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The only way we can connect is through video chats. I log onto the meeting: a workshop group, a virtual play date, a quarantine happy hour, or a catch-up with Grandma. Gone are the days of happy hours at third-party locations, neutral ground where we meet, wearing pants, having composed ourselves for public consumption.

Name: Liz

My age: 43
My hair: Long straight dark-haired hair
I speak: Italian
My Zodiac sign: Scorpio
My tattoo: None

Simple but effective memory game : I like the idea of having different rooms to move to. Did it. I rated your game Please Rate Our game This game is about a girl, trapped in her mind. If I can give one feedback. Thank you for playing our game!


The puzzles are great, the metaphor works very well. I rewinded your game and it was really fun actually!! Log in Register. Trapped in her dreams, she can't remember her past. Also, it would be easier to control if the gun could should in the direction of the mouse. It felt a bit frustrating that I kept the button pressed but could only rewind the tape a little bit without knowing why.

Nice game! Nice little game! Mythos Interactive Submitted 1 year ago. Played your gam. And when a piece is collected, she sees really what had happened, and the real steps she had taken.

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Although I think it would have been better to let the player rewind as long as he wants by pressing and holding the button Maybe we change that in an update after the rating period has ended. The physics needs to be adjusted. Brackeys Jam Overview Submissions Community 1, ChankoStudios Submitted 1 year ago. Dinakark Submitted 1 year ago. We can't tell if we're hitting the enemy of if we're being hit, how much ammo do we have left, where is our gun I could finally live my dream of being a robot with a Katana!

Thanks for reviewing it! Deleted post Submitted 1 year ago. I think a progress bar would help there. B Submitted 1 year ago. Here is mine, Lullaby :D. MakingGamesWithUnity Submitted 1 year ago. Very good puzzle platformer! Yes, as the developer, it was pretty easy for me to dodge - hit - dodge, but I think other people have more difficulties with this, so they can't reach higher score. The controls felt nice, slashing through those evil robots was pretty satisfying.

Krish Gdev Submitted 1 year ago.

Maybe it's on purpose but not visually seeing how long I would move after releasing the mouth was a bit frustrating. That's a really cool idea! Thank you!

My feedback: I personally felt the controls were a bit too fast, especially on jumps, it was hard to precisely fall at the right spot and got frustrating to constantly jump over platforms and die. But maybe you also don't want to give too much control to the player to keep it dangerous I hope to see what you do after the rating period!

TomkBen Submitted 1 year ago. We played and rated your game, and left a comment there :. It's my one big ask that didn't get done by the end. If yes, please read description.


I will play your game and leave a comment! Good style. Thank you for your feedback!

Rated it! The rewinding is done automatically after you press the button, so you do not need to hold it. Steven Submitted 1 year ago. We'd appreciate a rating! I will definitly tweak some stuff like invisibility while dodging when the jam is over, or make the attacks slower at the beginning. It felt a bit tedious and slow to have to click a bunch of time to rewind the failed potions, I wish it could have been just one button, it would make it a lot faster to try many things and test them on the pet.

I wish I could have move the camera to look around, I felt a bit too far from the sticks sometimes.

Some kindergarteners learn more during naptime than others.

You can play in browser. It means a lot to us. Some hints could help. That was pretty cool. Can you please rate my game? Otherwise, it took me longer than I'd like to admit to understand that the yellow ball were hurting me Hope some day those evil robots will learn to move!

Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Have fun trying our game and please do rate it. I definitely think it would feel better to be able to hold longer to rewind further.

Some kindergarteners learn more during naptime than others.

Hope you can keep working on it and make a great game out of it! But otherwise I love it, will definitely come back to it to play the other levels!

Congratulations on the jam! We ran out of time and couldn't test out the volume of different sounds. It looks great, and the mechanic has a lot of potential I think.

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I felt that the rewinding sound was too loud compared to the voices or the other way aroundI had to change the volume a few times. I think the platformer controls can be improved, it felt a bit stiff. Going near a corner let's the player fly very high, avoiding all obstacles. It's a good basis for a space shooter, hope you can add some more feature to make it more interesting like It looks great, plays nicely, it's a fun little game!

Our team will play your game, could you please play ours too?

Deleted 1 year ago. The result still looks amazingly professional for a game jam : Hope you'll have time to update it after the ratings!

And of course, more levels! After a traumatic experience the girl has fell into coma. Will rate yours now. Keep it up! Maybe that could be tweaked somehow. I really liked how your game had a movie recorder theme, As if im trying to get the "perfect Shot" :D. This was one of the jam submissions i was excited to see.

The concept could work, I like math challenges like that, but I'd say you need to work on the UI. Half the time I answer something I don't know if I answered correctly or not, and if I fail I don't know why Sometimes the "record" action didn't work, I had to rewind more to make it work, a bit frustrating. I see thanks for the feedbacka lot of people is telling about that too and you are correct about this feeling :. I never really needed the rewind gun And even when I used it, I felt like a normal gun would have done a better job at getting rid of enemies!

Yes for some reason I really thought it would rewind for as long as I hold the button pressed, and it felt that sometimes it did and other times not. Did it!

After You rate mine, pls type "rated". The pieces of puzzle are representing her memories, and every piece reminds her about the past And when a piece is collected, she sees really what had happened, and the real steps she had taken. Btw, I played your game and commented on it, too. But you'll need to polish it, fix the bugs and add some UI and feedback to make it more enjoyable.

Ah ok! The pieces of puzzle are representing her memories, and every piece reminds her about the past. Ok i am going to play iy but in hour ok.

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