. The 1st time she held her new hard cock in his new rough manly hand.

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As you separate the clothing. Down pass the waist band of your frilly panties. Thinking you have the entire house to yourself this weekend.

You spread your cheeks wide. The slight smell of cologne seems familiar to you. A credit card receipt falls from shirt pocket. I want it to look beyond immaculate on My return.

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Who I spend MY time with. A week has passed Your wife has become a permanent piece of artwork in the entry hall. She tells the Wife. He should be here any minute. Recently Liked.

Taking a few pictures of yourself to post on your Tumblr. His pretty little sissy gurly gurl shows Him your best asset.

Alright gurls lets stand together for a graduation picture with former student Ms Vicky Sticky. To make you a true naughty gurl. Working a finger into your tight little naughty hole. You ask Her if you can call Her while She is at the lake house.

Posts Likes Following Archive. By coming in your ass. Mistress Strong loves your answer. You have become increasingly obsessed with feeling your former cock deep in you.

I want you to concentrate on cleaning this entire house from top to bottom. While trying not to be to conspicuous. Your older sister barges in with several of Her drunken party girl friends. He knows your ass has never felt or had a cock in it. Her answer was a stern, NO. As She pulls out of the driveway.

s taking the pictures. And how it lead to Her surprising you with the sissy maids dress. The ature on the receipt belongs to your Father. She ties your wrist to the headboard. Mother says hello Lawrence.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The playful Sissy maid Debbie N Deep. You meek out an answer, No Mistress. A memory flashes in your head. That should keep you quiet.

Turns out he wants to be My sissy maid. And I finally agreed to allow you to become My sissy maid. Whispering how he wants to make you a true slutty dirty girl. The same dress you are currently wearing.

This moment to make ME happy. Debbie has worked 3 fingers in you. He instantly become obsessed with sticking it in his former pussy. Then making YOU clean his cock off with your mouth. To meekly asked Her, who is the person meeting Her at the lake house.

Your Wife with your Mother walks in the kitchen as you are finishing up wiping the counters off.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

On arrival to the Mistresses mansion. You just served Mistress a cold drink. She then orders you to load Her suitcases in the boot of the car.

Ever since your Wife switched bodies with you. Now he is the 1 wanting to push it in your butt. She has you open the garage.

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And with the soft friction of those sheer stockings on your shaved legs and your girlie heels….

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Request: Hi, I have a request!

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