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It started with an orgasm or a lack thereof. InEmma Koenig emjuko began a Tumblr in which she posted anonymous stories from different women about their relationship to their orgasms. MOAN presents the reader with stories that bring to light the emotions and memories of experiences that so many of us are unable to articulate fully. It reminds us that sexual desire and frustration are not mutually exclusive—that it's okay to feel both.

Name: Natalie

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Besides the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, the girl wore a thick blindfold.

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Her ragged breathing caught in her chest and she whimpered pitifully. Panting harshly, she tried to calm herself. She watched as the girls hips frantically convulsed while she slipped off her shorts.

The only items in the room were a dresser along one wall and a metal framed bed with a bare mattress on it. How does that sound, my tease slut? Stopping at the side of the bed, Kara pushed the hanging weights, causing them to swing in slow, lazy circles. Her entire body was tight as a coiled spring and ached from the long hours of restrictive bondage. Her bare feet made no sound of the carpet as she stepped in. The clamps on her compressed nipples danced as her wobbling breasts shook liquidly.

Through it all, Kara had immensely enjoyed making the girl suffer. Her body flailed around helplessly on the mattress as she sobbed. Due to the spreader bars keeping her legs splayed, it was almost impossible for her to maintain any kind of pressure on the fabric.

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The girl on the mattress was naked and constantly trembling. Kara watched with malicious glee, knowing the girl could not climax no matter what she did. The distended bud of her clit poked from under the fleshy hood that usually concealed it and was visibly throbbing.

Grabbing a handful of hair, Kara pulled hard, wrenching the girl into an upright position. Her brunette hair was damp with sweat as was her writhing body. I need to cum so badly.

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All the feeling in her throbbing button was starting to fade. The girl had always managed to make her orgasms spectacular and now was no different. She slumped back onto the mattress and groaned miserably. The short shorts were just as tight and pink in color with a white stripe running along the hip line. The girl involuntarily tensed, then thrust her hips up off the saturated mattress. Her mittened hands went between her legs and began viciously rubbing her needy sex, her hips thrusting up and down.

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The cream I put on your clit was numbing cream. The flesh around the breasts and thighs were mottled with red splotches, indicative of a recent flogging.

She then sighed happily and unsteadily got off the bed. Padding over to the dresser, Kara opened the drawer and looked over the assortment of implements inside.

Feeling her muscles tighten, she hunched over as her climax hit her. An older story I came across. I so much adore you being tortured like this. At first, she just lay on the mattress sobbing, ignoring the wet sex on her face. The constant teasing was tempered with frequent floggings and other forms of punishment. The girl cried out in frustration. As the weight on her aching nipples was eased, she clenched her teeth and hissed.

Sobs wracked her tense body as she tried desperately to make herself climax. Her body felt like it was constantly vibrating from the tension she was feeling. The endorphins raging in her mind made cognizant thought almost impossible.

But the girl was lost in the throes of desperation and need and kept her hips moving. Kara let her eyes roam over the girls glistening flesh.

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Trying to force her brain to function, the writhing girl attempted to recall the length of time she had been teased and denied release. Smiling at the spasming girl, Kara lightly ran a single fingernail over the sticky petals and barely touched the straining little bundle of nerves. Watching the girl helplessly arch up to attempt to get more contact on her needy sex made Kara laugh.

The twin spreader bars made it impossible for her to close her legs and added to her misery. Kara had been constantly teasing and tormenting the girl for the past three months without letting her slip over the edge and climax. Her arms and legs were pulled tautly out to the corners of the frame.

Her tight baby blue tank top hugged her full breasts and clearly showed off her hard nipples. For the next several hours your little button with be dead.

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She laid the mittens and bars on the bed then retrieved a small tube from the dresser. Twin Japanese clover clamps were pinched to her erect tips, connected by a chain. She could feel the twin vibrators still mindlessly churning in her clenching sex and ass but that was it. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a loose bun on the top of her head and stray wisps of hair floated lazily around her face.

I hope everyone likes it. Her hips were still frantically working towards an unobtainable orgasm. Her muscles began to cramp from the gyrations but still she continued to furiously grind her gushing sex on the pillow. She had never in her life thought she could be so desperate, so willing to do anything just to experience the blessed relief of an orgasm.

Due to the constant torment, the days and nights were a blur of constant frustration, a nightmare of unrequited need. As soon as the girl felt the finger on her button, she involuntarily pushed herself up in an effort to get more contact on her screaming bundle of nerves. Her entire consciousness was totally focused on her spasming, dripping sex and her overwhelming need to climax.

Her large heaving breasts wobbled slightly with every spasm her body made. With each passing second, the very release she do desperately sought slipped a little farther away. Her own sex was dripping and twitching from the torment being inflicted to the girl. Her entire existence revolved around her unquenchable need to climax. Her movements became even more frenzied as she tried to orgasm herself over the edge. Whimpering pitifully, tumblr hips took on a life of their own as she rode the make.

A string ran from the chain to a pulley anchored to the ceiling above the bed. The girl whimpered pitifully and began thrusting her hips up and down, causing the old springs under the mattress to lightly squeak. She then did the same with her ankles, once again spread-eagling her. She had learned the little tell-tale s of impending orgasm and knew exactly whey to stop to keep her from exploding. Then she felt the cruel clamps on her aching nipples tighten. Opening it, she squeezed a dab on her finger then began lightly rubbing it on the straining, throbbing clit. That caused the biting clamps to mercilessly tighten on her tormented nipples.

It was red and swollen, the swollen labia glistening with wetness. She then placed a course pillow on the mattress and turned both vibrators to their highest settings. Grunting and moaning with the effort, her hips began frantically jerking. The girl struggled for control, fresh sobs causing her body to heave.

She felt the tremors of her orgasm cause her shake and jerk. Glancing at her phone, she watching the seconds slip by until the three minutes were up and the alarm beeped.

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The girl began to sob with relief and attempted to awkwardly ease her suffering sex down to grind against the pillow. But it was only a fleeting touch before the stimulation was removed. With no other recourse, she began mindlessly babbling and pleading, the words pouring out in an incoherent stream. Trying to force her sore, tense muscles to work, the girl awkwardly managed to comply with the order. Both of her nipples were pierced and adorned with matching stainless steel loops. Then something strange began to happen. No amount of friction or contact was going to make her climax.

She had never known this much frustration in her life and was starting to loose herself in the over powering need threatening to consume her. The wildly moving toys in her sex and ass kept her right on the very brink of climaxing but would not push her over without direct stimulation to her clit and the pillow was not providing enough. Kara quietly opened the door and looked into the almost bare room. Her hips were unconsciously thrusting back and forth and there was no way to stop them.

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