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I would like seek story that satyrs be topless

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A transformation story containing gay sex and satyrs. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think folks.

Name: Garnet

What is my age: 23
Available for: Gentleman
My hair: Redhead
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
Favourite drink: My favourite drink lager
Stud: I don't have piercings

It was like a fire burning inside him.

Satyr in the woods part 2

As Dan came one last time, two small horns pushed their way out from the side of his head, each an inch long—nothing like the ones adorning his new master, but perhaps in time…. Satyr Hills Flash Commission wesleybracken : Commissioned by musclelover Dan leaned lightly against a tree, his ears straining for the song.

The rest of him was changing as well—his lithe body bulging with newfound muscle, a ridged six pack, hard pectorals, strong arms stroking his thick cock, feeling the heat begin to claw through his mind, emptying it out of everything beyond the most basic of desires. It had glued itself in his mind immediately, and he found himself desperate to find the person playing it.

Together, they would make many more brothers for themselves, living happily in the hills and forests, just as they had in centuries past.

His memories, his elevated desires, his sense of self, his sense of humanity. Theme: Linear by Peter Vidani.

There was only pleasure, in the end; why had he ever let things become so complicated? He knew he should be worried, but every time the song caught him he was again drawn to it. He reached down with one hand, and helplessly stroked his cock. Yes, that was it, a light trill, but enough.

Satyr in the woods part 2

His jaw dropped, and he tried to stop and stare, but whatever tune the strange beast was playing pulled him closer still, the breeze now even colder against his bare skin. He looked down, and then around behind him. Dan kept trying to fight back, but now the lust was overwhelming even the song still running through his mind.

His cock began to tingle, a new sensation filling his mind—lust, pure and simple. The shaft grew longer, but his balls, which had shriveled slightly in the wake of his orgams, swelled again, fuller and thicker than before.

He looked a bit older than Dan, in his mid thirties, with a shaggy brown made of hair coating his head, and also his legs—but two huge ram horns sprouting from his temples implied that the beast was likely much older than Dan could guess.

Commissioned by musclelover Dan leaned lightly against a tree, his ears straining for the song. Thicker and longer than it had, and so much more sensitive than before. Next post .

He took his glasses off to wipe sweat from his brow, thankful for the breeze to cool him down somewhat, and kept going. Dan felt himself explode, a massive torrent of cum pouring forth from his cock, and yet, he could sense, somehow, that it was more than just cum leaving him, but also…himself.

He felt crippled by the overwhelming joy, and had no time to recover before a second, equally massive orgasm ripped through him, shimmering cum spraying across the surface of the stump where it was absorbed by the wood, with no trace remaining. Bare skin?

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After an initial warmth in your abdomen, you begin to reel in sickness.

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Matt made his way through the thick woods, parting scores of small branches that were blocking his path.

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She slept peacefully on the grass of the quad.

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His car had broken down in the middle of a dirt road going to Larsen Mountain.