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I copy pasted the direct reference from the book it does say as part of a move action, as shown at the start Cathulhu Sep 30,pm Not in the PDF copy I'm looking at. Can you point me to the rules text that states it is not a standard action to activate Jetpacks and Forcepacks or armor upgrades in general which would satisfy the "Unless otherwise noted" clause?

I can't find a block of text that specifically excludes armor upgrades from the item activation rule outside the text in the passage you provided that clearly states not all items require activation to functionbut I don't think that rule applies to armor upgrade simply based on how the activation cost is worded for all armor upgrades. If an upgrade costs any action to activate, it's specifically stated in the upgrade's description. You can fly up to 30 feet average maneuverability with a maximum height of 10 feet, or you can fly up to 20 feet straight up.

Once you've turned it on, I agree it runs continuously, but to go from off to on activating it is a standard action.

What does “part of a move action” mean in jump jets?

The end of the sentence says you can fly DURING your movement which would suggest you can fly when you move, so without thinking what would be nice or cool I'd say you can move your max movement but some of that can be flying as long as it is in the limits stated. I can easily see the merits for both arguments and neither has a clear advantage.

At the end of the day, the part that swings me in favor of jump jets being in addition to movement is the lack of the line "up to a distance no greater than your remaining amount of movement. I would rule it like jumping. The armor's passive environmental protections are a standard action to activate Getting the passive strength bonus from Powered armor requires you turn the armor on, a standard action Augmentations which require some form of control also require a standard action to activate unless otherwise noted Jump jet.

As for RAI, it seems ridiculous to assume that the devs intended players to slap standard action activation on items which provide passive bonuses. I consider this action economy to be the advantage of Jump Jets and Defy Gravity, which is why some people might want them - for combat on the ground that requires the ability to bypass obstacles quickly. Clearly armor upgrades that don't use charges don't need to be activated per the above quoted textbut how do you tell if you are using charges for an armor upgrade or not if you don't take some kind of action to turn it on or off?

They have to explicitly call out shifting from cruise mode to normal mode as a standard because that normally wouldn't be an additional activation, but rather just using it starfinder a different way like using your lands speed to walk or run. As far as I can tell its worded that way because otherwise it would be a standard action to activate the jumpjets which it is for a forcepack or a jetpackjet them rather useless i.

Considering speed suspension adds 10 ft to your jet speed for 1. There is nothing in Starfinder that dictations any Jump which consume charges must be activated with an action, and nothing in the armor upgrade rules to indicate that any upgrade with no jump action cost automatically defaults to the 'standard action activation' rule.

The Jetpack rules do not list an activation action, so it defaults to standard. Nowhere does it say it costs a standard action. As an aside, the only two armor upgrades in the book that use 2 charges per round are the Jetpack and Forcepack.

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Agree it's hard to figure why I went down the middle in my fake ruling and is it 30 movement? Well we got infrared armor upgrade cr and darkvision augmentation cr the price difference is big for pretty much the same thing, and no limitation GinoA Sep 29,am OtrovaGomas wrote: Well we got infrared armor upgrade cr and darkvision augmentation cr the price difference is big for pretty much the same thing, and no limitation The upgrade only works while wearing armor and takes up a precious armor slot. The rule you listed is for using items that need to be activated, with a line specifically noting that "many items don't need to be activated".

You may move up to your Max movement.

Need help?

Swap in Jetpack for upgrade in the last sentence. I'm assuming you meant to write Jetpack and Forcepack, as Jump Jets do explicitly use the term activate in their rules text. Putting a standard action on Jetpacks and Forcepacks breaks them, making them and any other passive item a complete waste of money if the player must spend a jump to access its passive bonus.

