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The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Answers. To say nothing of the ridicule he may be subjected to if other boys find out he is wearing girls panties. Related questions. Unanswered Questions.

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Get unlimited, ad-free homework help with access to exclusive features and priority answers. Male Puberty. Boy wearing sisters bra and panties? Do you wear nylon panties when getting a spanking?

For : mom makes son wear panties

What you are doing is wrong, and you know it, so stop it, now. Making a boy wear girls panties is not a good idea.

Knowing this, why would you want to do that? Get the Answers App. All Rights Reserved. If you want to know why your mother makes you wear girls panties there is only one thing you can do Ask her.

My mom makes me wear panties to school and when I get home on the weekends she makes me wear skirts bras make up wigs thongs everything and if I dont she spanks me what should I do Im a boy? See Answer.

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Physically girls panties are not deed to accomodate a boy's penis and scrotum. Trending Questions. What elements of the Oedipus story does Rukeyser allude to in the poem? What are the common experience of the people that is shown in the legend of magat river? View. If you are unhappy with it ask her directly something on the lines of, "Why are you making me wear girls panties when I am a boy?

Wiki User. If you are happy to wear them that is fair enough but it should still be your choice to wear gilrs panties, not your mothers.

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Write your answer Upgrade today and get a week for free! How do you make a boy wear panties?

They will press his testes up against his body and as boys testes need to hang loose to produce sperm efficiently you could cause permanent damage to him. Best Answer.

My mom made me wear girls clothes. she went out and bought them personally. is this even fair?

Find more answers. Q: Mom makes you wear girls panties?

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People also asked. If you aren't happy to wear them it is quite simply wrong to force you to wear them. Still have questions?

Is it ok for boys to wear their mothers panties? Study guides. Girls panties are not deed for boys and they are uncomfortable for me to wear. Show her this whole answer if you think it might help Well don't take it out on your son. You could also cause your son mental health problems well into the future by forcing him to wear girls clothing and undermining his masculinity.

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