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The meme was about taking some of you search terms and turning them into new posts. Unfortunately the meme never was as successful as Wicked Wednesday. A story formed in my head, and linked in nicely with a fantasy of mine. She had turned his chair sideways, ready for him to sit down and swivel into position at his desk.

Name: Misha

My age: 34
What is my ethnicity: Ukranian
Sex: Lady
I can speak: English
What I prefer to drink: I like to drink white wine

Her laughing eyes were focused upon his crotch. Ted marveled at her large, firm nipples, and the dark aureoles that framed them. She was also braless, and the bumps of her nipples were clearly obvious through the dress's fabric. For a minute, Ted could not keep his eyes off her. Ted could not believe his ears. But I'm curious as to which one of us has gotten you so As she finished her question, she made a point of looking down at his erection again.

Every time the girl squirmed in her seat, the dress story flip up and reveal the girl's shiny silk panties. She paused halfway back to a full sitting position, her breasts still displayed before his lustful eyes, and she looked up into his face. Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for panties. She had amazing legs that went all the way up.

By t. nelson

The fork had bounced off his shoe, and in reflex, he moved his chair back and parted his legs. Ted had a fascination for young girls' panties.

She smiled at him and then straightened up in her chair. If it is illegal for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now. Ted's penis went to full erection!

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If she has offended you in any way, then as soon as I get her home, I'll spank her little fanny. The girl was even more blonde than her mother, and quite striking. Damn, he had never seen a girl that age engaging in such blatant sexual behavior, and it triggered his lust as nothing else could ever do. Your daughter is just as hot as her mother. As she picked up the fork, she glanced up at his extremely obvious erection, which at this point was only two feet from her face.

Has she been showing off her panties again? He picked up an unused fork from his table and offered it to her as a replacement. I swearI don't know where she gets that from.

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The waitress dropped off the food and turned away. It hit the floor and bounced toward Ted. She turned toward him, and bent over to retrieve the fork, and in doing so, revealed her breasts in their entirety. Perhaps you're interested in me It's perfectly okay either way. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read no further.

She had pubescent A-cup titties and was wearing a low-cut, short sundress with no bra. Ted didn't know what to do except just sit there with his stiff dick poking a tent up in his slacks. She spread her legs even wider, causing the silk to pull tautly over her genitals and reveal their shape. Fortunately, there were not a lot of other visitors at this hour, so he didn't worry about anyone noticing his private vice.

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Ted thought furiously. He glanced down again at the loveliness between her thighs. Then a gorgeous woman came in and took the table next to his. His top favorite was having the mother watch him fuck her daughter -- up close and personal! God, he wanted to fuck that child!

She brought her feet up, braced her heels on the edge of her seat, and then slowly spread her knees, giving him a clear view of her white, silk panties. He took a big sip of his coffee and glanced at the youngster.

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He looked back into the girl's face. Ted's erection throbbed. That had always been Ted's second favorite masturbation fantasy. She wanted him to look at her crotch! She's gotten real bad about doing that, especially with strangers in public.

A chance encounter with a permissive mother and her daughter presents Ted with an unexpected opportunity Warning: This is just a story. As he pondered this thought, his hardon throbbed and slipped out of his underwear, making a noticeable tent in his lap. She was panties even as modestly dressed as her daughter. God, what a fucking hot little cock tease! It was then he really noticed the mother. Ted closed his legs. With her was a young girl about twelve, who took a seat on the window bench across from what Ted pd was her story. He caught her eye and smiled at her. Ted felt his partial erection throb and twitch a few times, as he fantasized sucking on those tits.

Invariably, this led to the girl masturbating, which just made the clients hornier. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is illegal for you to be here.

The mother opened her napkin, and in so doing, dropped her fork. He could see her camel toe as clear as day from only seven feet away! The hem of her dress couldn't have been more than two inches below her crotch, and as she made herself comfortable in the chair, Ted saw a brief flash of her panties. If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situations, incest, sex between minors and adults, or any other situation, please check the story code before reading the text.

And then he parted his own legs, revealing the tent his erection was making in his light summer-weight slacks. He looked back at her, and then down at her lovely panties.

By t. nelson

This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to panties or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Please do not try this at home. Neither the woman nor the girl seemed to have any concern at all that their underwear was on display. He couldn't take his eyes off her panties. She had inserted two fingers into her panties from the side, and she was rubbing her twat while slowly writhing and rotating her hips. He gave the most diplomatic answer he could think of. These stories are just that, stories, and do not promote or condone the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or sex between adults and minors.

These two could have come right out of his story! He reached down and squeezed his erection once, then removed his hand. Her white sundress was quite thin, and cut very low in front, revealing impressive stories.

The girl closed her legs and sat upright. She smiled back. She was masturbating for him! So, she was watching for his reaction!

Ted enjoyed writing his own porn and most of them involved young boys and girls watching their parents fuck, and eventually being fucked by their parents. When he finally tore his eyes away from the girl, the waitress showed up and took the woman's order. She was showing her panties on purpose! The door to the kitchen banged open loudly and the waitress approached the woman's table with a large tray. As luck would have it, the story he was reading, which he had written the night before, was about a prostitute who enjoyed having her young daughter watch as she fucked her clients.

And those tits! Ted glanced at the mother, who was busy with her purse, and decided to perform a little experiment with the girl. Then he fantasized that the daughter was watching as he fucked the mother. He looked up into the girl's face, and she was looking story panties his… and smiling broadly at him. And then she did something that stunned him.

What a pair, he thought to himself, referring both to the woman's gorgeous tits, and the mother-daughter combo.

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