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And mate found Sesshomaru especially fanfiction kagome

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Some stories are Canon while others are AU. Will Inu and Sessh be able to put aside their differences to have the woman they both want or will their fighting tear the pack apart?

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She screamed out his name, he felt her muscles tighten on him and warm liquid spilling out. Inuyasha broke the kiss to suck on her nipples. Inuyasha took in the eyeful, her breasts were perfect, full and round and perky. She let her juices go.

::the daughters he never knew:: a inuyasha fanfic :: sesshomaru love story::

Warning: Lemon. He couldn't wait to see the rest of her. He took her to his room. He slowly thrusted into her body, Kagome began to move against him with each thrust.

Sesshomaru and kagome lemon sesshoumaru and kagome stories

Inuyasha slowly let his full demon take over. Kagome sat awaiting Sesshomaru to finish eating. She was starting to scream his name so loud that he covered her mouth with his own. Tugging at her waistline, Inuyasha got her skirt off.

Kagome was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and up in the air. He fixed his member at the tip of her entrance. The scent of her arousal hit his nose in a rush. But he felt like teasing her, he stopped.

A smell so sweet by belovedstranger

Inuyasha was standing in front of her wet entrance. It almost knocked him out.

She flung the bra to the side. Kagome grinned and went to find Inuyasha. She shivered at her slight touch of his claws.

Kagome held her tears, she wanted to be strong. He stroked her hair, pulling her close to him and fell asleep.

Kagome followed Inuyasha's lead. He kissed her, moving himself in front of her. He exploded inside of her. Chapter Kagome started moaning and whispering his name. She knocked softly on the door. He was so close to climaxing, but he wanted her to go first.

Kagome and sesshomaru mate kagome and sesshoumaru making love

He withdrew himself and then repeated. His hands slid under her shirt. Then he pulled out of her and laid beside her. So foolish of me to think he could understand, I should have never done it'.

Inuyasha jumped beside her. She flopped on her on the bed. But that's not exactly what he wanted to do with her. They started kissing. He suddenly had a wave of guilt, after taking away her innocence, it felt surreal this time.

His seed spilling into her. Inuyasha had no problems carrying out her wishes. He started thrusting to her wildly. She so badly wanted to talk with him. He bit the junction between her neck and shoulder area.

He slowly kissed her starting from her mouths all the way down to pubic hair. He quickly lapped up her juices.

Alpha b*tch by slayersgurl35/ladyofthelemons

Sesshomaru swiftly dismissed himself. He decided to pick up the pace, pumping into her at an increasing pace. Her 2ndmate.

He slightly stared at her breasts. Kagome left off in that moment to see Sesshomaru. He marked her as her own.

She walked silently, thinking of all of things she wanted to say. Kagome froze for a second. He attempted with the clasp of the bra but got frustrated. While the kiss deepened, Inuyasha ran his hands down her back, lightly drawing his claws down both sides of her spine. Inuyasha stopped and shot his seed away from her. He began to slide the shirt over her head.

He brought the kisses back up to her lips, his hardness rubbing against her legs.

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She tried to stop loving him, to rid her mind of him.