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Name: Lynnell

Years old: 22
Gender: Girl

I had to go to work and I didn't want to dirty up my white nylon panties so I took one of my wifes p.

I finally started putting them in the hamper instead of washing them myself. I got hooked at the age of 5 on panties in my late 40's and still wearing panties.

Men wearing womens panties..

After wearing satin or nylon panties for one day you become hooked! And it collected pee drips from my c o c k. Like us? I'm also 40s and threw all my mens underwear away when I was I dont wear a bra to work but I do wear panties and pantyhose to work and sometimes I wear a panty liner when I wear white panties. Any advice. What should w do. Sunday is Valentine's! I use PayPal and can send out package at 10AM sharp.

Last night me and my wife got in late from eating dinner and took off our clothes and got in bed naked without showering because we sleep naked. Panty bulge drives me absolutely crazy!

I'M 46 and love to wear knickers I wish I could tell my girlfriend butt think she would leave me if I told her. My wife will not let me wear her dirty panties or she want lick my a s s but she let's me lick her a s s h o l e and wear my own panties so I just ordered a tounge licking toy to use on my a s s. Today being memorial day what panties can I wear and what are you wearing. I hid my pantie wearing from my wife for yrs. She said that it was weird. I wear them all the time.

I'm wearing pink nylon panties and a pink bra with a pink satin robe.

Panties for men

This morning I asked to wear her dirty thong that was beside the bed and she said nasty but ok. My wife will not work out but loves my six pack and my panty covered c o c k. I agree hang in there I love panties just better fit and feel lv them. Last night I bought a black cami and a black thong.

I've been wearing my wifes dirty panties every day for several months and not long ago I started wearing a bra and also a dress around the house. I wear panties and they have no visible panty lines. My wife says wear what I enjoy and I love wearing women's clothes. Who wants to go back to wearing boring boxers? If so message me jmgordon gmail. The maxi pad did the trick.

Been doing it for 35 years. I wore them to church and to the grocery store. So I have to keep it a secret which makes me feel unhappy and I know it wrong not telling her. Good luck. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. I started to wear them more often and give her a pantie peek here and there. What I'm talking about is I can wear matching bra and panties and pantyhose and womens socks and zip my heavy jacket up and go walk around Walmart or the mall and no one knows but my wife.

I've been wearing a poise pad in my panties and it works.

My suggestion is to be honest with her. I loved that. I've always imagined my wife taking her panties off and giving them to me to wear the next day and getting me to lick a s s h o l e clean before showering every night but it's been 20 years and none of this ever happens. I went to Victoria secret yesterday and it was extremely crowded.

I was at my wifes friends house last night and shes a hot blonde. My wife is wearing a pink thong and I have on a pink teddy and drinking coffee while thinking of barbecuing today. Got a sexy, lacy blue pair of knickers on as I post this and will have a black pair on tomorrow. Confess Something.

No stains in my panties just on the pad. I love this cold weather because I can hide under a jacket. I have some leggings on order but mail is slow. I got one and want to wear it in my panties but the smell is strong. First I tried a panty liner but it was too thin and small. If you do not receive Mens shortly, please check your spam folder. For Christmas my wife purchased me a story and when the pedicure was almost done she had the woman paint my toenails black.

I prefer briefs and I like solid bright colors without lace. I wear silky panty panties every day. Is there a way to get rid of the period smell but still have the blood in it. This morning my stomach wasn't feeling good and I had some diarrhea. The problem I find is how to keep my c o c k on the crotch lining to catch p e e dribble. In her bathroom trash can was some used maxi p. Sometimes I wear a thong instead of bikini panties. Feels great and is another reminder of what you are wearing.

On 4th of July I wear American flag panties and matching bra. Yes wear panties with a wide gusset and stronger elastic around the legs Thats what I wear no problems. I've always loved the sexy feeling of them. I'm going to hate taking them off. Try a panty liner?

The wonderful world of panties!

How can I wear a bra and have no one notice. I was scared but told her I liked to wear them. Victoria secret was busy because of girls and panty wearing boys are going back to school. I'm going to hate taking the cami off when I go outdoors.

I will let everyone know how it works.

Men wearing womens panties..

On the same day I wear a American flag bikini bottoms in the pool and eventually take it off and swim naked. me at jmgordon gmail. I have been cheating on my husband for She would pull on the back elastic sometimes. After wearing them on and off since I was a teenager now early 40sI've now made the permanent switch to wearing knickers.

Random Confession. At least I can still wear them and not hiding anymore.

‘men in panties’ stories

I love wearing my womens running shorts with pink satin panties and pink bra with my pink blouse and working out in my cardio room in my home. I finally found a bra and a couple of panties I wanted the lines where backed up and took a while to check out. I plan on wearing black panties with red and pink hearts and a black bra and black mini skirt.

There is a sensation like nothing else when I put them, especially for the first time.

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At first I didn't like it but once I got home and put on my mini skirt, blouse and my open toe womens sandles I realized how lucky I am to have a wife who supports my cross dressing! I love my new bra and my two silky bikini panties I bought and my wife bought a gstring.

Limp or hard, it doesn't matter!

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