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Just like her cheer, the scream echoed loud, amplified by the chamber and only drew more onlookers.

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On this occasion, she'd found herself on a beautiful coastal town with no intention of actually staying there for more than few hours, that is until she'd discovered that she'd party booked her next bus journey for the naked day. She fell back into the water as it grew deeper and focused only on getting out of there as quickly as possible. With no available journeys out until the following afternoon, she booked herself a hosted and aspired to make the most of it. More and more he appeared around the edge, drawn by the declaration of a naked girl, surely embarrassed.

Things they didn't think they'd be capable of and would remember for years to come. She loved just walking somewhere new, finding the little hidden places and boats, especially somewhere like the coast. It bounced around the chamber until suddenly ed. On the lighter side, literally, her hair had been lightened by the sun during her travels, which she was surprised to find she liked.

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Or maybe there had been a dozen. The shorts and bikini were immediately ed by another top, another pair of shorts, a t-shirt and underwear, growing bigger. Of course, sprinting in water doesn't work and she fell face-first into the water and showing her bare ass to everyone who was watching. It probably wasn't something she'd do again for some time, if ever, but to hell with it, she was travelling and she was trying new things, expanding horizons, doing shots off a stranger's body She felt less and less self conscious as the afternoon went on, appreciating the variety of people surrounding her.

Gretchen didn't care to find out. After finishing education, she had decided to do what so many young people loved to do in that situation and go travelling around Europe.

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Needless to say, Gretchen found herself enjoying the view. With her legs naked apart, she flung her arms out wide and let out a loud cry of exhilaration, just like the first skinny dipper had made. She would have been content to spend the rest of the afternoon alone on the beach, maybe go exploring. She waded into the centre of the sparkling cavern, where the water level only reached her boats and the sun hit most directly. This activity wasn't quite as well received in terms of participation, but those who stayed in the water were more than happy to watch nude bodies on full display as they stood atop the rocks and then leapt down, whatever assets they happened to possess flapping about like physics intended.

Where were they? She liked going out for a few beverages, but wasn't the type to down a drink while her friends chanted. A stream of party came from a perfectly round hole a few dozen feet above, illuminating the cavern in warm light. A tingle ran through her skin and she ran her hands up and down her arms, her chest, finally her breasts, enjoying the warmth of the sun streaming through.

Soon laughter filled the chamber, surrounding her, smothering her.

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Gretchen was suddenly surrounded by naked bodies, of all sizes and colours and each utterly unashamed. There were so many of them, slowly blocking out the sun and their shadows felt unnaturally cold against her skin. The rocks sparkled in the rays and the reflections from the water cast brilliant and beautiful dancing patterns across their surfaces. Receding pale hair sat atop an earnest and friendly face. She wasn't the thinnest, but she wasn't the heaviest and even then it didn't seem to matter.

She felt a strange twinge in her gut, something almost nervous but also tremendously excited. The entry was small, but she easily fit through.

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Well, this trip was all about doing new things, so that's how Gretchen found herself out on the boat along the coast, dressed in a two-piece she'd owned but never worn and surrounded by dozens of equally drunk strangers. And she screamed. With a final whoop, he leapt off the boat in a classic Superman pose, presenting a brief but ideal view to Gretchen before he was suddenly gone. The players started to moan until they looked around and saw the naked guy standing on the edge of the boat and then those moans became cheers.

It was amazing what a person could find themselves doing in the right company. That feeling in her gut exploded and suddenly Gretchen was hitting the water. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

A pair of shorts flew through the air, landing in the middle of the drinking game Gretchen had been involved in, right over the main cup.

And it was amazing. She turned and sprinted for the exit.

And yet here she was, surrounded by dozens of naked boat strangers, ever inch of her body either caressed by the cool water or warmed by the rays of the sun. If they were enjoying party, she could enjoy them too. Her breasts bounced as she ran, drawing the eye just as much as the first jumper's own swinging appendage had.

Someone started tossing beers down and Gretchen soon found herself drinking again. She almost felt embarrassed, so utterly exposed to anyone who looked her way, but forced the feeling aside and instead simply absorbed the visual buffet of nudity. She threw her arms across her body, trying to ignore how solid her nipples felt against the bare skin of her arms.

They'd been drifting close to the shore, fortunately away from the main beach areas but with an amazing view of the cliffs. For Gretchen, that something, that moment, was everything that happened since she'd stepped onto the party boat.

Drifting so close to the cliffs to get the best, let's say 'angle', her eyes drifted elsewhere, catching sight of a shadow just before the rocks the partying folk were jumping from. But she was here now, surrounded by plenty of scantily-clad people on vacation, guys and girls alike, almost all drinking and most of them friendly.

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She pushed herself to her feet and squeezed back through the small entryway, her heart pounding so hard it felt like her chest was about to explode. She squeezed through another gap and found herself within a huge cavern, surrounded on all sides by towering rock.

How many people had been up there?

She hoped she'd only exaggerated it in her head, maybe there had only been a small few. With a similar cry, the nude girl ran for the edge and dove off. Gretchen's heart froze, her blood turned to ice even in the rays of heat, and she looked up to see a face peering over the edge of the hole.

He wore sunglasses and a cap, the classic image of a tourist, and was immediately ed by another such image. Despite her weeks of international travel, Gretchen wasn't one for that scene. She didn't consider herself unattractive, but she certainly wasn't model-thin and she didn't have a huge amount in the way of 'assets'. Everyone was happy and having fun in the heat of the sun. Even over the music and the many conversations and games going on, the one man's voice cut through.

She'd seen a friend do it on a dare but never thought she'd do it herself. Murmurs and giggles drifted down, made louder by the echoes of the chamber. Swimming closer, her heart leapt to realize it was more than a shadow, it was a cave!

There was a splash and then the cheering grew, but more likely because of the pair of large, round breasts that suddenly appeared beside Gretchen. Gretchen did the only thing she could.

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It was dark at first, the only light coming her little entryway, but quickly she spotted another light just beyond. But the other girls in her dorm had convinced her to come on the afternoon booze cruise. It didn't take long for a group of the skinny dippers to decide the next logical step was cliff-jumping, and soon they were scaling up the smaller parts of the cliffs. Gretchen had never been skinny dipping before.

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She hadn't realized she'd managed to book herself into a party hostel until she was already checked in. Or two dozen. She paddled down, the water quickly becoming shallow enough to walk, reaching only to just below her knees. She broke the surface, flinging her wet hair back and letting out a whoop, ing in the chorus of cheers as more and more party-boaters dove naked and wild into the water.

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It was beautiful and Gretchen experienced it with her inch of her body. It rushed over her, enveloping her whole, extremely naked body. For most of her travels so far, she'd been able to stay with friends and the occasional relative, but there were still occasions where she found herself staying on her own.

The girl's bottoms soon ed her top, tossed over the ly discarded shorts. Was this in town?

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