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Let me watch please.

I want to see it for minute. We are laying naked in bed. While I was in the shower I masturbated and came thinking of Jenn fondling my dick as I played with those small boobs of hers. Then you can turn it off. Mom and Dad on one love seat, Jenn and I on another. Jenn your face is beet red I have never seen you blush like that. Turn the light back on. My sister and I are also closer than any siblings we have ever known, she isn't just my sister, she is my best friend.

One day the four of us were watching movies.

Maybe you should get a shirt on, and come back to bed. I don't think we should. I wanted really bad to touch her boobs, but knew I shouldn't.

She was so wet. That was the first time I had thought about Jenn that way, but not the last. I just came from Mom and Dad's room. I did ask to touch him. There was a very loud awkward silence in the room. As I played with Mom's boobs Dad spooned up behind me and put his hard penis between my legs.

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Then you two came back. Would someone pass me the popcorn please? I could feel her bare tits on my back. I woke up sometime later with Jenn spooned up behind me. As Dad played with my boobs Mom took off my panties. They took turns rubbing me. Must have been some girl you were talking about. I really liked it. I guess part of our closeness is because we are only 11 months apart in age.

When we came back Mom and Jenn suddenly stopped talking. We both cried for several days. First you give our father a hand job then both of our parents finger you?

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But Mom? And I liked it. I can almost understand Dad touching you. I knew she was very pretty.

This was different. We needed to be close to each other. Jenn and I have always been able to talk to our parents about anything. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

My family has always been very close and open. Don't you think he came? She got embarrassed and said she couldn't ask her father or brother to touch them there. Eventually our parents found out. Your about the same size as Dad, a little fatter I think. And rubbed her pussy like she said our parents had done, only I inserted my finger a little. Dad and I just stood there looking at them. My parents were snuggling close together and for the next 30 minutes of so Jenn couldn't get far enough away from me on that loveseat.

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My finger is in your pussy your hands are stroking my penis. When the movie was over I said my goodnights showered and went to bed.

I rolled over on my back as Jenn put her head on my chest and traced lazy circles on my stomach with her fingers. I didn't dick him off or anything I only touched him and found out what it feels like. And no they didn't finger me. Would it be better if I went to Mom and let her finish me? If you won't sister I will take care of myself. We told them that nothing ever happened and that the door was open so they could check.

I don't guess they minded. Eventually she relaxed again and sat the way she usually did, sideways with her feet either against my leg on in my lap. Then Mom started to fondle my boobs and suck on one nipple as Dad sucked on the other. After that either Jenn would sneak into my room or I would sneak into hers and we would sleep together. Eventually they made us separate. You have such a hot body and he is a man. He let me take my time and answered questions as I stroked him and fondled his balls. In our family room we have three love seats around a big screen TV, set up so all seats have a good view of the screen.

Is that why you are naked? Boys and girls need their own touched. That was the first time I had been touched. As soon as I sat down Jenn punched me really hard. I would have probably been laughing at her if I weren't in shock at the subject.

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This is unbelievable. We shared a bedroom until we were about ten, our parents tried several times to give us our own rooms but we didn't want to be separated. I really need to cum. Naked in bed with my brother wanting to touch his penis. They only touched the outside and the edges. Know one has ever touched me down there.

Dad really has a nice sized penis. And was the first time I had ever touched a girl. Dad and I had been out of the room for a few minutes getting popcorn and drinks. I could feel it rub against my pussy. It was fun. Is this about touching my penis? I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the movie. Playing with you is one thing but a hand job is more like sex. I know I shouldn't but I want to do it again. I couldn't stop thinking about Jenn touching my penis. I was touching him just like I was touching you and he didn't have a problem.

I think the line is crossed. But it felt so good.

After a while Dad asked me to take my shirt off that it was his turn. We rarely touched much in bed unless one of us is really upset then we would hold each other until we feel better. I had never thought about my sister before.

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She has a very lean athletic body; the two of us often go to the gym together or do laps in the pool. It felt so good. Dad's breathing was getting heavier, he told me that he was really getting excited and suggested that I spend the night with you so he could make love to Mom. And here I am.

I don't think so. You just got felt up by our parents and enjoyed sucking your Mom's tits. So I took off my shirt and lay down. They never told us not to sleep together. I really liked the way it felt.

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When we were both younger yes, we messed around but it never escalated beyond a few touches here and there.

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When we were both younger yes, we messed around but it never escalated beyond a few touches here and there.