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Your story awaits you! Check the upper-right corner of your screen for your next story step. Follow the green objective markers on your map, or quickly travel to your story step by opening your map and clicking a waypoint near the green marker. The personal story is the unique campaign of each character which, along with dynamic events and map completionmakes up much of PvE gameplay. The personal story is independent from random world events and is always available to follow through the game world and the events which occur there.

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One of them was definitely not seamless and made me facepalm several times, mostly due to the destruction of my suspension of disbelief, as I lured vast amounts of enemies to their deaths, only a few feet from their allies.

Also there are a lot of human politics in this. I may come off as biased but I have to say that all the charr storylines are 8 and higher. I felt like I was introduced as a naive Sylvari, but quickly a norn of missions switched personalities and became a veteran teaching somehow even younger ones. The missions are varied and fun, and again, deal with charr matters perfectly, honor is worth dying for, warband comes first, relationship between parent and child, pretty interesting overall.

So yeah noble circus man it is! I had quite a time playing an Ash Legionnaire with a Sorcerous Shaman sire and I've heard good things about the other Legions as well. Overall I liked the sylvari personal story much more than the norn or human personal story. Asura Golem Inventor - Loved the storyline more than the stories. Sort of. Getting them all drunk was pretty entertaining, though. I only got about half way into the Human Batman story before the end of the weekend, but it involves the conflict between the Shining Blade now a sort covert ops group, and the White Mantle still a death cult, but really a more cult-ish death cult now, which is really interesting to see after years.

Question your personal narrative.

And knowing Caithe's backstory, there's also cool parallels going on in it. I intentionally tried to pick stuff I wouldn't pick on release, but I'm tempted to continue the asura's story now. As usual, the Charr act more human than humans do. I am so going to choose missing the opportunity to the circus as a human. Asura College of Dynamics Way better, the characters were likeable, and I felt genuinely invested in carrying the plot through to the end.

Human Dead Sister I played human in a very early beta this story just seemed rushed to me.

Street Rat had its moments of fun, but I felt I was really accomplishing something meaningful playing Ash Legion. Sylvari Duskborn - Not really sure how this differs from the other stories, but there was a lot of zombie fighting. Not my cup of tea. Also, your friend is so annoying and abrasive that I can't help but like him. I love that you get to choose your ancestry, which changes the appearance of your sister.

That surprise carried me through the rest of the area and it was story fun really. I don't know what it is but the characters really embody what it means to be a charr, they a ruthless, efficient and yet they managed to make them seem "human" and flawed, even Brimstone who's supposed to be the hardass badass warrior type. I like the kodan and some points of the story get interesting Unfortunately I don't see a big impact later on in the personal despite it's importance but it was a fun ride. Asura VAL-A golem I didn't finish this, but I thought I'd add that I quite enjoyed it as well, it has a fun boss battle, I expected it to be more comedic than story the story was headed so I want to know what happens.

By the time you actually fight him, you've gone through a norn of entertaining quests of killing random Svanirs, but you have no emotional connection with this guy, positive or negative. I didn't care about the stag, and its importance seemed sketchy. Dinky barely ever spoke, and apparently HE was the talkative one, according to other players. One or two of the missions seemed deed to be painfully annoying in terms of the of enemies you had to kill and the of things you had to do. Sylvari White Stag I personal enjoyed this story but mostly due to a specific plot point that caught me off guard early on.

Sylvari "Where Life Goes My choice in this chapter actually did not answer all my questions and I am tempted to play through this again to find out what the other choice reveals. All of it felt a little too easy, but I really liked the Shaman sire story between Cliche, but still enjoyable, character development. Charr Blood Legion - Putting aside my innate dislike of the Charr, the storyline was good.

Template:norn storyline

Made me feel like I was part of the political powerplay in Divinity's Reach. Like to the point where it was almost boring. Unfortunately the bad guys the Court are portrayed as sinister villains for you to kill, rather than their actual nature as potentially the misguided force of good in Sylvari culture.

There were a couple of silly ways of getting NPCs out of my reach during cutscenes.

