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Originally posted by lt-sammi-matthews. I Got You by imoutofmyvulcanmind. Full of Surprises by imoutofmyvulcanmind. Apologies by imoutofmyvulcanmind.

Name: Stormie

What is my age: 35
Eyes: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Color of my hair: Redhead
I can speak: English, Czech
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
Hobbies: Blogging
Smoker: No

Raising his arms as he neared the two, Aragorn welcomed his dear sister in an embrace.

Karl just smiled and tucked your hair behind your ear. More aggressive. He let out a small soft moan.

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The rest of the night was filled with tons of fun. You are always so cute. Almost a certain malignance to your usually very dork boyfriend that made you even more attracted to him, but you had no idea to convey that to him. You bucked underneath him.

You let go of Karl once more only to have him grab your hand before you could fully get away. How about "No! You moaned.

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You were trying to read this boring stuff for your book club and your eyelids felt like lead, falling closed against your will, but as soon as you heard the muffled noise coming through the door, you were wide awake and on your feet, making a beeline to the other room and yanking the door open.

He was one of the sexiest men alive in your humble opinion. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around him. Karl pulled away from you one more time and looked you up and down and looked into your eyes.

Soon enough you both were bare still holding eachother. Handsome, Karl always was. He carried you to your room and dropped you on the bed. It felt like forever he held you kissing you. Karl was especially sweet to you. He gripped your sides tighter.

You gave him a hug and of course everyone eyed you both so you quickly let go. He deserved to have everyone make a big deal about him. Was there something on your face? You finished brushing your hair. He cupped your face and kissed you again. It felt amazing. And slightly embarrassed by the huge deal everyone made for him.

A huge smile could be seen on her face as she cheered. After a brief encounter with her brother, her mood visibly goes south. Your clothes? And we just happen to get along really well. His gentle kisses mixed with hard thrusts eventually brought you to your finish. Or at least you tried not to over think it. You realized that you had over compensated how much you could actually drink. Before you could even ask what he meant his lips were on yours.

You walked out to where Karen was meeting you.


His hands moved up and down your sides and slid to your waist. Never in a million years did you think Karl would like you.

You felt your cheeks get hot and you went Karl turn around but he grabbed your arm again. You guys arrived at the restaurant where everyone was meeting You and Karl made eye contact and he practically lit up. It sent you off. You had been cast on the boys as a side part for the season. Fanfiction was slow at first but gradually picked up jus paces. He broke the kiss and stared urban you. You looked at yourself in the mirror. He finally broke the kiss and looked at you. A moment went by and then you felt the full pressure of Karl inside you.

You could feel the heat coming off of him. You reached for the his and undid his buttons and pulled down his zipper. Maybe just for tonight? They invited you to hang out a few times and slowly you became very close with them. Karl hummed next to you. Without hesitation Karl pulled down your jeans. I see you all the time.

You matched his smirk, taking a step back into the bedroom and grabbing his hand to pull him along. You started to get shy. This feeling was amazing. The beard just added a sort of edge to him. You can't shave, I'm not emotionally ready to say goodbye to it yet! You and Karl danced a little. Visit Blog. Learned to love it. Now King Aragorn gave the wizard a small smile of gratitude before standing from where he kneeled.

About Privacy Policy. Filling you completely. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. Everyone went out and had some drinks and danced. All you could do was smile. Why was he looking so much? Exhausted Karl rolled off you.

I would love something with Karl Urban, I haven't read anything with him in a while. You rubbed his bare chest and moved your hands through his hair. After learning the reason for her mood, Eomer tries his best to help her.

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Thankfully everyone was ready to go home. You gasped and grabbed his back. His hands gripped you harder. He was so goofy and cute it was always a good time. Happy birthday dear karl happy birthday to you! Feedback gives life to us writers!

Tears threatening to pool over as Aragorn began making his way down the steps of Minas Tirith and towards the sea of people. Karl pulled your shirt all the way off. You un did the buttons of his shirt. Good enough, you thought. Stepping forward, in front of the guards that separated the crowd from the pathway made for Aragorn, the couple bowed for the newly crowned King as he made his way towards them. Anyway, can you keep it a while longer?

He stood there patiently, waiting for the crowd to settle down once more. You purposely sat a little ways away from him so everyone would stop teasing you so much.

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Before you knew it he was kissing harder. Did I write this instead of code?

You felt him press against you and his arms slid around you. He put his full weight on you pulling you as close as he could.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. It was a beautiful blur of pleasure. On the walk home you began to feel dizzy and like you were going to fall over but luckily an arm grabbed you around your waist. Karl lifted you up slightly and hooked his fingers under the waist of your jeans. Cheers erupted from the crowd as the King turned towards the crowd for the first time. You wrapped your legs around him once again as he repositioned you.

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Originally posted by lt-sammi-matthews.

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He had recently hit a big break in his career, landing a job working as one of the stunt doubles for the new Star Trek movie.

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After the most amazing sex you had ever had with him, you began to wonder.

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Thanks to a transporter malfunction, you end up in the past with a familiar face, but what do you do when it belongs to a completely different person?