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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Apr 19, by anonymous views comments. Any lesbian incest stories please Especially mother and daughter and sisters please.

Name: Michele

Years old: 20
Nationality: I'm norwegian
My hair: Golden
I know: French
What is my favourite drink: I prefer to drink cider
I have piercing: Nipple piercing
I have tattoo: None

I can't believe I said the masturbation idea earlier!?!?

When you must confess!

Thats a good start, did she get a good view of what your hand was rubbing? Am super hot n wet writing this so I'm off to find some of her dirty panties and a toy to masturbate with before she gets home. I mentioned her huge dildos and a few of them have smelled lesbian something other than pussy. I think a sex toy bought online and delivered to the house will be my next thing, and leave it for her to open. Thanks cali-guy, it;s the teaded up confession and outfit tho, if I was gonna use a fake pic trust me I'd find something else. I know this will probably never happen but I was thinking of incest to maybe seduce her into trying, maybe leaving my own filthy diary out for her to find.

I pretended my eyes were closed and I was rubbing myself under the towel. I've only had one real boyfriend and he dumped me for not giving it up after two freakin days.

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Great way to start ur diary love it and that pic is awesome darling if u got some more please post. She has a huge dildo collection that I've played with a little. Any suggestions?

Once she starts watching you, and the opportunity is right you should give her a show with one of her own toys. Maybe I should let her find me on her bed when she gets home with her toys in both my holes and her panties in my mouth.

See how she reacts. I wanna say she stopped at the last inch before closing the door and watched for just a second but I don't think she did.

Now I'm gonna keep it and wait for it to dissapear then I know she came and found it and, obviously, knows I'm using it. I took a shower and was lying in bed on a towel. I have a debit card in both our names and she watches everything I buy, not to be a nazi but just to keep me from getting silly. I have skinny hands and wrists so I know she could take both my fists very easily, especially looking at the size of her toys.

I don't blame anyone for thinking that and if you think I'm a fake feel free to read elsewhere. Make sure she catches you masterbating with her panties when she gets home, give her a nice show. Its an opening see if she goes for it. We had dinner and mom's watching tv downstairs with her laptop on the couch.

Thanks for the replies Too chicken. For the ppl who replied and sound interested, will tell you I came thinking about tying her down, beating her, force fisting both her holes and pissing on her.

Incest confession stories and sins

Thanks for the idea about leaving this thread open or something like that I did decide to do my own filthy diary. I'm definitely starting a dirty diary tonight and I'm also going to download some movies and maybe even buy some things like toys. Maybe some practical education I thought I was only gonna get sicko pervs asking for jack-off pics or worse but some of you are being really cool about this. To make her feel comfortable watching you, stick your ass towards the door where she would be walking and play with yourself on all fours so she gets a great view ofyour cunt and ass.

If not, broach the topic with her. Then I'm gonna take it again If we start playing tag with it then one day maybe she's gonna find it out in the open next to my laptop with the diary on the screen. I've licked and sucked them and am pretty sure I've tasted her pussy and ass. I see her open the door and I cant even breathe.

I was waiting in my room from around nine and I swear to god, it was like waiting to talk to your boss or someone when you knew you were going to get into big trouble, I was that nervous about it as it got later. Tahts one hell of a hot fantasy and sounds like your mom is enough of a freak to be into it as well. I know they're dirty and I want to see just how dirty.

Since your posting anonymously, if she blows her top, you can back off and say that you found it and it intrigued you. If you confession out of the bating try and get drunk with her a little wine and pretend and tell her that that a girl at school has been coming on to you and you find your self getting hot over her, you guys kissed and you almost had an orgasm there but chicken out at the last minute today and this wine is making me hot again.

Nice I wouldn't leave it out until you have written more in there it be too obvious for her to lesbian it on the first week. Lesbian incest fantasies hahaha The closest you'll ever come to incest a lesbian is if you have a gender change!!! I promise I'll put up some real pics of us too.

I'll copy somoe of it here so u guys can see and I did promise pics too. I smothered her mouth with my pussy and made her get me off, then she licked my ass clean. I won't say how old I am but it will be awhile before I can vote. Masturbated for almost an hour with her dirty panties and her jelly vibe. I confess I'm having lesbian incest fantasies about my mom.

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She's a real blonde and looks like Meredith Vieira who I think is really sexy. Cum in your panties and leave them around for her to find, maybe she'll enjoy playing with them like you do with hers. Ok, I'm way too confession to try something directly She has a routine of coming home wine, dinner, FB and then stuff around the house. I don't know what I'll do but I'll do something.

Will come back and let you know. And I still have her jelly vide I'm gonna use it to see what happens. Hands shaking n mouth dry am so excited actually talking about it, even if it's only anon chat. There's no way I'm sleeping tonight so I'm definitely going to do something else. I was actually masturbating for real after awhile and around I heard her calling for me and then coming upstairs. My mom's in lesbian so she watches every incest that goes out the door,including mine. We showered and spent the night kissing and 69'ing. I do have a mirror and can look away but see the door. I also want to look into some online tracking software, I think they make them, where you can monitor everything someone does online.

Wish me luck. I'm thin but I'm not that pretty. She opened the door wide like she's gonna walk in and she totally froze I can see her through my eyelids and i'm rubbing real fast, I'm not moaning my vowels like a fake porn star but I am making some noises. I've done the same thing with her dirty panties and mastubrated with them in my mouth.

I'm gonna be naked in bed masturbating I don't think she'll jump right in or masturbate herself while watching but I want to see what her reaction is, mad, shocked, whatever. If we talk about it instead of her just giving it to me and ignoring it maybe I'll work up the guts to ask her how to use it best obviously you turn it on and stick it in but I'll ask what else I can do? Say there's still a lot you don't know, and was wondering if she could give you some pointers. What do you think? I've snooped in her s and a computer diary and I know she's been with a lot of women in the last few years, including a mom and step-daughter couple which makes me drip.

Come on your damn cute, guys like girls that put out thats why he dropped you, the guys that go after girlfriends are not confidant and take it slow. I had buds in my ears so it wouldn't seem like a prank when I didn't hear her. I didn't go full naked with legs spread wide open or anything, I had a bra on and a lesbian covering my middle and I looked at myself in the mirror and you could really see my hand moving under the towel. I so don't know what to do now, is she completely freaked confession, is she gonna forget she saw it in 5 minutes cuz it's incest at my age, I totally don't know but I'm more excited about this then anything else I've ever done sexually.

I was so wet and hot I was rubbing for real. Hearing her each steps on the stairs and then coming to my door made my heart jump each time. In her s and diary she has some really filthy fantasies about doing hard BDSM, anal, fisting, being degraded and even piss play.

She's 50 but really sexy, big breasts and ass with a skinny waist. That way she wont get nervous about you suddenly catching her either, you can set up a mirror to keep an eye on the door so you dont have to turn your head. I've spied her on the couch late at night wearing only a robe and masturbating on cam. Sort of, not like I first wanted to, I chickened out a little but not all the way.

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I don't care tho cuz I'm having fun and getting really hot talking about what I've been thinking about for so long. Yeah, yeah, anon talking about kinky lesbians. I've seen her e-mails and messages on websites, it's like "mm.

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I was a teenage boy that learned about sex from my second girlfriend and I found two chests in the attic full of books and magazines that told about how to fuck and lick pussy and everything else.

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I really, really just need to put this out there.

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One night we were drinking wine and talking and I was a little horny and suggested we watch a porn DVD.

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