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Fanfic stocking and who wants Panty

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Name: Jennee

Years old: I am 36
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Her timid changes made it impossible for her to even curse anymore, her shyness reaching new heights.

The insidious runes didn't fully transform their subjects right away. Her musculature was waning away, making her arms and legs thinner and more frail-looking, gradually making it more difficult to hold up her burgeoning breasts.

At least Panty and Stocking wouldn't be alone in their animalistic fates. At the same time, new growths formed on the blonde; a tiny sprout of a mouse's tail pushing out from above her flat rump, while her ears began growing with each pulse of growth.

Pantyandstocking stories

Nothing would at this point The only way that was happening is if the person who put it on took it off, and there was nothing that could convince Kneesocks to do so, especially not when Stocking began snorting as the pig changes reared their head.

In time, she even started getting embarrassed about her size, worrying what people would think when they grew so big that they burst out of her top. Suiting the personality of a small mouse, Panty's personality shifted to become more timid every hour. The blonde had always been jealous of her big-titted sister, who constantly flaunted her breasts to all the hot boys and girls to get whatever she wanted.

Unfortunately for Stocking, the fact that she'd always carried a set of rocking, bulbous boobs, meant that she wasn't able to look down and see the stomach encroaching over her lap. The red-skinned devils couldn't let this affront to their peace stand, and they resorted to pulling out one of their most devious tricks they could find. Her shock was palpable, but not strong enough to quell her hunger. I knew they'd be too dim to realize the changes! At first, Panty was thrilled by the changes rippling through her body.

By the time Panty actually noticed the odd changes to her body, and grew concerned about what was happening, the mental changes seeping into her made it harder for her to speak out about it. It was filling her out in all the right places, and a few of the wrong ones as well. It wouldn't be long until her feet transformed into stubby, black hooves, and her instincts would revert to the point where all she could do was stand on all fours and shove her face in a pudding-filled trough.

The fact that they rarely ever worked, and tended to laze around, eating and banging whatever they wanted, didn't matter to them at all. I daresay I'm feeling in the mood for a little… sexual activity.

It's a part of you…

Learn More. The magic struck in bursts, getting stronger with each pulse of demonic energy that filled Panty and Stocking's bodies. She was hungry, sure, but she was always hungry. As the hours dragged on though, the changes grew more obvious.

Her desire to see her stomach filled meant that she didn't notice the effect it had on her waistline. But, with the rune taking hold of her appetite, it wasn't just sweets that started to entice her. They still managed to sneak away from their caretaker to get a few weeks out at the beach, swindling their way into a fancy resort.

At the same time, Stocking's rump grew more doughy, stretching out her bikini bottom and showing off more of her pale, round cheeks to all the passersby. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. General Rating.

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It was subtle enough that the two angels didn't even notice the changes at first. The fanged wenches had successfully slipped the runes onto the 'heroic' angels when the two dozed on the beach one day. No longer did her food seem to vanish after getting digested. Her massive booty bounced as a curly-wurly tail popped up on the small of her back. The arcane book of runes weren't supposed to be used except by the most powerful demons in the underworld, which, according to Kneesocks, referred to her and Scanty. As she shoved her face into whatever food she could get her grubby hands on, Stocking's belly began taking on a pink tint.

The bottle was cold, and against her ultra-sensitive breasts, the contact felt like it froze a few brain cells. It was all food. Scanty's lips were looking a little plumper, thanks to the Catty Cougar rune on her right butt cheek, while the Bubblebutt Bunny on Kneesocks' left had given her even more of a wedgie. It was just unfortunate for them that their arch-rivals, the hellish Daemon sisters, happened to pick the same resort to vacation as well. The 3rd Winner of the Free Commission Giveaway: All the Anarchy sisters wanted was a time to get away from the stress of their demonic ghost-hunting duty.

It's a part of you…

The growth of her breasts didn't end there, though. Stocking needed it in her belly and she needed it in there as soon as possible. She was gifted with more sensitive boobs, she'd always bragged, but she still knew that they were far too small for many people's liking. She'd always been cursed with the smaller chest. Two hours after the curse was applied, she'd caught up to her sister's size, with her boobs bouncing with each step and filling out her top with an impressive amount of tit-flesh.

It wouldn't be long now until Panty was nothing more than a mouse with a giant pair of boobs attached, so weak that she wasn't even able to lift them off of the ground. The woman typically ate fudge by the pound, and relished that her angelic metabolism meant that she never gained an ounce of weight.

Every bite fanfic took made her moan with stocking, the sensitivity of her body had skyrocketed to the point where the simple act of Panty turned her on. Appropriate punishments, the demons thought, sneaking back and watching the magic unfold. Panty was so stunned by the growth of her boobs, that she didn't realize the other changes being forced upon her body as well.

Download Submission. Panty's breasts and out the top of her swimsuit a little more, and Stocking's appetite grew to be even larger than normal, but all in all, nothing all that unusual. They simply continued to swell, the growth coming in quicker pulses and larger bursts of inflation. Transform Fan Member Commissions. The brash blonde found it more difficult to flaunt her breasts to try and seduce men into doing whatever she wanted.

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Eventually, her belly pushed out further than her bosom, like a sunrise over two mountains. Let's move on then! Stocking's washboard stomach was gone, replaced by a pot belly in short order.

The brief break they took back to their hotel had Stocking clearing out fanfic mini-fridge of everything it contained. It wasn't a thong when she put it on that stocking, but it was in just a few hours. The fat spread all across Stocking's body, but most of it ended up going straight to her gut. Stocking, already being a glutton, took even longer to see something wrong with her body. Her ears flapped over and became triangular when she found a tub of caramel popcorn and pushed it into her mouth until it was empty. Her figure, already somewhat diminutive in size, began shrinking down bit by bit.

A simple, pig-faced rune slapped onto the embodiment of gluttony, and a Panty symbol on the flat, pointed breasts of the blonde, lusty angel. They widened and turned somewhat circular, a faint grey coming to them as well. Prev Main Gallery Download. The ice cream stand nearby sold a cone to her every ten minutes, and was always happy to see the sugar-loving goth come back for more. But I know those demon skanks are responsible! Nothing was enough for and. Panty and Stocking with Transformation.

The flabby tummy growled even as she continually filled it with all the unhealthy food she could find. Some of the fat she grew ended up going to her breasts as well, increasing the amount of time it took for her to realize something was off. It didn't matter what she guzzled down; soda, chips, candy, or every item on the room service menu.

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