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Home Stories Tags Search Cams. Story Tags: juliet huddyfox newsworkofficebossjobhosttelevision. Juliet stands up and walks over to a mirror and looks at herself carefully and starts thinking "Juliet old girl your looks haven't gone down hill that much in the couple of years you have been off the air", She looks at her breasts, " Well you two could use a little enhancement and maybe my nose could use a little work but over all I still have it, I will get them two things taken care of and then I will get my old job of hosting Fox and Friends back from Alysin" Over the next few months Juliet has her breasts enlarged from a C to a D and lifted, and has her nose worked on.

Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. Juliet stands up and walks behind him puts her arms around him and whispers "You can do anything, You are a very powerful man.

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You dirty little whore came her today looking to get fucked, that's why you didn't wear panties. In the hallway Juliet sees Alysin.

Juliet enter a man is sitting behind a desk, He looks like a young Perry White. Bob starts to rub her breast and suck on the nipples, Juliet moans softly.

Bob pats the desk and Juliet sits on it and spread her legs and Bob get down infront of her pussy. Bob kisses Juliet deeply and looks her in the eyes, Juliet squeals "I'm going going to cum!

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Juliet smiles, gets dressed as bob pulls his pants up, Then Juliet walks over to the door blows him a kiss then leaves. Bob pulls back and with big push forces himself all the way into Juliet and they both scream, Bob grabs Juliet's hips and starts to pump in and out of her hard and fast, both of them moaning as he dose.

After all the work is done Juliet decides it's time to go to Fox News headquarters and get her job, she starts to go through her closet to find the sexiest dress she has thinking "This has to be irresistible seductive because I won't get a second chance. Juliet Huddy is breast at home in T-shirt and shorts thinking about where she is in here life, Three failed marriages, a failed talk show and decides to herself that it is time to get things back on track, starting with her career, "but how do I get a show" she says to herself.

Juliet then takes the head and sees it must huddy 10" and thick, she is amazed by it and stares for a second, then takes it into her mouth and sucks on it pumping the juliet with her hand and moaning as she dose, Bob leans his head back and closes his eyes savoring the experience.

Written by: foxmulder. Juliet softly kisses the head of his cock with her pink lips, She starts to lick it up and down, taking the head into her mouth each time she reaches the top getting his cock wet. Then starts to walk over to a dresser but stops "I'm better off not to wear panties" and she pushes up on her breasts "and the girls don't need a bra.

Juliet puts on the pink dress and it fits like a second skin making her new tits stick out, she slips on her shoes and dose her breast and with one last look in the mirror she he out the door and takes a taxi to the Fox News building, she gets out and goes up huddy the Fox and Friends juliets office and knocks. Just then Bob pulls out of Juliet, spins her around and starts fucking her hard and fast again. Juliet sits down and crosses her legs. Juliet then starts to slow go up and down on the shaft sucking as she dose, she goes faster and faster, sucking harder and harder.

Juliet stands up and bend over the desk clutching the front edge of it, Bob gets gets hind her, takes his cock into his hand runs it over her soaked pussy then slowly puts the head in and pushes more in to her, Juliet gasps and squeezes the desk harder.

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