Norn Mist Defender - Neat bits of lore made the story interesting, although I prefer the loud drunk norn to the spiritual shaman-type norn. A lot of wasted potential to explore the foundations of the world and Norn culture. Charr Child of Warrior - Not sure what the point of this was, I go from slaughtering Flame Legion to doing a treasure hunt, with a fairly uninteresting treasure at the end.

It includes a mission that has you set up defensive plant turrets. I was surprised that a couple of missions were actually stealth-oriented. I like what it's foreshadowing, but the story was kind of boring and a case of "scavenger hunt time! Had some camera problems going indoors, too. Plus it had one of my favorite missions ever, which involved calling a sniper in to put down enemies. Norn Drunk - Best storyline by far. The personal sister was lame, street rat was ok and everyone else says commoner is bland. My biggest complaint through all the Charr stories is your primary companion isn't important.

Humans in Guild Wars have always been fussy and starch-collared, and GW2 norns are even moreso. I was interested in the various personal stories so I was thinking we should compile which personal stories we thought were the best of the lot. Try to keep spoilers out.

Template:norn storyline

I liked the final choice in this storyline. Human Commoner I wanted to like it, but I thought the story was a bit bland and predictable. It all wrapped up very easily - too easily, but the characters along the way supported a rather weak central story.

I was saving charr and asura for release but I'd love to hear other's opinions on which stories they think are great as well. I honestly don't know why my character cared as much as she did. Seconding the Ash Legion.

Sylvari Green Huntsman The story here was not particularly exciting in my story, but the gameplay was fun. I didn't really empathize with any of the characters other than one I immediately killed afterwards. Norn characters were either entertaining or memorable, although the arc norn my father seemed forced in areas; grand leaps in logic were taken as an excuse to get me to go from one mission to the next, with very little actual conversation between me and my father.

Asura College of Statics I think - The one where you start off with the story that detects magic items. The words "norn" and "drunk" in the same sentence should say volumes by themselves. One thing I remembered were the quests were fun but the characters were not personal. Also focuses alot on Wolf. A lot of things were introduced without any real explanation, and NPCs put into situations I didn't care about because there had been no time to develop any connection with them at all.

Playing with the overpowered weapon you can't forge a production item by melting older items down, by the way, ANet was amusing. Norn Lost an Heirloom I liked this chapter more than the. I'd mark the story down for generic villain. A lot. I didn't play the other choices, but the Ash Legion is basically the intelligence agency of the Charr and it seems to play accordingly. Caithe is awesome! My overall impression of the Sylvari changed from "naive, endearing young race" to "arrogant, entitled elves in training. Human Nobility - I really liked this storyline, especially since it had a quest that involved going to a personal instead of slaughtering waves of enemies.

Way too much Tolkien elf culture injected into this race. Norn Defend the Mists Again another average story for me simply a sleeping beauty story and I can't say I was attached to the characters. Human commoner fairly interesting but the infiltration felt fairly weak and the choice at the end didn't make much sense to me. I thought it was quite enjoyable though.

It almost got into it, as you learned about the Jotun, but the means of expositing the information seemed very lazy, and didn't really go anywhere. It integrated fairly well with the Norn arc, and had a couple of moments. Sylvari Moon Shield - Again, neat bits of lore, but it worked much better than the Norn lore.

I also loved the finale! Human Nobility I really enjoyed this one. Human Noble My favorite of the storylines I played. Having a supposed dead sister eventually le to a straightforward questline and it is resolved fairly quickly. Wasn't particularly funny in itself, but the part where you fight in a golem was cool. My only downpoint was that the level 3 or 4 i think? Especially a mission that involves you attending a party and talking to people rather than just more fighting.

Human Dead Sister This felt quite a bit different from the Nobility storyline, as it essentially revolves around your character and is not that relevant in the grand scheme of things as far as I remember - this was in BWE1. I would suggest you play the Charr personal story.

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Your personal story changes depending on what choices you make during the biography questions in your character creationand choices you make during the game.

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Your personal story changes depending on what choices you make during the biography questions in your character creationand choices you make during the game.

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Guild Wars 2 can seem intimidating to delve into - there's lots of unfamiliar lore, plenty of players who have already established characters and guilds, and classes that don't exactly fit into the standard Warrior-Mage-Rogue set that we're used to.