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Wake up! You lightly hit him and then heard a knock at the door. Do i not give you enough attention that you feel the need to go and fool around with one of my group members? Originally posted by jimnluv. When he heard a noise. That should be my job.

He quickly sat up and awkwardly looked around, not knowing whether he should stay and have to keep hearing that happen or to leave. Namjoon immediately spotted this and his grip on his drink got tighter and his knuckles got whiter.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The trainees eyes widened in shock and he scurried off. Yoongi was curled up asleep on the armchair next to him, with headphones listening to some relaxing music. Anywhere, please. Your brother looked terrified as he tried to choke out some words. You both were huge Disney fans so you were planning on having a Disney marathon with him. We heard a loud noise and assumed you screamed.

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Unfortunately, the maknae of the group in the room opposite his had other plans. You pulled out of the hug, hearing Jimin whine. You looked over your shoulder and mouthed sorry to your friend and he just waved it off. Could you help me set up plates on the table please? You were sat in the practice room next to Yoongi, watching Jin talk to some of the female staff. He pouted and crawled over to you. Namjoon sat quietly at his desk; writing, scribbling out, and re-writing possible lyrics for the new songs in their comeback.

Namjoon smirked, at least this apartment was seeing some action. I was just having a bit of fun with Jimin and Tae. Totally ruined the mood of the shoot, the stylists and the photographers looked like they wanted to kill us. However, as his hand went to knock on the door, he realized that, he definitely could not help Yoongi in any way. Jungkook was lazily lying across the sofa, one leg hanging off, watching covers on his phone.

Let me iiin. No way was he going to look at the youngest member the same for that fact.

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You listened to him and followed his instructions. Please keep filling up my inbox with requests! His eyes widened at the sight of you cuddled up with another guy. Namjoon walked away quietly and went back to sitting at his desk and tried to continue his lyrics. Jin had just returned from being out with Namjoon, it was a weekly thing they did to make sure each other were okay. You opened the door to see Jungkook and Jimin standing there with worry in their eyes. He inwardly complained and groaned into his pillow.

You look mad? He took your hand and pulled you out of the club.

Only to find that Namjoon was very startled but this and managed to drop the plates out of shock. You then turned around abruptly as a thump was heard. I need to sneeze. He slowly put your brother down. You hated seeing him like this. You turned away from him and let out a short and loud sneeze.

Numerous sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, patterned trousers laid out before him, yet nothing was screaming to be worn. He took the plates, whilst walking, you felt a sneeze stirring. No way was he going to listen to any of that happening.

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Park Jimin…. You slowly brought it up to your nose and smelt it. Jin went to take a sip of his drink but you grabbed one of the napkins and turned away to sneeze. I dropped it. Are you okay? You looked at Namjoon for permission and he nodded in a hesitant approval. Until the another noise was heard, no curse words.

He heard the noise of a louder groan, and another higher pitched moan from another person. You gulped. Did he touch you? Just a loud moan. He stripped off his clothes, got into more comfier sweats and laid down, burried in a blanket of warmth and comfort. You and Hoseok were hanging out in his hotel room, just casually listening to music and messing around.

What happened? He strided towards him and picked him up by his shirt and held him up against the wall. Okay so thank you so much for this request!

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You were sat at the bar whilst BTS host their after party. You looked up worriedly as you heard a crash. Taehyung stood in his bedroom lightly humming to himself whilst looking for something to wear. Hoseok sighed at himself, he had awoken to the noises of doors slamming, headboards getting bashed against walls, bedsprings and the most ificant; deep and loud moans.

Only this time with added headphones, and the volume turned way up. You awoke to soft kisses being placed on your cheeks. You chuckled and placed your hands on his neck. You laughed and got up to hug him. It sounded like Jimin, but sounded different that normal.

It started out as fun but it slowly turned more intimate and they moved in front and behind you. Thank you for the request i always enjoy writing them as you guys have some really good ideas! We can just watch a film!

27/26 cpl from ludhiana into srsp and swap

You graciously accepted and took his hand. Originally posted by btsrabbithole. And i hope you all enjoy them! He turned to you confused, then at your brother who wore a weak smile. It peeked his interest, possibly too much at that, and he went to investigate. Although you were seated on his lap, he felt as if you were paying more attention to the others over him.

It was actually very fun to do, i just hope i wrote what you meant! A little while into the fight, feathers were scattered everywhere. Explain that to me huh?

Jungkook dropped his phone in surprise as he heard a loud curse word echo through the house. Once you let out a screechingly loud sneeze, you turned to see Taehyung smiling proudly. Either shut the hell up or go be horny teenagers some place else! I bet you work as a model.

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