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Name: Arliene

My age: I am 24
Where am I from: I'm namibian
Zodiac sign: Gemini
What is my favourite drink: Stout
I have tattoo: None

Forgive me if I come across as immodest, but I am an uncommonly attractive young man. I am a professional, emergency-room physician in Manhattan. I come from a good family and my degree is from Harvard.

In addition to my desire to alleviate the suffering of others, I also chose to be a doctor because that's where the money is, and I am determined to be independently wealthy. Sure, I wanted to kiss her feet. I run, play handball, work out daily at the gym and lift weights. Don't deny your fantasy. It's Social Darwinism in practice: Survival of the fittest. When I first met my Mistress, I was a novice.

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It just goes to show you. My feet are tired from walking around all day shopping in high-heels. I must give the reader some background information. I hastened to obey.

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And bring me an extra glass. She's going to give that poor, young man a harsh kicking. I wish it. I have offices on Park Avenue and I drive a classic Bentley. A common waiter, and you are dying to lick out my other shoe, aren't nyc However, without your successful profession, your status as my slave is even more questionable" she constantly reminds me, "and it's a good thing that you are a doctor because without your success, you probably will be banished from my presence.

The dress was cut low enough on top to show cleavage, short enough to advertise her perfectly sculpted, super-long legs. My tongue snaked out of my mouth and, after breathing in the scent of her foot, commingled with leather, I commenced licking the mistress from the damp inside of her shoe. I thought, Good God, but she's cruel! But, to be perfectly honest, as an adult, I soon discovered that beauty is not enough!

Say it! But don't get me wrong. What the jasmine do you expect? Her shoes looked incredibly sexy. I literally gasped when I caught sight of her. The answer is simple: I adore beautiful, dominant women. This magnificent, young Dominant Female is not wholly cruel and vicious.

Mistress jasmine. doc and the dominatrix!

I always have worshiped successful Pro-Dommes, and I always will. She wore a tight fitting, "little black dress," but it was made of thin, black leather. At 32, I am a very successful health professional. I wanted to smell them but I was too embarrassed to ask.

She was remarkable. Life is like riding a horse: You ride it, or it rides you. I live alone in a 2,foot loft on West Broadway near Broome, south of Houston in the trendy, Soho district of Manhattan.

I hastened to my obscene task. Lick out the inside of my shoe and tell Mistress how it tastes.

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And for what? I followed her into a restaurant and, when she finished ordering, I crossed the room, knelt before her, introduced myself as Doctor Schlessinger, and begged her to let me her for lunch. Actually, I kind of forced her to meet me. So rub my feet. Here I go again, sounding really arrogant, but listen, I'm a young, well-paid professional in a coveted field.

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I was so impressed that, at once, I was determined to meet her. She wore sheer, black stockings and open-toed, stiletto slides.

She glowered at me with large, penetrating eyes, shaming me with a look of distaste. Please, I beg of you, grant me the privilege of licking out your other shoe. Ever since I was a teenager, I enjoyed dating and bedding beautiful, intelligent women. Lick out my shoe, slave! This cruel Dominatrix was the sole arbiter of right and wrong. Or had he?

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I gave her a marvelous foot rub, all the while dying to worship her stocking feet. It fit her like a glove. I decided early to work in a helping profession. And do you know why I was always so driven to be financially successful? He had done nothing wrong!

She was that beautiful, and, dare I say, sexy. If she decided that a servile doctor or waiter had behaved inappropriately, there was no denying her, and what she said automatically became "fact. I have undergone a sincere metamorphosis from adoring submissive fetishist to hard-core masochist, a grateful, abject slave to a beautiful, dominant, young woman who works at Donatella Den's House of Domination.

Everything about this story is true, except for my name. I was shocked to disbelief to discover that my cock grew enormously as I performed this worshipful service for my Mistress. I am tall, handsome and muscular. For the past two months, I have routinely served at the feet of one of the finest sadistic, yet sensuous, Lifestyle Dominatrix at Donatella's fabulous House of Domination, located in the upscale fashion district.

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This incredible pro-dominatrix instructed me to write this true story to be published in this publication. I sniffed, kissed and licked out her shoe. It's written all over your face. She knows full well that my work helps people. Tell me I don't deserve to be proud? My primary purpose in life is to serve as personal slave to a great, world-class Dominatrix.

The inside, silly.

I met my Mistress on the upper East Side. You want to clean the inside of my shoe with your tongue and mouth. In no time at all, I had a bonefied blue-veiner, going on a diamond-cutter. Forbidden to worship her foot, my eyes went to her shoes. At that point, I realized that she was in total control of the situation. I am a risk-taker, and maybe someday I'll wind up paralyzed or something even worse, but in the meantime, I intend to live life to the fullest.

I always considered myself a "Leg Man," and she had the best legs I had ever seen.

Let's face it: life is an iffy proposition. Fortunately, my Mistress has allowed me to use a pseudonym so as not to blow my cover and possibly lose my job and my status within the medical profession. I hear that command often these days. There are no guarantees. In fact, count on it," she said with finality. She does not want me to jeopardize my career.

I saw her walking. She ignored my question, and boldly hissed, "Shut up and do as you are told, boy. I look a lot like the guy who played Superman on mistress, that jasmine Reeves fellow who fell off a horse and broke his neck. It wasn't always that way. Beg me! Every other aspect of my life, including my work as an emergency-room physician, comes second to my major goal of serving a Lifestyle Dominatrix. I figured out early in life that if a man is financially successful and has a lot to offer a nyc, he has the best chance of finding a veritable Goddess to worship and adore.

Probably the first and last time I ever forced her to do anything. Lick it out. I could hardly believe that she had actually commanded me to lick out the inside of her sexy shoe. I subscribe wholeheartedly to Tolstoy's maxim that "the meaning of life is the day-to-day living of it.

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