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The tattooing reality competition series premiered on Paramount, then Spike, in and revolved around artists competing in different challenges to prove they were the best tattooer. This master canvas earned him the InkMaster title! Ink Master: Angels followed four fan-favorite female artists from season 8 as they looked for someone to compete in season Most recently, former contestants got their revenge on their biggest rival in Ink Master: Grudge Match.

Name: Zoe

Age: I'm 40 years old
Where am I from: Austrian
My favourite music: Rock

Flash challenge: The artists will be focusing on their ability to use finesse and a big part of that is how you work with your canvas.

This 'ink master' can give you a tat in portland

It can happen to everybody to break a promise, or to cancel something at the last minute. Everyone was called back to the judging room with Cris being called out by the human canvas jury. The thing is though is that it has to be available or an option for everyone, not just the rule breakers.

SmotPoker November 12, pm. Josh knew the rules, and he broke them. Even if it clearly gave no advantage to Joshua. Everyone of the got a. I expected Josh to win, or be second. I have been a huge fan of the show for 5 seasons. The problem here is that it appears Joshua never intended to respect the contract from the very start.

‘ink master’ canceled after 13 seasons

Don has been fairly invisible this season when it comes to screen time with all of the huge personalities in the house, but we learned this week that he was hit by a teenager that was texting and driving leaving him paralyzed on the street and not knowing if he would ever walk again, so this tattoo is a little more personal for him. I used to smoke it everyday for medical reasons and im no artist smoking or not, Josh is a fabulous artist regardless of what he smokes and its a shame he was booted off the show!!!

BUT when a person gives their word, as in writing, they should keep it! Hard to say. Wouldnt be suprised if Dave or the other judges do too. Judging: There were some really great tattoos tonight, but the person that blew us away was Aaron — such a gorgeous tattoo. Erik paired up the remaining rivals, which was fun to see as well as a few other interesting choices like Cris and Cleen.

Vikijeane November 12, am. During judging Joshua decided to come clean to the judges about his pot smoking.

Now that The Ink Master of this season, aka Josh is gone, these losers can compete amongst their peers. I, too, am done watching inkmaster. We get that breaking the rules has consequences, but at the same time it was heart breaking to see Joshua go home without the title. Apparently some more elements were to be considered but from what is shown I am on the Portland artist side.

How come none of the other contestants had a problem with his smoking until this later in the competition? He probably is the best tattoo artist, but he still a cheat. Either way no matter which side of the fence you stand on, the rules are the rules. It would be tremendous asset in such a high pressure situation as what they are put through in Ink Master.

The only reason the other artist were upset was because they all knew they could not beat Josh. Photo via: Spike TV. Josh was clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the contestants and was on his way to winning the title of Inkmaster. Agreed, big deal he smokes a little now and then. They are just a bunch of whiny hypocrites who had a problem with josh for smoked ng for no other reason than to get him put out cuz they knew he was gonna take the show….

Love TV? Who cares? Josh is the best. Cannabis is fantastic for anxiety, and calming the nerves. I think what bother you is not the fact that he did not keep his word.

Bordeauxm November 12, am. Keeping yourself calm, and relaxed in a high pressure situation can certainly be an advantage. Smitty November 12, am. If it were up to me cannabis use would not be terms for disqualification. Performance enhancing?

Fair decision. Little narc fcuks on on the show. He made his choice and paid the price.

Top 10 worst ink master contestants

So he smokes pot. Tattooing on the residual limb can be difficult as there can be a lot of scar tissue which is not always easy to tattoo. It was tough for the judges to pick a winner tough for us too! This was such a sweet moment and the first time that we can remember ever hearing a canvas worried about the artist.

As far as I am concerned, whoever wins is not really the best. I, for one, will NOT be watching the rest of the season …. This week the remaining contestants will be tattooing amputees, which requires a lot of finesse as this can be a sensitive area to tattoo, and there are some pretty intense story behind the loss of their limb. Shame to see him booted out for using cannabis, but I wonder how many of the other contestants might have benefited from some cannabis to help them that got booted before this all came down.

How does it feel to piss away a hundred grand? I think the other artists know that Josh smoking pot had no bearing on how well he is doing. Episode grade: B. It comes out every Sunday and is stuffed full of great scoop. Well, Josh fought his by breaking the rules. Does it make him a better artist? Is this really true or just clever editing from the masterminds behind the show? November 12, am.

'ink master' eliminated member josh hibbard not apologetic about using weed, insists it did not give him advantage despite other contestants disagreeing

Cassandra November 12, am. He apologized to everyone and asked for a second chance to continue competing, but the judges said that it was out of their hands meaning that they would have to consult with the producers. Caligirl November 12, am. A lot of artist claim that it really opens creative doors for them.

He knew what he was risking. How will this all play out?

Elimination tattoo: While still testing finesse, they artists will be tattooing a very sensitive and painful area… the spine. Head high, Josh. How ever you want to look at it Josh broke the contract he ed. I agree. They want him out because they know he was winning.

All of the canvases want the same tattoo as another canvas so there is a head to head component to this challenge. Jonathan McCoy November 12, am. Boner went Josh went home. Josh made a stupid mistake and he is paying the price, but he is the best and he would have been Inkmaster.

Maybe if it was legal in the state But unfortunatly he broke the rules nobody else there to win. It seems pretty sketchy that the artists have waited this long to say something. Moose November 12, am. Sorry dude.

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Ink Master premiered nearly 10 years ago and has still maintained relevance and popularity, presumably due to the ever-changing themes or twists and intriguing contestants.

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When I was a kid, I specifically remember having quarters in my hands and a big dilemma in front of a bunch of vending machines: Go with the ooey, gooey elastic hand, the temporary tattoos just like my friends, or a handful of Skittles.

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So I'm rewatching season 3 at the moment and it reminded me of Joshua being eliminated in s5.

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The fan favorite has since moved on and is now starting a Kickstarter campaign.

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In all honesty I thought that he was pretty good but clearly nowhere near what he claimed to be.

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When Ink Master debuted init did so with a modest budget, a less-developed format, and no expectations.