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With a personalyou can read up to articles each month for free. Already have an ? Log in. Log in through your institution. Sexual dimorphism in body mass, body length, head width, head length, and foreleg guard hair length of polar bears Ursus maritimus was examined from live-captured polar bears in Svalbard, Norway.

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When that time comes she als the male by turning her back towards him, he understands the hint and they start mating. The intercourse itself can last between 2 minutes to almost an hour, after that they will rest for a while and walk around until they are both ready to mate again.

If the fertilization was a success, the female will enter a period of sustained pregnancy. Different males can spot and follow the same female and then they will fight if they are the same size, or the smaller one will probably run away.

When the male and female finally meet, the male starts his courtship.

She will give birth in December, in the dark maternity den she digs in the snow, and hopefully in spring the cubs will emerge from the den and see the sunlight for the first time. This male, is injured after a fight with another male.

Did you enjoy it? Polar Bears are solitary animals, they try to avoid each other year round, except for one short period of the year when the females are in heat. Polar Bear Mating.

Then the female send out pheromones which announce to nearby male bears that she is available and interested. Roie Galitz.

This ritual can go on for a week until the female stops ovulating and at that point they both will go their separate way and will probably never see each other again. He walks around the female and clicking his teeth, they do so for a couple of hours until the female is ready.

He has a broken canine and several bleeding wounds.

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The poster children of climate change and habitat loss, polar bears could be feeling the impacts of human pollution in a very intimate way: in the penis bone and testicles.

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The driver, in his fifties, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail by North Troms District Court for scaring the bears frigid on Svalbard Island in April this year.

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Oh, poor Anana.

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Baloo and Aurora may have been named after two Disney greats — but they did not have a fairy tale ending.

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As the largest land carnivores currently on the planet, polar bears are fearsome predators and the masters of their Artic domain.