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Instant Halloween costumes. What if you could combine the stylish silhouette of a cute little dress with the ease and comfort of your favorite t-shirt? What if you could choose between flowy A-line and casual T-shirt styles? And furthermore, what if this magical garment was available in literally millions of des, covering every possible aesthetic and obsession known to humanity?

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At our age we are of the opinion that she deserves to flaunt it while she's still got it. Several of them are short, low cut and all cling to her figure like a second skin. There were a few sexy dresses at CN but majority not so, but hey you will just stand out and why not November 1st,PM 7. Reply With Quote. Just want to get an idea of what is ok? Date Jun Posts While most don't wear that revealing of dinner dresses November 1st,AM 3.


We plan to spend a good amount of our time at SSB and she wants to go topless at the main beach too. Forum Rules. Date Oct Posts 5. Date Oct Posts 2. This is a sample of a dress she will take on our next trip! Date Jul Posts 1, November 1st,PM 9. Date Oct Posts I cannot really tell on items 5 and 6 how sheer they really are.

Date Aug Posts 1, She should wear whatever she wants. See you at the beach!

My husband and I are booked for Jan I, like your wife, plan to step outside of my comfort zone. This will be our 30th anniversary and we are celebrating us! Attached Images.

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As the years have gone by we have become somewhat more 'adventerous' in her dress selections for our trips to CSA. She has several dresses from a the Hot Miami Styles site and looks way hot in them if I do say so myself. Personally if you feel confident and good then go for it. Date Feb Posts If management doesn't care I'm sure there is a "line" somewhere but it's not up to me to define it. But, I say wear what you want! November 1st,AM 2. I can say that we have seen some items that were similar to item 1 and item 2. Well Couples is a very romantic resort so what a great opportunity to dress sexy whilst being in this beautiful environment with your loved one and a good place to come out of your comfort zone.

We understand that she may be the only one dressed like this and aren't worried about what other people will say or think but don't want to be asked to leave the restaurant or be disrespectful. November 1st,PM 6.

Enjoy your trip! We've definitely seen these style of outfits at CN before. November 1st,PM 8. Is just a G string allowed? My wife has worn similar dresses at CTI and if I'm lucky she will again this year. Please let me know if these would be crossing the line.

Thank you for posting this!

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I have looked at several of the boards and there seem to be some mixed messages or the posts are so old that I am not sure if they are still relevant. She also wants to step out of her normal comfort zone and be adventurous at dinner. My wife works very hard on keeping herself in shape and looks great in a tight, short dress.

November 2nd,PM I really like 5 and 6. November 1st,PM 5.

Based upon our trips, she will likely be in the minority close to the only one dressed this way at dinner. Register Help. The only one that may be a little over the edge is 4 in that it appears to be completely see-through. And 4 may be good at night around the bars My husband and I have been to CSS several times and I have always pushed the limits with the sexiness of my clothes I think the staff like seeing someone take advantage of the beautiful resort.

I say "take clothes on vacation that you wouldn't wear around your children" and have fun feeling sexy with the one you love. Couples Community Blog Message Board.

I too wear cleavage revealing dresses that I feel comfortable in. She has only received complements on her dresses when wearing them at Couples. The important thing is that the two of you enjoy yourselves. My wife and I are planning on going to CSS for the first time next summer. Last time we were there my favourite comment from a guest was " I can't wait every evening to see what you will wear" You aren't being disrespectful November 1st,PM Date Jun Posts 1, We faced the same question a while back concerning evening dress and swim suits, or more precisely bikinis.

Though I also agree that the sheer dresses may attract a bit more attention than either of you were anticipating. There will come a day when she will not feel comfortable in the dresses she wears now. I have linked several dresses that we think would be fun the first three she already bought. I would agree with the above comment, if your wife is comfortable with the dresses then she should wear them proudly.

November 1st,PM 4. Just got back from CN and I will say I didn't see anyone dressed up this much at dinner.

Do you have an interesting collection of sexy party dresses?

November 2nd,AM Date Dec Posts She will be fine, you are on vacation. I only say maybe one woman in high heels and while she looked nice, the shoes seemed out of place at a beach resort to me, probably because I prefer to be barefoot as much as I can. Date Oct Posts 8. How sexy can she dress for dinner? Remember Me? Thread: How sexy can she dress for dinner? Date Jun Posts 2. I LOVE all the dresses!! We also tend to save some of the more "club" style dresses for evening entertainment like dancing at the Aura lounge where they tend to fit the mood a bit better.

Oh, and the dresses she wears on vacation she will rarely if ever wear at home when going out. Contrary to what some of the "fashion police" will likely say - which is a whole other issue - this is your vacation, and if she's comfortable with it, why not? I think all would be fine, honestly. Great taste! November 3rd,PM Thanks all for your input! If someone feels "disrespected" by your wife's clothes, that's their problem, not yours, and she will definitely not be asked to leave any of the restaurants.

October 31st,PM 1. Don't mean to offend with the post either.

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