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My sister Sandy and I were homeschooled, but my sister is a year older and is now attending a community college in the city. They are all going to laugh at me! Mom must have noticed that something was bothering me, because she came into my room one evening and asked if I was okay.

I had given up on finding a way out of attending my Mom party. It was also time to think about what I was going to do after I graduated. The exams weren't that save, but I wanted to get a perfect score on each one of them. Doubts began creeping into my mind. I didn't want to let him down and I wanted to meet the dean from the university. When Sandy and dad made fun on my boner last year, mom was the one that comforted me and told me I shouldn't worry about it; that it happened to all the guys my age. And what about that dean he invited?

He considered himself one of the baby boomers and was a huge hippie. I could tell that mom wasn't buying my ruse and I wasn't really making a good effort to lie. Just this morning, Sandy almost caught me in the bathroom with a morning erection, when she woke up earlier than normal.

She came closer and looked me in the eye. It's a nude problem. I didn't worry about what might happen for the next couple of day, however, as I was trying to fall asleep the night before the Nude Day, I suddenly got very nervous. Tell him I have a condition where I can never be nude in front of others. Summer was drawing near and I was busy with finishing up day exams and getting my diploma.

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It was wonderful, as always. I just didn't quite know how to explain it to her. We live on the outskirts of the city in our four-bedroom house with a big backyard. I'm finishing up my home studies which are the equivalent of a senior year in high school. At this age I was getting raging hard-ons all the time and I did not want anyone to see me like this, especially my sister. Mom was supportive of my dad's "hobby" that's what she called it and sometimes attended the nudist gatherings with him.

And they are family. Mom was always there for me.

More often than not we walked in on each other completely in the buff and it was never a big deal. I could see that mom stifled another laugh, but she tried to look serious.

He took a bite of his food and looked at me. She was such a kiss-ass.

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Despite feeling awkward, I seriously considered what my mom said. She and I shared a bathroom and we never locked the door. I wanted to show my parents that I was smarter than my older sister and instead of going to the same community college I decided I would apply to the university.

I was so preoccupied with all of these things that I completely forgot about the upcoming holiday -- the Nude Day. It was dad who reminded me. It never bothered me to see the members of my family naked, however, when I turned eighteen I became getting self-conscious about being naked myself. It was a close call and it nearly gave me a heart attack.

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However, each day that went by gave me more and more anxiety. During last year's Nude Day, when I was naked, tossing the frisbee with my dad, I got a boner. Tomorrow could either be a good day for my college career or it could be a complete disaster for my self-esteem. She looked at me with her big, kind eyes and I had no choice but to confess. Dad never wore clothes at home, except when he was too cold or he was going somewhere. We ate only organic food, listened to blue grass and reggae music, and celebrated all of the hippie holidays like Earth Day, Peace Day, Green Day, and even Nude Day.

As a matter of fact, my dad was a pretty active nudist -- besides walking around the house naked all the time, he was a member of the local nudist club; he even attended special nudist camps and conferences.

How my mom saved "nude day" porn videos

I became tense and nervous and avoided my family as much as I could. I was so worried about what might happen, that I didn't even think to come up with a solution. My sister immediately noticed and began making fun of me for it, acting like she had never seen one. On one hand, it didn't feel right having a discussion about masturbation with my mom, but on the other hand she made a lot of sense.

With the help of my dad I filled out all of the paperwork and sent in my application. I shook my head. This will be the first time I'm hosting a club gathering and I want to show everyone what a supportive family I have. There will be other women there!

He is so excited about having people over. Whether I liked it or not, Nude Day was coming up fast. About twenty people in total. I wondered why it was that dad never got erections in front of us and why I got them all the time. I'll grill enough food for everyone and order a keg of beer.

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This year there will be people I've never met before. For some reason, hearing them making fun of me like that made me incredibly uncomfortable and I felt very embarrassed. You know? There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get a boner at some point during the day, especially if there were other women there.

I was worried that my home education would not be good enough to get into such a prestigious establishment, but I decided to try my luck anyway. Sometimes the loose clothes wouldn't be enough to hide my stiff, nine inch cock and I often received strange looks when I stormed out of the room to hide the tent in my pants.

I can't let them see me with a boner! Even though my mom's words didn't exactly help my problem, I valued everything she said. Dad soon ed Sandy and they both were making jokes about my boner. He was naked as usual and I caught a glimpse of his cock when he stood up. After all, on Nude Day we would all get naked together.

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Nudity was quite common in our household. All you have to do is take care of your hard-on when you feel one coming. You know how proud he is that his family celebrates Nude Day with him.

By now I knew that my own cock was bigger than his, though I've never seen him with a boner. Sandy wasn't a shy person either, but she usually kept her nudity to her room or the bathroom.

Mom saves nude day

I had a problem and I couldn't turn to anyone else with it. I was already thinking about not attending this Nude Day party and now my dad throws a curveball at me. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I would suggest beating off in the morning when you wake up and if at any time during the day you feel like your penis is about to get hard just go and beat it again.

I know I'm going to get one right in front of everyone. At first I was a little surprised since it wasn't the first time she had seen me this way -- I often had boners in the morning when we both needed to use the bathroom. Since that day I developed sort of an anxiety and I got nervous every time I felt an oncoming erection around other people.

His lifestyle, by default, carried over to my mom and later to my sister and me.

I think I'll invite him over for Nude Day. What a better way to make a good impression on him, eh Steve? I live at home with my dad, mom and sister. My dad always had a free spirit. She still lives at home and drives mom's car to class. I timed my bathroom trips so I wouldn't run into my sister and I began wearing loose clothing to conceal my embarrassment in case I got a boner.

I felt really uncomfortable at this point, but I wasn't sure what I expected. Mom frowned and shook her head. I'm sure everything will be fine and even if you do get a woody, nobody will notice. On really hot summer days, mom would get topless to help her stay cool.

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