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Fanfiction pride prejudice that and flirtbook

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Part 1 Racing their horses across the field, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy halted in sight of Netherfield Park. But I must settle somewhere. Compared to his own home of Pemberley, it was rather dull, and the company around it, from what he had seen on his journey, wasn't worth speaking about either.

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Darcy plans to use the ball as opportunity to get a fresh start with Elizabeth. Instead, she sees a well-mannered, considerate, and well-respected gentleman. According to Darcy, his action toward Bingley was done with the best intentions of protecting his friend from acting rashly.

And even the haughty, proud man from Rosings Park is gone. Not surprisingly, Darcy is a morose, depressed mess in London and Pemberley.

To prevent the alliance, they further agree to get him back to London and, once there, Darcy will convince him that the emotional connection is slight and the practical drawbacks are huge. Darcy brings the proposed deal to Uncle Gardiner, who grudgingly agrees to allow Darcy to pay for the deal anonymously.

Shortly after Jane returns to her home Longbourn, Darcy receives a letter from sister Georgiana in which she expresses interest in his new friend. By contrast, Elizabeth's information regarding Wickham is entirely and objectively false, and this can be verified easily by anyone with an interest in knowing the truth.

In Pemberley, Darcy acts rudely and brusquely and finally explains to Georgiana that his misbehavior is due to his disappointment over Elizabeth's rejection.

A storm over netherfield: a pride and prejudice variation romance

Later, at the post-dance supper, Darcy hears Mrs. Bennet loudly brag that her daughter Jane will soon to marry Darcy's rich friend, Charles Bingley. They are on a summer vacation tour of Derbyshire and its great estates, and decided to tour Pemberley after Elizabeth confirmed that its master, Darcy, is away in London. Thus, when Darcy asks Elizabeth's hand, she rejects him out of hand based primarily on his role in separating Jane and Bingley and also because of his scandalous treatment of Wickham.

The story satisfies Fitzwilliam's curiosity and increases his estimation of Darcy. Thus, their separation should be permanent. After the ball, the Bingley sisters take great joy in ridiculing the fashion and conversation of the locals, especially Mrs. I would as soon call her mother a wit? Thus, when Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance at the Netherfield ball, she civilly accepts, but then launches into a most disagreeable conversation.

He is quickly infatuated with year-old Miss Jane Bennet. While Pride and Prejudice does not mention actual dates for its events, the first three novels are set in a period starting in latebased on dates shown in various letters between the characters. Darcy and his cousin Richard Fitzwilliam travel every spring to Kent to assist their aunt Lady Catherine in the management of her estate Rosings Park. Caroline and the Hursts are elitist snobs and expect to be bored with the inificant locals. He must act now. Darcy graciously guides Elizabeth and the Gardiners through the remainder of the estate, before asking Elizabeth if he can introduce her to his sister Georgiana in two days when she returns from London.

Despite the social drawbacks associated with marrying Elizabeth, Darcy decides to offer his hand, but, once again, his timing could not be worse because the day before his offer, she learns from Fitzwilliam unintentionally of Darcy's dominant role in purposely separating Bingley from his sister Jane. Austen's own first novel Sense and Sensibilitypublished inis obliquely referred to in the second novel, Duty and Desire.

As with Pride and Prejudicethe central conflict within Darcy's character in the series is his attempts to reconcile his feelings for Elizabeth Bennet with his own pride and reservations about her social standing and family, and the effect this would have on his own stature. Darcy leaves Rosings Park the day after the letter without speaking to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth leaves a few days later, neither expecting to see each other again.

Nearing the end of Jane and Elizabeth's stay at Netherfield, Darcy and Elizabeth happen to be sharing the library for a while, and after Elizabeth leaves, Darcy's curiosity gets the best of him and he locates the book that Elizabeth was reading, Milton's Paradise Lost, and purloins her embroidery-thread book mark as a keepsake. Darcy feels some responsibility for what Wickham has done because he had not revealed Wickham upon his arrival in Hertfordshire, and this feeling prompts him to try to find Wickham and Lydia in London and work something out.

After being bribed, she le Darcy to Wickham and Lydia.

Weeks later Darcy returns to Pemberley from London and discovers Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle Gardiner touring the Pemberley grounds. One of Darcy's best friends in London, year-old Charles Bingley, whose inheritancepounds or 5, pounds a year was earned by his father in a trade not completely respectableis considering the purchase of a country estate in Hertfordshire called Netherfield.

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Over the next two weeks, Bingley's party and Darcy attend several private get-to-know-you events that invariably include the popular Bennet family from Longbourn 2, pounds a year — Mr. During these events, Darcy comes to believe that he dismissed Elizabeth too quickly. However, the novels also explore Darcy's character, life and interests within the social and political world of his time, and introduce in prominent roles characters who only briefly appeared in the earlier work or were not present at all, thus expanding on Darcy's life and character.

Darcy writes a letter to his year-old sister Georgiana in Pemberley and remarks about the remarkable visitor, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who makes him sound and act foolishly. To avoid telling Fitzwilliam the truth, Darcy quickly decides on providing him an alternate story about how he saved one of his best friends from an imprudent marriage.

Simultaneously, Mr. Bennet and Uncle Gardiner are trying to do the same thing, but they fail, while Darcy succeeds by using his connections and money, especially with a Mrs. Younge, who was implicated in Wickham's attempted seduction of Georgiana.

