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I'm 17 now he's I always win when we wrestle or arm wrestle too. People always think I'm the older sister. I'm more athletic than him too, he's a lightweight all the way around. All in fun.

Name: Dotty

What is my age: I am 25
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Instead I got lucky.

The only thing I thought was, "Good for her, she's a more typical height for her grade". I have seen people our height with a 34' inseam which would make his legs 4' longer than mine. Yeah, it completely surprised my family. While I was happy about being 5'11", I couldn't get out of my mind how she said that she was going to reach 6' soon. When I first saw my sister I couldn't believe it.

I found out later that while I was gone at college, my sister had a six inch growth spurt making her 5'11". She did outgrow a lot of her clothes, and my parents complained about it enough. My winter break was horrible as I couldn't stop thinking about how my little sister was not taller than me.

This wasn't helped by my sister who kept saying to me that any day now she was going to hit 6 feet. She just has more time than I do.

My little sister's height and my height

I don't think there was any growing pains. Last fall I left for college, and she was 5'5" at the time. My sister's 16th birthday was the weekend when spring break started so I went home for it. I was happy to get back to college to start my second semester since it took me away from my sister and her tall body. In your experience how long are the inseams of 5'11" guys usually?

My little sister's height and my height. My little sister's height and my height Apr 27, GMT. So did this growth surprise your family? I wished I was taller, but our family is short. My adult height is exactly 5'11" which I attained around your year in college.

She was taller than me. Unfortunately, I have a story about my little sister growing as tall as me. This was a bit of a surprise, but I wasn't even 18 yet. Since my college was far enough away, I am only able to see my family on holidays and the like. I just hope that I end up taller than her. Most people my at my height have longer legs and arms.

I was 5'8". I want to reach 6 feet before she does or better yet she never reaches 6 feet while I do. I suppose it starts nearly 3 years ago.

No idea about the clothes since I was away at college. During her 8th grade year she slowly but surely grew 5 inches to 5'2" I gave hardly any thought to this. How many months did your sister grow 6 inches in?

Again, I gave hardly any thought to this. During my first semester of college, I grew an inch to 5'9". Was it all in one month or over a few? My little sister's height and my height Apr 20, GMT. It feels like my arms and legs must be the opposite of yours because it seems like they're unusually long for my height. Posts: 3. Her growth continued her freshman year of high school to 5'5".

Another thing I'll mention is the lanky factor. Reply My little sister's height and my height. Tman Guest. Dudes just loved to lift, push, and whatever to me.

"it's certain she will grow taller and stronger"

Maybe they would have if I hadn't been quite literally overshadowed by my sister's growth. My little sister's height and my height Apr 21, GMT. My little sister's height and my height Apr 22, GMT. I guess I'm better off with long arms and legs. I was right about the grown part, but not the heels part. By spring break, I grew two inches to 5'11". It just feels like my torso isn't long enough.

My little sister's height and my height Apr 18, GMT. I was overpowered in so many different ways, I gonna make a list. I'm one of those guys at your height that has a longer inseam than yours.

"it's certain she will grow taller and stronger"

My little sister's height and my height Apr 26, GMT. It was over a few months. Being two years older and a junior in high school I skipped a gradethe last thing on my mind was my sister's height. You ARE better off. I also had a tough time differentiating between bullying and roughhousing. She was obviously taller than me. Lot's of growing pains?

My little sister's height and my height

Tell me the advantages of a long torso It's harder to keep shirts tucked in too. Posts: My little sister's height and my height Apr 17, GMT. I didn't have a younger sister to deal with, but I had a brother 2 years younger with many friends who outsized me through our school years.

When I went home for winter break, I was excited in part because I wondered if my family would notice if I was taller. I only wear a 30" inseam in pants. My sister and I kept looking at each other funny because we were both trying to see which one of us was really taller.

I was a 5'6" HS Junior. Could she fit in any of your clothes? Since I had grown, we were the same height. I was very happy about this as it matched my sister's height, or at least her height when I last saw her. My sister was always really short. I'm hoping that I grow some more and my sister doesn't. I thought she had grown, but was also wearing heels. My visit home was a little weird. My little sister's height and my height Apr 23, GMT. Quite a story joe.

My story by kate

To this day, I envy awesomely tall confident young people. While I won't turn 18 until September, the fact is that my window for growing taller is getting smaller and smaller while my sister's isn't. While she didn't reach six feet while I was home, I didn't want to be around when she did. A few weeks into my second semester I noticed I was growing again. By the time she started 8th grade she was only 4'9". Did she outgrow a lot of her clothes?

My story by kate

She hadn't grown at all. It sounds like a few of your experiences are similar to mine.

However, nothing came of it since we were really the same height. Long arms make for greater pushing distances, and before you can reach the dude to push back his hands are already on your shoulder to push again! If speed is the same he will outrun me cause of the length of his stride. I was mentally prepared for her 6' or even taller. My birthday is in September and since I skipped a grade, I had just turned Even though I was in college, there's no reason why I would be done growing yet.

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