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Ukrainian sin found mistress especially for vanity

dirty lady Raya
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She currently lives in Vegas with her submissive transsexual spouse. Ms Vanity Sin specializes in bringing life to fetishes in the way you've only dreamed Gaze at Her beauty and tell Her how you think you could serve Her!

Name: Mareah

What is my age: 31
Nationality: Romanian
Color of my iris: I’ve got cold gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What I like to drink: Vodka
Other hobbies: Reading

I wanted to humiliate my bf, not have sex with him. Married or otherwise, how could we resist? All of these activities I enjoy in real time sessions. For slaves unable to experience what you describe in your real time sessions, what type of online training opportunities are available? There is no judgement. As I became a teenager I always felt different. MVS: I definitely want a session with me to be an experience one will never forget.

I would love to spit in his mouth while he lubes up my biggest dildo with his big eyes. Can you describe that feeling, the one that you get when you have a slave completely at your mercy, under your spell and willing to submit completely to whatever you desire? Begin your journey into worshiping the most perfect and intelligent woman you will ever meet, Ms.

Vanity Sin, The Ultimate Domina of your dreams. Empathy in a submissive is admirable. When I was married it would feed my arrogance that he was a lucky man and I would prance around in my lingerie prior to the session. I love the rush, it makes me feel alive.

Relationships are important to me, so I like to make that a point of focus. You will fall at my feet and beg to be owned but you will have to prove your worth. I get to bewitch multiple men at once. Tim Curry. Vanity Sin. Welcome to DA Ms. Vanity, and thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of kneeling before you today. I must say, I do love strap on sessions with women while the husband watches.

I know I was born for this, so I am well aware of my female power that will make your weak male ego dissolve into a faded memory. I was excited and totally on board. When it comes to slaves in sessions, I like a sub who is willing to trust me and let go in my presence, whether online or in person. I like medical play but more twisted psychological scenes…using electrics, poppers, straight jacket, sensory deprivation and extended play. MVS: I have a tendency to attract intelligent, strong willed and powerful men. I never stopped. The clip also encourages the use of poppers which I love!

Are all your slaves men, or do you also have female submissives that bow before you?

MVS: The fact that I am distracting your thoughts. November 25, May 10, February 7, February 4, October 12, September 27, September 22, September 21, October 14, October 6, sin October 4, October 13, October 15, April 29, April 1, Who is Ms. Vanity Sin? Sensual, manipulative, exotic and erotic, I am the Dominatrix you were born to live for.

For those, like myself, rapidly descending under your spell as they read this vanity, what advice do you offer them to ensure they make the best possible first impression upon you in offering their submission? Funny, today I still own and play with many slaves from around the world. MVS: And I was a married woman once too…but he Mistress away some time ago. I am here to help fill the void. When it comes to owning a slave…I need a person who can keep up with me. I like a disciplined owned sub who understands that I am human.

So, yes I can be quiet persuasive. MVS: Approach me as your genuine self. Never does it feel routine! I was a 6 year girl taking dressage lessons, fascinated by my leather gloves and whip. Spiral down the rabbit hole that is sub space with me, into the land of kink and honey. Then to watch him spread his ass cheeks for me!! They crave a woman who can challenge them mentally, physically and emotionally.

As for female slaves, yes I have a few along with couples.

There is a difference. Let me begin by asking you to share a little of your story about how you entered the world of Femdom, and your experiences along the way that have shaped you into the incredible Goddess I look up at today from the floor. I am the attainable yet unattainable.

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I introduced myself to the world as Mistress Vanity Sin and it made me feel powerful. Are you ready to prove yourself to me boy? Lol…I sound like a predator, but I notice all this and I vanity the magic has just begun. Has it ever become routine and expected that any man can be lured under your spell, no matter the consequences, or is there still a thrill in the conquest of yet another man unable to resist? I was into fetish modeling when I met a gentleman who wanted to film fetish clips with me.

Too many have shared stories of bad sessions. Are there specific types of slaves that are typically drawn to you, and do you have a particular favourite type of slave you enjoy in session, or owning? You are an intoxicating and alluring mistress. Psychology, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and BDSM are passions of mine which resonate when you are in my presence.

Slaves are given tasks daily to follow, sin items to buy if they are to be my sissy, listen to recordings I send them for brainwashing, mantras and for a few…pay my bills. An intuitive Goddess with the ability to cause you to fall to your knees with one simple whisper of my silky yet stern voice. As I transitioned to college, the need was still there and growing stronger. MVS: I offer phone sessions, texting, Snapchat and cam sessions.

Power exchange along with strap on play.

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I always found the scent of leather to be comforting and I loved competing with boys. I dislike selfish subs. I want my owned slaves to be able to accomplish tasks for me as good if not better than how I would have done them. Is there a ificant difference in the type of sessions if so? I like that.

For online, I tend to prefer exploring forced intox, financial domination, self masochism and erotic hypnosis. I find women are like cats, they need a little more time to trust me before we play. I will seduce any man into wearing my panties too. From there I went on to owning slaves online to meeting them in person.

I know what you need, I know you are unfulfilled and living a lie. You win more flies with honey than vinegar. Women I feel are just shy and nervous so I try to be gentle until I know I can amp up the energy. Erotic hypnosis, hypnosis in general, has been an obsession and a fetish.

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Men after a few minutes are ready. The heart is pounding and a certain scent begins to emanate. I like showing him what I was wearing and telling him how I was going to tease others.

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