Even in the best interpretation for your stance, where you assume the first half of the rules which states items like a Polyhand don't require an action to activate apply to Jetpacks, then it is jet of to the GM, which means we'll need clarification for Starfinder Society play. RAW "as part of a move action, you can Otherwise it would be written "as a move action, you can So based on this, you can move your normal speed AND use you Jump Jet as a move action so a normal human can move 30 feet and starfinder jump another 30 feet for a total of 60 feet in one move action.

It doesn't cost any action to activate force pack or jet packs.

Need help?

Or is it 10 across and 10 up? The battery cost doesn't somehow force it to have an activation. Thus no standard action is required, ever. They passively grant a fly speed. Um, no.

So it replaced your movement, I'm pretty sure. I assumed it replaced your move speed A good choice for someone slowed down by heavy armor, or to quickly scale relatively short heights. Actually in the book, jump Jets says " as a move action" Not "as part of a move action". You can activate jump jets as part of a move action in order to fly during your movement. Which Jetpack is one of.

There's no action cost in the descriptions for those items. That rules text makes it clear items which use charges per round like a Jetpack must be activated, and then continue to use charges until stopped. Man, this is seriously poorly worded.

Do you pay for that 10 feet so 20 across 10 up? It says as a move action. I'd rule that it adds to your movement. I hope it is additive. However, I personally don't believe its one of those types of items because it is not passive. Like if you're stuck in melee, and need to do be on top of a nearby building. Tryn not sure it's so cut and dry just not sure look at jump "As part of a move action, you can use Athletics to horizontally or vertically jump a distance no greater than your remaining amount of movement" jump jets do not say up-to that's true but do say "You can activate jump jets as part of a move starfinder in order to fly during your movement".

Does this mean that the fly movement is on top of my jet Emphasis mine. It uses charges and thus cannot be on all the jump.

The word 'activate' never come up in the description for jet packs, and when the devs have been clear about defining the activation costs for every armor upgrade that has one, it seems very obvious that jet packs fall into that set of items that don't require activation at all. Jump Jets and Force Jets don't activate. But that's just me nothing in the rules I see one way or other. You are using two general rules, one that explicitly states it doesn't apply to all items, and the other that explicitly states it applies to duration like jetpacks that give you fly speed per round, not per activation or activation and are deciding, based on nothing more than your own interpretation that because it uses charges, Jetpacks and Forcepacks must be an activation item.

Thy just grant fly speed, to be used with the normal movement rules. Looking for RAW please. Pg 77 "it can use these Jets to jump 30 feet as a move action 77 is the Mechanic's Drone Mod jump jets which are completely different from the Armor Upgrade jump jets on The armor upgrade one, copy and pasted is:.

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How mixing different speeds i. You must land at the end of your move action. What happens is you take the Move your speed action, activate the jump jets, and now you can choose to move any of your speeds including your newly granted fly speed. Hiruma Kai Oct 1,am 1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is no specific text in jetpacks or forcepacks that mentions activation, nor is there any rule that states an item using charges must spend actions to activate. So if my land speed is 25, with this I can move 55?

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The augmentation always works and uses the, much less-versatile, eyes slot. Keep in mind that it is usable 10 times, yes you can recharge or change the battery,but it has a limit Space McMan wrote: Considering speed suspension adds 10 ft to your land speed for 1.

A 1k item that adds 30 ft of extra movement is insanely good. I find it hard to believe that jets even small ones attached to your feet can't make you move faster than you can move by walking.

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Every armor upgrade that can be activated has a specific line of text defining what action cost it is to activate. There, the term activated and activation is used explicitly and in reference to all armor upgrades that use charges. Literally just double checked the copy I have on my phone. However, if I were GM'ing, I would certainly limit your total movement to at least your highest speed - no combining two different ones to get more. To make matters even more fun jump Jets Clearly say You must land at the end of your movement so what's the point in the ability to jump 20 ft straight up?

With that assumption, I'm still going to have to disagree. Those upgrades just straight up grant you a fly speed. If an upgrade doesn't need to be activated, it has no action cost. Even than that's the same as 40 feet yes?

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