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Betrayal not only breaks your heart but also darkens your soul,you can never forget the pain its like a fog that lingers in the depths of your mind forever. Its like a person shredding your heart into pieces as you helplessly watch it but it is even more painful when the person betraying you is someone you share blood ties with. A man is in turmoil after his wife left him only to ditch him for his brother leaving behind their daughter. He wrote.

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Hierophant : I've been looking for a father's rights attorney, but none of them seem to be any good. Enter more details. I want full custody of them, but is that even possible now? Find a suitable living situation so you can show the courts you have the facilities to house your.

Don't go all out and try and get sole custody because then it may backfire on you. Obviously I'm going to divorce her, but something she said last night really got me thinking. This is chess. She is 25 and I'm 30, and at this rate she's acting like a teenager, she thinks that she can just take the kids and leave with my own brother? All Topics. These days, I figured that most moms have an advantage when it comes to court, and custody of.

I'm not sure what multiple "indirect killings" mean but trust me when I say this. That should get you far. I feel you have the edge in this though. George : I've recieved calls from her this morning, apparently she is going to get sole custody, she told me that she has an attorney who knows 'Exactly what to do and say to make sure I never have rights to my kids again' I'm quite fustrated now, she packed her stuff and took the kids, she's in my brother's house this very second, I cant stand a second of it. Get a lawyer ASAP, explain the situation and be ready.

Anonymous : She's fucking with your head.

She said she doesn't want me around the kids anymore? You don't want her lying and saying you threatened her over the phone.

Don't fall for it as much as you want to go and bash his head in. That's fucking shitty and I feel bad for your situation. Do you have any friends that are cops? I'm sorry to hear that.

Trust me. Hierophant Send a private message. Is there anything that I can do to gain more custody of the children? The divorce courts are modernizing. I haven't done anything wrong, I'm a doctor just trying to provide for my family, and she has no job, all I ask her to do is take care of the kids and it's my fault that she slept with my brother and wants a divorce? If it's legal there are apps you can download that will record calls. They'll set you straight. The emphasis is on the well being and best interests of any children involved. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

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Better believe your brother is pulling strings and telling her the plays to make. Edited on June 1, at UTC by the author. Play smart! I didn't even know my wife was unhappy, I thought she loved me as much as I loved her. She's done a good job and raising the twins but she's willing to ruin everything for my no good druggie brother? Kingslayer : Is it for americans only? Do NOT call her strictly text and and keep it civil. If it's not I would advise to stick to and text communication and eliminate the phone conversations. Don't do anything stupid.

This reply was removed by a moderator. Good luck and keep us updated. I am suspecting that they have been sleeping together for a month, maybe even more. Don't react to her. Notifications You have no notifications. Wow - I hate to hear that! In your situation, you very well may have a case that its not in the best interest of the children to spend ificant time with your brother citing his criminal history and the confusion it gives the children that 'uncle' is now 'dad' and the true father an outsider.

I recommend you contact a father's rights advocate attorney. Good luck! My brother was put in prison for multiple indirect killings and she wants my kids to call him "dad" What do I do? My relationship with my brother is very shit, we never talk and I hate his guts, he's been in and out of prison and putting my family in a lot of shit. Respond to Anonymous:. Messages You have no messages. Parental custody is the key because they will live and stay with you.

I'm the father, I'm the one providing for everything, and I don't deserve time with my kids? She told me that she wants to start a life with my brother, and there's no way in hell that I'm going to let him around my kids! Not even one thing. If you need to get letters from family attesting to his criminal ways do that and have them get it notarized.

I am in Britain. She's trying to get under your skin so you can do something stupid. Check your State laws to see if it's legal to record phone convos without consent. Just try and act fast and move smart. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

Stress the fact that your brother is a convict and of his history.

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Do NOT show up to your brothers house. Last thing you need is her to put a restraining order on you because that's what she's hoping for to solidify your downfall. It feels like my whole life has been stripped away. George : Listen to George here.

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Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. She cheated on me with my brother, and we've been married for 7 years and we have twins who are 6. You WILL win in court. George : Couldn't agree with you more George. One day she just switched and started talking to my brother a lot. If so, make some calls and see if they have any connections with lawyers who may be willing to help you. No way! George Send a private message. There is no way in hell a sane judge will allow your kids around a convict. Type your question. I think he is right on the money with his advice.

Also, FYI In your case it's best that you ask for parental custody with supervised visits for the mother as a start.

She can have supervised visits and your justification would be your brothers situation and character. Shes always encouraging me to get in touch with him, but I always changed the subject. Do NOT do anything stupid. Kingslayer Send a private message. No cursing, name calling, etc. She won't get sole custody unless you have a record, history of abuse, etc.

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