In London, he gets drunk with an old college friend, Dy Brougham, and cries in his beer about Elizabeth's rejection of his proposal that he made despite his concerns. After he describes what happened at Rosings Park, Georgiana commiserates with Darcy, but can provide no reason to hope. As the title suggests, they are based heavily on Jane Austen 's novel Pride and Prejudiceand feature many events of the novel as seen from the perspective of Mr.

Fitzwilliam Darcythe central male character of Austen's novel. He observes her to have wit, grace, compassion, intelligence, and, unlike her mother and younger sisters, manners.

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This is Elizabeth's modus operandi whenever she deals with pretentious people like Caroline Bingley. They reference historical events including the War of with the United States of America, the assassination of the British Prime MinisterSpencer Percevalthe Luddite raids, and the Ratcliff Highway murdersreferred to as having taken place in Wapping.

Darcy begins to reject Caroline Bingley's continual criticism of Elizabeth as unattractive. Over the course of week, through dinners, teas, parsonage visits, and especially shared walks on the Rosings grounds, Darcy comes to admire Elizabeth even more. During the stay, Elizabeth and Darcy continue to engage in verbal swordplay, but he can't but be impressed by her qualities and character. Over several discussions, Darcy is unable to persuade Lydia to abandon Wickham, so Darcy is forced to bribe Wickham to marry Lydia.

The trilogy of novels was up explores Darcy's perspective on the events of Pride and Prejudice - in particular focusing on his developing relationship with and feelings for Elizabeth Bennetthe protagonist of the earlier novel. And their conversations in private are civil and genuine.

During Darcy's dance with Elizabeth, they are interrupted by the locally prominent Sir Lucas, who thinks he is being complimentary in declaring them a handsome couple and suggesting a future alliance of Charles Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet.

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Bingley agrees to have a big, formal ball at Netherfield as soon as Jane recovers. During this time, Elizabeth notices that the pride, proud gentleman she had perceived in Hertfordshire is no more. Shortly after Lydia's marriage, Bingley informs Darcy that the one-year lease on Netherfield is about to expire. During the various informal events, Darcy has occasion to engage in conversation with Elizabeth, and although he intends to show a modest interest in her, she invariably turns the conversations into jealous swordplay.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman is the collective name given to a trilogy of historical romance novels written by Pamela Aidan. The story begins with Darcy and Bingley's traveling prejudice Bingley, his sister Caroline, and his other sister and her husband Mr.

Hurst arriving at the Meryton And for a country ball. Darcy is well on his way character rehabilitation when Elizabeth receives urgent letters from home informing her that her year-old baby sister Lydia has been seduced by the evil Wickham and is missing. Although Darcy still feels drawn to Elizabeth, his problems with her cause him to think he is doing Bingley a favor by separating him from Hertfordshire and the Bennets.

Although Elizabeth continues to tease him in company, the sharp edge on her words has disappeared. A distraught Elizabeth bares her plight to Darcy, and fanfiction returns with the Gardiners to Hertfordshire to see what can be done. Darcy begins to fear that, if he does not take action, he will lose this treasure. By contrast, Darcy is quite reserved and stiffly formal, and he expects the jovial informality of a country ball among ill-bred strangers will make for an arduous, unpleasant evening.

As an added bonus, she sings a wonderful soprano at Sunday church services. Because of Charles's obvious interest in Miss Jane Bennet, the Bingley sisters invite her to Netherfield for lunch, but on her caroline ride she is caught in a rainstorm and catches a bad cold, which requires her to recuperate at Netherfield for almost a week. Elizabeth walks to Netherfield and stays for the duration to nurse Jane. Bingley rents Netherfield for a year, and Darcy travels with Bingley to Netherfield to evaluate the operations of the estate and the prospects for a satisfying lifestyle in this Hertfordshire.

Shortly before the ball, however, Elizabeth becomes acquainted with hood friend of Darcy's, George Wickham, who slanders Darcy with gross falsehoods.

It was a judgment call. At the ball, Bingley eagerly solicits introductions and dances the night away with the local girls. Because Wickham is a charming scoundrel, and because Darcy has been relatively unpleasant since his first impression on Elizabeth, she chooses to believe the worst about Darcy without any sort of confirmation. By contrast, she is playful and warm when she deals with people like Charles Bingley, who is quickly falling in love with her older sister Jane. In return, Lydia and Wickham marry.

He also notices her beauty that initially escaped his notice because he was in a surly mood.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, although a mere year-old gentleman, is the master of an impressive estate in Derbyshire called Pemberley income of 10, pounds a year. Elizabeth and the Gardiners agree, and eventually they meet Georgiana. The deal includes paying off Wickham's debts and buying him an officer's commission in the army. After the ball, Darcy and Bingley's sister Caroline discuss her brother's infatuation with Jane and agree that such an alliance will be disastrous for him.

During their coach ride from London, Fitzwilliam notices Darcy forlornly fingering Elizabeth's embroidery-thread bookmark, and he insists on hearing the romantic story associated with it. The morning after Elizabeth's rejection of his hand, Darcy gives Elizabeth a lengthy letter, in which he attempts to explain his actions regarding Bingley and Wickham, the latter of which he thinks much more serious.

Bingley, new to the community, is an outgoing person without any pretensions, and thus is much looking forward to having a great time. Back in London, Darcy quickly convinces Bingley that his emotional connection with Miss Jane Bennet is slight and the practical drawbacks of such an alliance are huge.

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In the wilds of Hertfordshire, Caroline Bingley knew that she was without equal--especially as the reputed "Bennet Beauties" failed to hold a candle to her beauty, fashion, and comportment.

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Darcy and Lizzy venture away from Pemberley to journey through England, finding friends, relatives, fun, love, and an even deeper and more sacred bond along the way.