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It was too personal. Nurse Crusher frowned. David swallowed. The Sacred Feminine. The Story Of T. Arrival At The Institute. Deftly, she moved forward and applied various leather restraints to his body. It was as though someone else was in charge of his Sex Nerve. The New Recruit.

Episode 1.

She took the step when he again tried to attack her on friday night.

I approve of this because instead of the Sex Nerve getting pleasure it means that I can, from this control box, inflict pain onto it. Carefully she wound down the second pair of wingnuts, brining down the long metal cylinder onto David's stretched balls. Nurse Crusher looked casually into his eyes, noting when his eyes dropped downwards towards the mystery of what lay up her microscopically short skirt. David lay back and swallowed again.

Normally, of course, he himself was in control of it to an extent, however now the stimulations were coming completely outside his control. Oh, and the other beautiful result is that I can also use it to administer balls torture from the other connection. Then he quite definitely felt something.

However I have set the machine to do 5 minutes cycles for you with a couple of minutes or so in between each. The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair.

Fresh and willing, and always looking out for a little of the old strict and stern. The Bossy Bank Women. Hopeless creatures! He knew he would have some revision to do…. Stricktlands School to do such a thing, in fact anything apart from doing lines and detentions.

Dominant strict lady administers discipline.

Of course he did, all males did. VO Stories. The Convict. However David could see that she was holding some lengths of electrical flex. Nurse Crusher continued. His pulse rate had trebled and his mouth was dry. He jumped. So here you are. His heart began to beat faster for no apparent reason. David could see clearly up her skirt. He looked up at Kristina Russia whilst she rummaged in her cupboard, chock full of entertaining ways of inflicting sexual torment onto men and boys.

The Valkyrie. It felt as though someone was holding his balls, just where he enjoyed it most, at the base. An Introduction. The fun, as such, was rather more one-way than exactly mutual.

Kristina Russia grinned. She had an evil grin on her face. Nurse Crusher grinned. Nurse Crushers busied herself with some minor housekeeping. She made no attempt to cross her legs — clearly she intended to tease him as much as possible — and he had a grandstand view of her seriously delectable cunt. These were plugged into something out of sight. Of course she was quite right. A Judicial Punishment.

I know that you enjoyed fucking me last time, and I am going to ensure that the memory lives on in pain. The wingnuts gave the game away. He had the feeling that this was where his most prized possessions got slightly squashed in service.

That was a mechanical ball stretcher. Nurse Crusher busied herself with affixing the device to his testicles. Nothing new there, then. It was used when Ladies wanted men to answer something. She looked into his eyes. David was positive that there were no knickers underneath, either, which of course made the teasing all the worse.

David saw that he had more or less been right. As usual, she was wearing her professional white nurse outfit — she actually was, after all, a real nurse - and one which always gave David instant problems since it sported one of the shortest mini-skirts that David could imagine, being decent by only half an inch. The Weight Loss Programme. This little box here…. I know your persuasions….

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David lay back, limply. She smirked. After your little session last term with P5 there was No Doubt about your natural inclinations!

He doubted that she was actually going to whip him with it — although that in itself was by no story impossible — however he had the sudden feeling that she was going to plug him into some form of electrical device. Then he felt the current in his prick. His prick, needless to say, was rock hard with anticipation of whatever sexual satisfaction it was going to get - probably nothing at all, David suspected. Suddenly the torture ceased. Back to the Stories.

Nurse Crusher entered the room and looked at him. He had no recollection of the medical name of the damned nerve, in fact like most males he was fairly hopeless at penis generally, despite it being on the school biology curriculum. She found what she wanted and held it up for David to see. I A Contract. Then she took a high stool, and sat next to the table so that she was punishment him.

Now the nut crush! His unfortunate surname of Shagton meant that virtually everyone at St. Stricktlands School called him Shagger.

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It was a sensation which was indescribable and yet which was excruciatingly humiliating. So I needed another victim…. He suspected it might be something along the lines of the Answering machine, as favoured by his own mother for use on his father, and also, for that matter, by his girlfriend on him. The Dominafuhrer.

Cock & ball torture

David Shagton lay down quietly on the examination table. However there was also a second pair of wingnuts and a long bar between them. He felt nothing.

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Cock and ball torture CBTpenis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles.

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Bayonetta and Jeanne met again at one of the torture tables in Inferno.

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When it is dark and you are trying to block out the dumbness of aching limbs and appendages time tends to stand still.

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As many as fifty thousand men and women—no accurate count is possible—were jammed into Abu Ghraib at one time, in twelve-by-twelve-foot cells that were little more than human holding pits.