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A potential romance option. In dynamic, real-time combat, face formidable opponents and the most fearsome creatures of Mars. Sobreity: A temporary Companion during a quest to kill the moles infesting a cave. The story is told through the titular logs of a boy called Innocence as he tells of his friendship with player character Temperance all the people on Mars have virtues for namesotherwise more simply known as … Mars: War Logs.

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The block function is too slow to be of much use, and enemies have a tremendously irritating habit of evading attacks with a dodge move far superior to your own, before counter-attacking.

5. mars: war logs chapter three

It starts in a prisoner-of-war camp, where a freshly captured soldier named Innocence meets a gruff anti-hero by the name of Roy. After some trudging around in the prison, the next chapter jarringly ends the war and introduces an evil dictatorship that does very little in the way of visible villainy. All of its ideas are as competent as they are rudimentary, but the rudimentary nature of them fails to make any of it exciting.

Looting anything involves an unnecessary rummaging animation, while harvesting serum from unconscious enemies initiates a cutscene every single time. Combat mostly involves rolling around, smacking things, and rolling some more.

Review: mars: war logs

At the end of each combat round, one can begin a looting process that is, to say the least, fairly arduous. A headlong sprint through established RPG tropes and character-building systems, with barely any time to stop and develop a single one of them.

This is, sadly, reality — so Mars: War Logs is but another Spiders game. Just be warned that, if you pair up with the fellow Technomancer character, she proves herself terrific at hitting you with her attacks, breaking your attacks and dealing damage.

Mars: war logs review (xbla)

You can whack stuff with a big stick, you can block attacks, you can roll around, and you can break guarding foes with a swift kick. War Logsby contrast, simply exists. There are also skippable cutscenes for every single door opened or small box climbed, and it never war feeling like a waste of time with absolutely no contribution to the experience. You can also build relationships with followers, though it involves scrolling through some basic dialog and, again, rushes the mars you can start trying to romance at least one female character literally within minutes of meeting her.

Mediocre An Exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Along the way, a woman from the prison, furious at Roy for killing her mentor, stops being furious, while a bounty hunter, paid to kill Roy, stops trying to kill Roy. The adventure takes about six or seven hours to romance, and in that time, it charges blindly through about three stories, any one of which could have lasted an entire game, and none of which are given any adequate log of pace and build. They do, however, possess a certain tenacity in ambition, bound by the neither the realities of budget and ability.

Review: mars: war logs

Each encounter revolves around using each of these abilities in fairly predictable ways — enemies that block need kicking, enemies with shielded fronts need to be rolled behind. Just a bit 'meh,' really.

The combat system is the same way. Leveling systems involve a quick and dirty skill tree with three paths, all of which get pretty full pretty quick. Their job seems to be that of a temporary distraction.

Comprar mars: war logs

Filed under Dead Planet I have a considerable amount of respect for the studio auspiciously known as Spiders. How we score: The Destructoid Reviews Guide. Mars: War Logs is the kind of experience one can only call serviceable.

The result is a structurally sound skeleton of a game, bereft of much in the way of flesh. Like any good Spiders game, the adventure is imbalanced in favor of enemies at the beginning, before becoming pitifully easy toward the end once you level up far beyond the capabilities of the opposition.

Mars: War Logs continues this tradition. During combat, one finds that their allied partner is almost entirely useless. The rushed narrative highlights this issue perfectly. I have a considerable amount of respect for the studio auspiciously known as Spiders. An action-RPG with player-driven narrative decisions, interactive party members, and a crafting and morality system, War Logs boasts all the comfortable trappings of such games as Dragon Age and Mass Effectbut only at a fundamental level.

Comprar mars: war logs

Not exactly bad, but not very good either. The scene can be skipped, but doing so is still a pointless waste of time.

It exists, it does what it does, and it performs its job suitably. An Exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid.

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It was released July 26, for 1, MSP.

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This is the final act of the game, and it's ificantly shorter than the others in terms of quests.

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